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Yeah, I’m the first buyer!

Hi pinchio, thanks for purchasing Unique, I hope you like it! :)

Hello, I am interested in your E-mail template. In order to use it, do I have to be able to do HTML code or is it something that a novice can do? Thank you.

Hi greene1849, thanks for your interest in Unique.

You don’t need good knowledge of HTML, the code is well commented so it’s very easy to just copy/paste the existing modules from a layout to another to create your own layout, a novice should have no problem.

If you need any help, just contact me through my profile page.

I appreciate it! Thanks. I will purchase today.

Hello, I buy your template. When i import the html file in Outlook 2010, the background colors (dark, light colored dark an colored light) are disapeared, can you help me?

gr Gertjan

Hi Gertjan, thanks for purchasing Unique.

Contact me through my profile page, I’ll be glad to help :)

Will this template play well with Constant Contact?

Yes, it can be used in any email program or online service which supports importing/editing HTML code, Constant Contact included.

If you need help, just contact me through my profile page.

Hello! thanks for the nice template.

One question – i am using layout 1, with the light colors (fuschia edit) and on gmail, the background image is displayed on top of the actual newsletter.

here is a visual:

Hi evermore, thanks for purchasing Unique!

Contact me through the form on my profile page, I’ll send you the html file with the issue fixed. :)

Soon I’ll update the zip file with all layouts fixed.

thanks, look forward to it!