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Hi, i have a few questions – i’ve modified the template according to my requirements but guess l’m still not up to the ability where i can re-position some of the elements or edit your codes while making it “functional” across different browsers.

Can you help me?

contact me at info@ansonika.com and send your files with your needs…i’ll try to help you

Is it compatible with latest wordpress?

unique is a site template, not a wordpress theme. kind regards

Does this support mp4 video?

hi…you must install a player plug in like jwplayer. contact me at info@ansonika.com for a quotation. it’s very simple to implement

Great template! Also, thank you for your quick and helpful support! It’s greatly appreciated!

thank you!!

hello…can we change the button colors on the music player (and how)? thanks!

Yes you can! there is a folder skin with all the images…so simply edit them with photoshop and replace

Hola, necesito saber si puedo implementar videos FLV o MP4 NOT VIMEO OR YOUTUBE GRACIAS CUALQUIER INFO

Hi again…I can’t seem to locate where I can change the music? Can you please direct me where I can do that? would be much appreciated… thank you

hi…inside custom.js…aprox line 143

Hi, I bought the theme and its well documented and easy to use, however I’m encountering a problem. Mainly the problem is with the gallery. I have a gallery that consists of 200 images/thumbnails however the thumbnails are only showing up to 72. Any idea how I can increase the number of thumbnails in one gallery or how to solve the problem?

Thanks, Matthew

sent a reply by email

Great job. Looks good on my website: www.mtstudio.co.uk

Thank you!!!

Can i add unlimited photo to the gallery? Wanna buy this template…. But, wanna make sure first…. :D

Sincerely unlimited i don’t know…i’ve tested up to 70. consider that is a single page portfolio

like pattern. Please inform us on what CMS recommend to put?

unique is an html site template…if you are to turn into a CMS…suppose wordpress is a good CMS

Hey!! Do I get the music file if i buy the template?? I really loved the music and searched for it all over the internet but never found it. :)

hi…i don’t remember where i’ve take that track, but i can send you by email the tracks used in the demo

Hi, great theme, tell me pls, what I must do, to stop the music when I opening YouTube movie? Music continues to play…

hello, open the js/custom.js undet the section “FANCYBOX VIEWER” add this line $(”#jquery_jplayer_2”).jPlayer(“stop”); on the youtube func…below and example:
$(".video_youtube").click(function() {
'autoScale'        : false,
'transitionIn'    : 'elastic',
'transitionOut'    : 'elastic',
'titlePosition'    : 'over',
'overlayOpacity': '0.9',
'padding': 0, // optional
'overlayColor': '#000',
'title'         : this.title,
'width'            : 890,
'height'        : 470,
'href'          : this.href.replace(new RegExp("watch\\?v=", "i"), 'v/'),
'type'            : 'swf',
'wmode'             : 'transparent'

        return false;

Hello, I love this theme! It’s great,minimal and perfect for my purpose. Is there any chance that you will submit a WordPress version of it at some point? I would love to buy it. Would it be really difficult to install and customize it for someone with no knowledge about html? What tools would I need? Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Dolphin? Sorry for stupid questions but I really love this design, simplicity ans look. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, IM

Hello…thank your for the compliments…i am sorry any chance to convert into wordpress..i am a front end developer not a wordpress developer…and my partner on themeforest is not interested. i am available for customization if you need. regards

I want to buy only by the player, I want to know if you can add a shoucast aac stream in the player? let me know if you try to give buy :)

i will let you know in a couple of days…please contact me at info@ansonika.com ...so i can keep track of this

hello…the script support for mp3 stream http://jplayer.org/latest/demo-08/ ...but i encountered some problems with shoutcast acc…and the theme requires some css, js changes and test…that is beyond the scope of the theme. if you are interested in payed customization we can discuss it. my email is info@ansonika.com

Hi! Bought your template, you can optimize wordpress?

No…I am sorry …is not in my plan to convert it into wordpress…sorry

scroll doesn’t work on mobiles

i am sorry but Unique is not Responsive layout….it’s fixed layout and not compatible for Mobiles

Hello, I was looking for a theme like this but I miss audio portfolio with soundcloud link. Also I miss the social icons. Does you theme have this options? Thanks