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Unisa - Travel PSD Template

Unisa - Travel PSD Template

1. Introduction

Designed on grid system, easy to customize your own website by drag and drop each sections from all psd files. It includes 20 PSD files (and continue updating) are well organized and named accordingly so its very easy to change any and all ofthe design. It’s all what you need for your store.

2. Adobe Photoshop Compatibility

These layered PSD files are compatible with Adobe CS6 and later.

3. Features

  • High Quality PSD files
  • Unique Design for each pages
  • Well Organized layers makes it very easy to update
  • Site content is 1170px grid wide and full width layou
  • All fonts used in the templates are available for download, the links are below

4. This theme include 20 PSD files to download (listed below)

  • 01_homepage1
  • 01_homepage2
  • 01_homepage3_City_Guide
  • 02_Category1_left_sidebar
  • 02_Category2_right_sidebar
  • 02_Category3_top_filter
  • 03_1_TourDetail
  • 04_Blog_1_left_sidebar
  • 04_Blog_2_right_sidebar
  • 04_Blog_3_No_sidebar
  • 04_Blog_Detail_1
  • 04_Blog_Detail_2
  • 05_1_About_us
  • 05_2_Contact_us_1_1_location
  • 05_2_Contact_us_2_multi_location
  • 05_3_Coming_soon
  • 05_4_404
  • 06_1_Book_page
  • 06_2_Book_result
  • 06_3_Book_no_result

5. Fonts & icons used

6. Photos in the preview image and demo are used for display purposes and are not included.

If you have any questions or need customization, please contact me via e-mail or through my profile page. I’m here to help!

Email – Laingockien@gmail.com