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Hi Just tried to upload a new logo and the site still shows the old UniShop logo, I cleared my browser but it’s still the old logo

Hello codeplusdigital,

Please submit your question to

Our developer will reply ASAP.

Best regards, support team

Hello, I am interested in purchasing this theme(template) where can I read the install instructions before I purchase.



Hello, drtbone.

Please, email me I will send you installation instructions.

Best regards, support team

I don’t see any attribute/option selections on the demo site. Have you removed that feature from osCommerce?

Hello, pstinson.

Not sured that understood your question correctly. We didn’t remove any default functionality. You can find the product with options here –

Best regards, support team

Thanks for a great theme. The support is just great. I had a wish to support multi language on text on layer slider. In less than two days the coding was done.

Now I have a great theme, even with changeable language text in slider. This will help me a lot in attracting customers to enter shop.

Thanks again! :bigsmile:

Thank you. :)

Hi Can someone please confirm, If I can have category images on the front page with this theme? Thanks

Hello, bngalliboy.

Such update will require some manual php editing. You can see category images now on the listing/category page.

Best regards, support team

Parallel slider it is included in the price? and it is minus 10 USD.

hi there, any possibility to get an 2nd row of Previewpictures in the BESTSELLERS rubrique?

Hello, thomaz1.

Please, submit ticket – Our developer will forward you necessary instructions.

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Hello, I am going to purchase this theme(template. i have a question. . 1.) installation is free right?? 2.)when you installing what i provide you?


Hello Haristariq14,

1) Yes. Theme installation is free. 2) a) You should install default osCommerce software. b) You should provide server login credentials.

Best regards, support team

Hello, can i use this Template for xt:commerce Shop?



Not, it is not compatible.

Best regards, support team

Hi, Is it allowed to remove the “© 2013 Unishop. All Rights Reserved. Designed by” in the footer? I would like to change it to© 2013 Customer. All rights Reserved.

Hello, othreed.

Yes of course. It is your right after purchase.

Best regards, support team

I really like this template – except for the language and currency switcher. Is there a way to include that one from your Megastore?

Hello, othreed.

Only manula update through correspondent css files.

Best regards, support etam

Does it have options to show by images like colors options and red and green are image attributes so i want to show red and green by image and not by text. Secondly can it take all latest addons of oscommerce or does it need customization all the times.Which version is this.

Hello Kayanis,

1) Colors option relay to default osCommerce software feature. It doesn’t support colors by images (not text)

2) Theme supports osCommerce 2.3.3 and This theme may not be compatible with some third-party addons. It’s impossible for theme authors to make the theme compatible by default with all existing addons because there are thousands of available osCommerce addons.

Love your template and am considering purchasing it.

Will this template allow for multiple images per product such as front, back and side views?

Thanks, Kent

Hello kenttubman,

Yes. Please check this page at our demo –

Best regards, support team

Hi! I installed the Spanish language and German and gives me errors on the page, or show me untranslated header functions. The only thing that works for me it is the default language, English. I can do that?? Thanks, Aci


Submit ticket to our support system. Our developer will reply asap

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When you click the save button in the “Theme Settings” for either the “Slider Type” or “Theme Color” you get logged out and settings are not saved.

I also noticed that the “unishop_theme” table exists but has no records.


Hello Glen,

Our support is available 10.00 – 20.00 GMT + 2 (Monday – Friday). We usually get back to you within 24 hours (except holiday seasons which might take longer). What is your ticket id?

Our theme is compatible with osCommerce 2.3.3 / What version do you use?

Best regards, support team.

We are using osCommerce Ticket ID is #159022. The eTheme developer has responded as of 2 hours ago.

I have added the necessary missing lines of code for the theme to work as intended. We can therefore consider this issue resolved.


OK. Thank you for update.

I have this error when installing the template need urgent help 1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘MAX_DISPLAY_NEW_PRODUCTS’ at line 17

Hello trinidadjuarez,

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Where is the file’s facebook home page to put the facebook company? I miss the forest for them and I want to change the company, as well as products. And for the same twitter Thanks!

Hello, Acire_89.

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Hello, I bought this theme last week and I would like to display on the homepage the latest products entered. Where can you manage block in the homepage?

Hello agencebix,

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how do I change the text on the layer slider, perfume and so on. I already bought it,

hello, bellabacci.

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Awesome looking template.

Before I purchase I have a few questions:

What version of OSCommerce is your template designed for?

I would like the SSL certificate to apply to all pages of the site – Is this possible using your template?

I look forward to your reply.


Hello, Kent.

Thank you for your interest -

1) We are using the latest oscommerce software –

2) We didn’t test our theme with SSL.

Best regards, support team