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I’ve installed your theme but there’s random text from a couple of my blog posts overlaying the home page. I can’t figure out what went wrong :-\


Also, I want to remove ‘Leave a Reply’ from my pages but can’t figure that out either. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi, that’s very strange, could you email me admin access to your WordPress installation so that I can take a proper look?

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Regarding the comments, in order to disable them on a page or a post you need to edit the page and on the top right you’ll see a tiny tab labeled “Screen Options”, click it and check the “Discussion” option (this will enable the “Discussion” panel and this has to be done only once). Then scroll down the page and you’ll see a new “Discussion” panel where you can uncheck the “Allow Comments” option.

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Hi, great theme. I am planning to purchase soon. A couple of questions first: On the portfolio page 1. Can you remove the time and “leave comments” and 2. Is there a way to make the portfolio a grid and not single post?


1) With a simple custom CSS that I can provide you can hide the time. The “leave comments” can also be hidden since they are a default WordPress feature.

2) I’m afraid not.

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Hi, I am confused on how to access the portfolio (there is no tab?) and how to create categories?

Hi, when this theme was developed WordPress didn’t have the concept of “Custom Post Types”, that’s why you don’t see the Portfolio tag. Instead you just need to create blog categories, add posts assigned to these categories and on the Theme Admin panel select which categories belong to the portfolio.

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Hello, I wanna to purchase this theme, is it available for wordpress-3.7.1 or low vision 3.6 ?

Hi, yes it’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

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Hello, totally new to WP, i can not get the slider to work, it just ads the new post below the first post, both of them showing up. http://hidroforex.ro/ Any idea why?

Hi, it appears that the theme wasn’t installed to the correct folder, try deleting the theme and reinstalling it again. If it still doesn’t work please email me WP and FTP access so that I can take a look.

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Great work my friend!!!! ;)

Thanks mate :)

For some reason there are a couple posts that appear on my site live, but that are not accessible via the dashboard any longer. For instance, this post: http://www.peplending.com/category/martial-arts/frequently-asked-questions-martial-arts/ is not available on the dashboard to edit. Any reasons why this might be? How can I find it in my dashboard?

I think it might have to do with the permalinks because in my dashboard there is a page that is titled “FAQs” but it links to http://www.peplending.com/frequently-asked-questions/ and is entirely blank.

Any help would be much appreciated! I need to edit the live pages that are not accessible from the dashboard.

No, I cannot access it. There is a post listed with the same title, but it links to http://www.peplending.com/frequently-asked-questions/ rather than the post that is displayed. I will give you admin access.

What email should I use? Thanks!

Hi, please email me using the contact form on my ThemeForest profile page.

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where do I find the demo data file? My installer has asked this as it was not in the download file (?)

Hi, I’m afraid that this theme doesn’t include a demo data file for importing.

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I have installed your very nice template but I face following issues:

1) the template ignors non-english letters in headlines and blue background. for example here: http://www.kompostarna.info/cenik/ in the top menu, there is correctly written “cenik”, whereas in the blue line, the letter “Í” is avoided… some of the headlines can not be finally understood at all…

2) The order of items in menu ignores the order defined in administration

3) Pictures do not adjust their size themselves, you need to search for the proper size resampler SW…

Please advice,

Jaroslav Mikolasek

by non-english letters I mean letters with diacritics… for example š, ?, ?, ž, ý, ?, á, í, é.


1) Unfortunately the Delicious font doesn’t support those characters and the only way to fix this is to completely disable the Cufon font I’m afraid. To do that, edit the file /library/media/js/screen.js and remove or comment the following code:

/* Font Replacement */
Cufon.replace('h2', { hover: true });

2) The “Home”, “Portfolio” and “Blog” items on the menu are fixed on this position and by this order, all other pages go after these items and respect the order assigned in the admin area.

3) True, when this theme was developed there weren’t any libraries freely available to resize images I’m afraid.

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Hi. thanks for the answer. However to the point 1, I can not find /library/media/js/screen.js. in which file? where in the menu? please advice…

Hi, can I have a left menu sidebar on home page?

Hi, I’m afraid not.

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I am interested to purchase this, may I know if this theme requires a lot of resources on hosting server please?


Hello ! So´ive purchase and download the theme but it seems like css styling sheet is now working.

Already tryed downloading the zip and import it like 3 times already, why is this?