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Amazing template, Good luck with sales..:D

thank you very much :)

Welcome to the Forest :)

Thank you for welcoming me :)

Stunning… pulling it apart as I write this to convert for my WordPress Site. Beautiful composition. A great $10 spend… Worth more TBH. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your comment!

will you produce this as a html/css template ?, if so, when ? i would love to use it, but i dont want to mock up all the html/css myself.

if you did it for me as a project i would pay, interested ?

Sorry, but momentaly I don’t have a plan to produce this as html/css template. Maybe in future :)

Excellent Design !! I like it ;) Good Luck with sales & Keep it Up !!

Thank you! :)

The level of details is amazing. Awesome work

Thanks a lot :)

I’m interested in converting your design to HTML5 & CSS3. Do you like to work together? my twitter is Carbon187

Thanks for offer, but i’m already working with someone else.

I love this template! Do you are have it for wordpress?

Thanks! Wordpress version probably will be in future. However HTML/CSS version will be soon.