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congratulations! this is about to make some noise!!!


Bro, this is HOT ! After clicking through the demo, I’d say it’s definitely worth the $37 ($35). Great work man! :)

Thank you very much.

Man, this template is Ice….. I just spent around 10mins looking at this template….. a good sign.

Keep up the quality

Thanks, I will try.

This is on FIRE !! Great stuff!

Thanks wesleysoccer.

wow amazing!!! Finally on wp. I wish you the best of sales not that you need it because I know this will be huge on here.


Best theme I’ve seen here on TF so far .. keep up the great work.

Wow! Thank you so much. That’s a huge compliment and coming from you… it just makes it a much bigger compliment. Thanks.

This is awesome.

Thanks. I put a lot of time and thought into it so it feels great to receive all the wonderful feedback. I was so nervous about releasing it. I wanted to make sure it was perfect. I was constantly editing, testing, modifying, re-testing, etc… I didn’t get much sleep last week, but I think it was worth the extra effort if people are able get what they need from it and not deal with limitations and custom coding. I think I’m going to take a few days to enjoy being done before I start working on a new concept.

SO EXCITED !!!!! IM jumping up & down. great work. buying it right now!

Thanks. I’m excited too.

Hey, could you show me a screenshot of the admin panel? Great theme!

You could just screenshot one or two along with the menu and put the link in your theme description :-)

I think the admin goes a long way in the buyers decision to buy or not.

Great idea. I’ve added a few links to admin screen shots at the end of the theme description on the item details page.


Awesome, really well done admin panel. I’ll likely be buying this soon.

Goodwork on releasing the WP version. It looks great! Congrats to you, you deserve it!

dangit…. right when im broke!!! LOL … I cant wait to buy!!!!!!!

Great Theme. Hey First Real Questions I feel Special.

This is the best theme on here so far..

1. Are the Pictures on the demo theme included in the file? Just for Demo Reasons?

2. Admin Pic would be cool to.

thats all so far.

That Login Screen is Sick I have not loaded it up yet but is that for the Wordpress login? Got to learn how to do that.

Thanks TheTMC.

1. The demo images are only on the demo.

2. I didn’t think of showing images of the admin. I’ll see if I can include them as a post on the demo site.

The login screen is for the WP admin. You can easily modify it to login to something else if you need.

finaly on WP, keep up the great work….

The bit at the top that rotates through the images, can you make them link to something?

Yes, the slide show has an option for links in the admin panel. You can select a page, post or your own custom URL for the link.

stunning template… great job!

Good job! But the demo don’t validate xhtml…

Thanks. I just fixed it. It was actually my content, not the theme. I added the skin preview images to the main menu drop down (under “skins”) and for some reason decided to use a “border=0” and leave off the “alt” attribute. Probably just a side effect of the sleep deprivation.

Hi, thanks for your great work. I want to know is it compatible with wordpress 2.9.2?

Yes it is compatible with WordPress 2.9.2.

Can I have more than one Portfolio? Can I have more than one blog? Can I use diferent widgets for diferent pages?

Beautiful Design!!!

You can have multiple portfolios, as many as you like. To setup a multi-blog style site you would probably want to modify the theme some. It wasn’t designed with that in mind. You can use different widgets in the pages and blog sections but not from one page to the next.

How do i prevent the Categories and Archives from showing up on the front page? I still want them on my blogposts if possible.

I tried the theme settings but clearing the checkbox also causes those 2 to dissapear from posts.

This aside; awesome theme. Already bought the HTML version but this is something else. Amazing work on the admin backend aswell.

I’m thinking I should add an option for this in the admin, but for now, add the following code to the sidebar.php file around your categories and archives menu calls:

if (!is_home()) { // the call to load categories or archives menu }

You will know where to add this because the areas are both marked:

// List categories on posts


// List archives on posts


You could also make a seperate sidebar for the index page to fix this issue (i think :P).

Hi there, I’ve been waiting for this to arrive for WP, so great job!

Couple of quick questions:

1) Is it possible to show ‘Related Posts’ at the end of each blog post?

2) The two bits below the homepage slider, namely the ‘5 skins in 1 theme, and 2 slide shows’ sections – are these text/html widgets that can include any content? If so, will they still work if I chop the slider out of the code?

3) Have you tried the theme out with the All in one SEO pack yet?


Good questions!

1) I’m not sure about related posts. I have not included any custom code to allow this so I guess not. You can always modify the code and I will help anyway I can.

2) The text below the slide show (I call it the “Showcase” area) is a widget area. From the admin you can configure this as a 1, 2 or 3 column section with a widget for each column. You can add whatever you like there. In my demo I’m using “Simple Image” (a nice and simple image widget) and the default text widget. You can still display this even if you turn off the slide show. There is an option in the admin to disable or remove the slide show so you don’t need to do any code editing for that.

3) I have not tried the theme with “All in one SEO ”.

I hope that helps and thanks for the questions.

That’s brilliant – thank you for the fast response.