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hello friend

I’m with a problem on my site, only in Internet Explorer, the site is all left aligned, and the widgets are wrong.

I have already installed the theme pure 2x times, and it did not work, I disabled all plugins and nothing. how to fix this?

my site:

It looks like your problem is because there is an extra character before the doctype at the very beginning of the document. It’s not a visible character, but the browser still sees it. Look at the validation results here:

The first error on the page:

Line 1, Column 1: character "?" not allowed in prolog
??html<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "…

That is telling you there is an invalid character before the doctype. I know the theme doesn’t have this, but there is a problem with some translation plugins that causes this. I can see you have some translation in place. Try disabling or undoing whatever you’re using for that and it should fix it.

The reason it gets aligned left is the doctype becomes invalid and the browser reads the page in quirks mode instead of XHTML strict.

Sorry I could not fix, I deleted several plugin, I disabled all and I can not solve, will be that you could look directly into my wordpress?

sorry I can not take care of itself

It’s something specific to your site or your customization. I also don’t know what you have different that is causing this.

Hi I must appreciate your design. Well, on home pages, there are no hyper links appearing for Blog Posts (Latest Posts)

Updates on what?

Ok So how to turn off the HTML stripping option ?

Send me an email (referencing the issue) and we’ll give you a small code change that you can apply to tell WP to include HTML tags in the excerpt. I will warn you that this is not recommended (by WP) because it could cut off the excerpt in the middle of a HTML tag and result in display errors.

Hello !

Well done, it’s a great theme ! I’m trying to make some change that i don’t really like.

I want to change the “Liberation” font by “League Gothic” but i’m little bit lost, tried to did it with cufon but i can’t do it.

Can you help me and tell me how can i change the font for h1 h2 etc… tags?

Do i really have to use cufon.js ? Because i don’t like the way that cufon makes images instead of “real” text.

Anyway waitting for your tips.

Thank you

No you don’t need to use Cufon. You can disable it from the theme options and set your font from the CSS file “style-default.css” in the section for headings.


I want to by this theme for my blog,however I was wonder if I can use the slider with blog page.

And if supports spanish, like accents and special characters.

Thanks a lot

Common accent characters are included in the heading font. If you find it does not support the characters you need you’ll have to update the Cufon file.

The slide show only appears on the home page.

I have installed the PostMash plugin, but the posts in the categories on my site don’t follow the post order I specify in the plugin. They are still ordered in the reverse order they’re posted.

i have 10 categories, and several sub-categories… how can I ensure that the posts are ordered in a specific order that I want?

You can see the site at

Looks like the theme is not respecting the order given by the plugin…

Hmm just read the help – it says “In order to make use of postMash, you need to order your posts by “menu_order”. Like this…

<?php $readposts = get_posts(‘orderby=menu_order’); ?>
    <?php foreach($readposts as $post) : setup_postdata($post); ?>
  • <?php the_title(); ?>
  • <?php endforeach; ?>
” – there is no place in the theme where order by is used… how do I enable postmash on your theme?

Not sure about that plugin. You can order posts by changing the published date in the blue box where your “Publish” button is located.


Have installed the theme on Wordpress, but while I can create new pages, there only seems to be one template…

So I have made a page and called it Home, gone into Unite options, added the slideshow images and put them to the page “Home”.

However, I am not able to see the slideshow…

Please help…


The slide show only appears if the Reading settings are configured for “Your latest posts”.

parallelus-unite/cache _ do we create this file—cause i do not see it ?

Make the Cache Folder Writeable

You must make sure the cache folder “parallelus-unite/cache” is set to write permissions. This is where resized images are saved. The folder needs “777” write permissions. It’s likely that this will also work automatically, but if it does not or you have an error message related to your images you should CHMOD the folder to “777”. If you need to know how to do this do a web search for “CHMOD folder permissions 777” or check the help file of your FTP program.

If the permissions are correct the folder will be created automatically. If not, and timthumb can’t create the folder you will need to create it.

I was not asking you about the plugin above. I was asking how can I change the display of the posts to be ordered by menu in your theme. <?php $readposts = get_posts(‘orderby=menu_order’); ?>

&lt;?php foreach($readposts as $post) : setup_postdata($post); ?&gt;
&lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;
&lt;?php endforeach; ?&gt;

See? Your theme uses a simpler approach. I am asking how can I change the theme so it would use this one?

If you are using the WP menus then setting it to menu order should work. If you are using the custom theme menus then menu order will not work.

I am currently running Unite 1.1 but want to update to 2.x. I have downloaded the files but don’t know the proper steps to update. Do I just install as new theme and activate?

Yes, download the theme again from your account “downloads” are. To upgrade, I recommend using FTP to overwrite the existing theme folder.


Sorry if my question is not that clever but I am new at this. I Would ilke to eliminate the box with the image, and only leave the full image even in preview.

For example this is how it looks a post with your theme.

This is how it looks in my old blog

and this is how the image looks on the blog view

Is this Possble?

Please send me an email (click my avatar and use the form) and we will send you some code you can modify to do this.

I purchased and used this theme about a year ago but re-downloaded again so I can use the shortcodes but I can’t get any of the shortcodes to work on wordpress 3. Anyone else experiencing same? Any advice on what I may have missed? thanks!

I don’t think anyone else is having this problem. If they were there would be a hundred posts here about the shortcodes. Whatever is happening is unique to your site.

Make sure you updated the files on you install. Trying a fresh install might also help.

The re-install worked it. Thanks!

there is no reply button, so continuing to your reply: How can I set the post order in the category archives to menu order on your theme?

I would love to buy this theme for my site, but I have a couple questions regarding its capabilities first.

1) Can the slideshow at the top have its width altered? Specifically, can I make it narrow enough that the right-hand sidebar can extend all the way to the horizontal menu at the top?

2) Can I add a Facebook social plug-in to the right-hand sidebar? Specifically, this code: ?

3) Most importantly, is it possible to remove the categories, popular posts, and quotes from the right-hand sidebar? We essentially only want widgets and buttons there. For reference, we are basically taking the content from this website: and hoping to transfer it to the Unite theme, because of the nifty slideshow feature.

As you can see, on the right hand side there is a mix of text, social media plug-ins, and javascript buttons. In addition, they are divided by strips of text in solid colored backgrounds (Follow the Journal on Twitter, About the Journal, etc). Is this possible to duplicate on the homepage of Unite?

4) Can you link to any websites made from this template?

Thanks for you help!

Thanks for the interest in the theme.

1. No, not without editing of the theme code, CSS and images.

2. There are no restrictions on the content you can add to your site.

3. The sidebars are completely under your control. By default they will be blank so you will need to add the things you want. Just don’t add these things :)

4. I don’t keep up with my customer’s websites but you can probably find links to dozens of them in these comments. I know of this one on the Adobe website:

I am interested in purchasing this theme for a portfolio site. Am I able to create separate portfolio pages for both photos and video or will they be grouped together?

It’s up to you if you want them together or separate. You can choose any combination of categories for your portfolio. If video and images are saved in different categories you can control how they are presented.

On my site I’m using the Buddypress plugin. I installed the buddypress compatibility pack, and edited all the plugins files to fit properly in your theme. However, some of the items don’t work with the your theme activated. I switch to the Buddypress default and all works fine.

For instance, When I try to create a Group on the groups page, I fill in the information required, hit continue, and the page just reloads with the form boxes empty.

I don’t know how to show you this issue since your not registered on my site. What can I do to show you?

I’ve had this theme for some time now, and am extremely happy with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Try disabling the styled images in “js/onLoad.js” or “js/onLoad.min.js”. Comment out the “buttonStyles();” function and see if that helps.

Thanks for the reply, but

How would I comment that part out, I know nothing about .js ?

I got it figured out. That did the trick bro. I really appreciate all the help. You really do have some great support for your stuff. Anyone purchasing your work should consider themselves lucky, there are few places that help the way you do.


Is there a way to set create an actual home page an make it look the same as using the Unite options? Reason is my SEO program will not allow me to adjust the seo for this page without it being a true page.


You can use the home page as a static page, but if you want the slide show to show you’ll need to do some minor code modification. Email me if you want the code.

Hi Parallelus, This theme is great! In the post , i want to change the “placeholder” words like ‘Home’, ‘Posted by ’, ‘Comments’ , ‘Leave a reply’, ‘Logged in as’, ‘Log out’ and change the text ‘Add Comment’ button (because of different language) – where?

How to add google map content (on the right) into a contact form ?


The home link can be edited in the header.php. For the breadcrumbs I think it “theme_admin/includes/addon-functions.php.

The other items can be translated using the .mo and .po files in the languages folder and modifying the localization variable in the functions.php

I really like the theme but I have one question. How could I go about adjusting the position of the logo???

Adjust the “margin” in “style-default.css”

#Logo {
    float: left;
    margin: -60px 0 24px -3px;

Great theme! Is there a way that I can space out my widgets more?

Right now, that sidebars are way to cluttered. Is there a way to specify a global amount of padding between each widget?

Also, where’s the code to remove the COMMENTS section from the header of each of the posts? The area where it shows the date, author, categories and then the number of comments.

I’d like to remove the number of comments…I’m finding that these lines don’t always fit on that heading and doesn’t look right.

You can add something like ”.widget { margin-bottom: 2em; }” to “style-default.css” an it will put extra spacing between the widgets.

The ribbon code is managed in several files: “index.php”, “archive.php” and “search.php”