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Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you

Nice work ! GLWS !

Thank you

Congratulations! Nice work, GLWS :)

Thank you

Congratulations! Great Work! GLWS :)

Thank you

Nice design and beautifully built also, GLWS :)

Thank you

Amazing work! GLWS ;)

very cool work, nice ! :)

Thank you

Very good work, my friend :)

Thanks for this theme, beautiful, I’m seriously considering buying this but have one question, the burger menu, can I have the pages showing under it without them having click (burger) to reveal the pages at first, so upon landing on the site, I’d like “about, services, contact) already showing.

You know casuals sometimes still get confused about where to go and might not know there are more pages on the site!

Hi. Thank you for your interest! But I need to mention at first, that this is not a theme, but an HTML template.

Yes you can show the navigation at start by adding “show-nav” to BODY element.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this coming soon template, as some of its key elements (e.g. the arrows and social icons in its side panels) continue to not load/display in Chrome for Windows and mobile. However, the theme developer has refused to respond to my last 2-3 emails regarding the issue (over the span of a week). :(

Hi, I have sent you a solution. You haven’t closed a META tag, so the net line with icons url was skipped. This is not a template issue. Also there was Christmas eve, so we were out of office:)

Thanks for that solution, which solved one of the problems I emailed you about. Hope to hear back re: the other problems. As for Christmas eve, that’s perfectly understandable (assuming you live outside of certain tech centers), but it’s been almost a week since then. :(—Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, I have sent you an email.

Hi Just bought your Universal Coming Soon Template on Themeforest, great work! I am adding my own logo then there is a big gap between the bottom of the logo to the content below it, there is no way to reduce that unless I change to the default logo from the template. Would you please give an advice? Cheers!

Hi, I have sent you an email.

Thanks for your help and it works now.

You’re welcome

Hi, on the contact page with active slider, after i press “Send” email is sent but on site there is no notice about that.

Hi, add this into style.css:

form-contact-submit { position: relative; }

Nice work mate


Hi! Great Work! Thanks for thisTheme :grin Unfortunately the js * .json particles do not work properly. These have code errors, see on line two. Can you check these files? Thanks

That’s OK:)

Hi! It is really a pity that your template is not optimized for mobile devices :-( I insist in this because your template is the most beautiful I found. Cheers!

You’ve got an email.

Have put the template up on github to test. Unfortunately the forms don’t appear to work? When the ‘send’ button is clicked, nothing happens. The form isn’t cleared and no emails are received. Any ideas?

Hi, unfortunately no. Try to check the console in Chrome. It’s maybe a server issue.

Hello! I’m using your Coming Soon template, which works perfectly, except one thing. The email form keep getting me one error: Undefined variable: body in /XXX/assets/php/email.php on line 16. Could you please help me in this problem? I compared with the original email.php and I only overwrite the labels of the field (Name, Email,...)

HI, it seems that you have changed the “name=” attribute of the input field. You need also change variables name in email.php.

For example you have changed input field to


In email.php you need also change variable to