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wuihh.. ngeri uey, keren pisan :)

sukses ya..

Ahh ngeri-an juga themenya bro :-)
Makasih ya bro…and sukses juga buat bro…

Are there any other colors available? Maybe a color picker for easy changing?

sorry there’s only one color available for this theme.


Exquisite, Unique :)

thank you :)

Hey Indonez,

proud to be your first customer for this item.

2 quick questions.

1) Do you know why my Dropdown menu does not have a black background? http://giftcircle.jp/

2) Experienced / Progressive / Worldwide does not change although I have filled in other words in Setup.

Thank you always for you support!


hello, thanks for purchasing.

1) please use wordpress 3.0 menu manager, there’s section how to setup your main navigation using wordpress 3.0 menu manager in theme options.

2) please contact me from my profile page, i will check directly at your site.


Clean theme. Good luck mate! :D

thank you! :)

reagarding the colour, is there an easy way to change the colour? do you ofer instructions or customization?

Hi Indonez, two question before purchasing it’s possible to translate the theme? How to add a captcha or similar antispam to contact form? Thanks in advance

Hi, for now the theme does not for translation, i wil add translation support in updated version. the built in contact form does not have captcha feature, so you may using contact form plugin that support captcha feature.


Thanks Indonez, I’ll wait the updated version, as I need to use it in italian and don’t want hardcode it. About captcha, it’s a pity because contact page looks good and to use a plugin don’t have the same visual impact, also to add map it’s another work but, in any case, leave form without antispam it’s not reasonable by now… Anyway, I like this theme, hope update arrive soon. Thanks for your work

ok i will add translation source in update version and i will consider to add antispam integration to contact form.


I was comparing this wordpress version to your html version and noticed that you didn’t include the pricing list page. Any plans to include this?

Hello, sorry the pricing table does not include in wordpress version.


Great theme. I think I will be buying soon.

I want to modify one way that the portfolio functions. I’d like to link to same type of pages that the products pages links to.

In other words, instead of an image only, I’d like to link each page from the portfolio to the product detail page (example – http://wp-demo.indonez.com/Universe/?product=product-name-6)


so did you mean the portfolio item linked to actual post? if so i will add this feature in update version.


I want to link items from the portfolio pages to a page using the same format as the product detail page (example – http://wp-demo.indonez.com/Universe/?product=product-name-6). This is so I can include a little bit of background information on the project instead of only an image or video.

If I do work around this using the current version of this theme, will all links include ”?product=product name” ?I’d prefer to use the SEO friendly permalinks option and I don’t think I’ve seen many Wordpress themes that structured URLs this way.


seems very buggy so far – can’t change headers on the homepage (Experienced / Progressive / Worldwide) footer/copyright doesn’t support html/links, contact page info doesn’t support links, can’t disable unwanted fields… very disappointing.

hello, thanks for purchasing,

ok there’s minor bug in homepage heading section, i will make update soon for this, you can add link in footer section, you just need to add <a href="">your site</a> in footer text section from theme options.

for quick fix, please contact me from my profile page, i will help you to solve this.


Hi Indonez, upon reading the comments from bnm would you be able to let us know when you will be creating an update to fix the bugs?

I think it looks fantastic and I’m quite interested in purchasing this theme but only once the bugs are fixed and there are more customisation options available as stated in these comments.

Thanks Drew


thanks for your interest, i am planning to release updated version in next week.


The demo site does not seem to display correctly in chrome. Just FYI . There is an image rollover showing up on the bottom over a menu. Maybe its just me. Otherwise love your templates. Great job!

I have checked and there’s no problem with the theme demo in chrome.


Does this theme have a search feature and if so – where would it search? Interested to know if users will be able to run a search that would return results from search terms used in the products section.

Also very interested in purchasing once the home page bug is squashed. :)

you can use native search form widget from wordpress it’s self. you can check the search form widget at blog page http://wp-demo.indonez.com/Universe/?page_id=453


Hi I just purchased the theme. I really like it a lot and I noticed a few bugs with this.

On the home page in particular

1-the text Experienced, Worldwide etc…doesn’t seem to be changing no mater what I write. Can you help me with this?

2-The widget at the bottom of the page (Subscribe Widget) the Lorem Ipsum text holder is not going away. How do I change this part?

3- I changed my services page to match the services template and the text is all over the place.

Here’s a link to my site to help www.webbclick.com

Thanks for your help!

for quick fix please contact me from my proflle page.


hi, thnx for this theme ;) i upload it to the host of my site! but there is a problem! when i click on the learn more or read more didnt open the page or didnt show the contain of the post or slideshow! plz help…!

sorry! but another problem! when i move the mouse to services or about the drop down’s back ground is white not black! just look at it! not like the live demo! link: www.ikmsa.org thnx

for quick fix please contact me from my profile page.


i contact u! but till now theres no answer! plz help me i have alot of work!!

already replied your email!


Fantastic looking theme, just a bit dissappointing you’ve released it without properly testing it as there appear to be quite a few bugs. Currently I’m having problems with:

  • Slideshow images – when I change the image URL the image doesn’t appear… I’ve tried both PNG and JPG .
  • Feature Boxes – as other users have found, changing the titles has no effect so I’ve hard coded them for now.
  • Blog / News pages – just don’t appear. I’ve added your dummy-copy and I can view the list of posts, but when I try to view a particular post the content area is blank…. I just see the top section then the footer.

I may find some more as I add my content, but those are the main ones I’ve found so far.

When you release the update please can you list what changes/additions you’ve made to the code, because I’ve made amends to quite a few files now (some because of bugs, some just personal customisation).

Please don’t take this as critiscm though – the theme looks amazing and with the bugs fixed it’ll be outstanding! :)

ok there’s some issues with the theme, I will make update soon, please contact me from my profile page, i will help you to fix your site.


sorry indonez for disturbing! i want two pages of product tamplate! but with different product post! how can i do it?

since the product post used new WP custom post type feature instead of category, so the product list only available in one page.


so i cant do it?

Hi Indonez,

Love the theme, I perosnally have overcome the bugs that others have mentioend. The only one I cannot get around is the feedburner subscribe. When you enter your email address and click on Submit, surely it should take you directly to the feedburner account and thats it, but it is opening the account and you have to enter the email address again. I dont see the point of having a form if you have to enter the same data twice. Any fix for this?



ok will fix this bugs soon, for quick fix please contact me from my profile page.


User tiameg, been trying to contact you for over three days as I have bug issues with the theme but have had no response.

Drop down menus look odd and various other problems also. This is urgent now I need to get my site working. Can you please respond to my email tiameg (at) gmail com


Hello tiameg, i have received your email, sorry for my late respond, there’s connection issue from provider in last few days, soon i will help your problem.