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Is it possible to use wider image for the slide show, just like in the example 2 PSD file? All my images are about 50% of the area now.


Hey, thanks for reply, got that fixed.

I have another problem: I can’t find which setting determines the header text colors. I’ve checked the styles.css quite for some time but no result… thanks again.

did you mean main navigation color, if so the styling is located in superfish.css file that located in css folder.


and then again… how to make in the slideshow so that text + readmore-button are placed on the image? now the text is over the image, and the image doesn’t show fully…. hope you got what i’m wondering. thanks

Hi I bought your theme and one major problem i am having with the page navi, now it is installed and you can see the page navi at the bottom of the homepage, but it says 1 of 1 and there are 10 posts. What I want is to have one post per page and with the next prev to the next post and so fourth. Your template is not letting me to do this. I pretty sure it has something to do with the loop in the index.php greatbarrierreefonline.com

Sorry, I do not see your “Purchased” badge.



During install of the theme I got this message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in /nfs/www/WWW_pages/riegsinc/riegsinc.com/cms/wp-content/themes/universe/include/theme-functions.php on line 86

Now I can’t even get to the main Wordpress control panel.

Suggestions?? : )

already solved! :)

Hi There, I love your theme!!! but I would like to change the headings from Kontrapunkt to Helvetica – could you please advise me where I can change this??? thank you very much!!!

if you wand to disable cufon font heading, please open header.php file, find and remove this code (start about line 63) :

<script type="text/javascript">
  Cufon.replace('h1') ('h2') ('h3') ('h4')  ('h5')('.date') ('.quote-heading');


Is there a way to change the transition of the slideshow on the homepage. I would like it to fade, rather than slide to the left. The URL is: www.jamescliffordlaw.com/test

Thanks! Sara

sorry for now there’s no option for fade transition for main slideshow.


Hi again,

On the homepage…I would like the right-hand slider sidebox to link to an About page, rather than the post or category. I believe this should be changed in the code in the sidebar.php file. Can you give any insight on what code should be used to replace this function.

Thank you! Sara

I checked your site and it’s already implemented in your site.


Hi we purchased your template and work great, however in ie8 only. I sometimes get jquery.js access denied and the menus will not work until I have click on one of them, this reloads the page and it starts working. Can you advise.


not sure what causing the problem, does your host applying any restriction for certain script?



I get the following Error on the contact page, Please help

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/startupd/public_html/wp-content/themes/universe/contact-form.php on line 34


please contact me from my profile page, let me check and help you to fix this.


Hi there again,

Thanks for checking that out for me.

Although, the right sidebar is currently linking to the post.

I don’t want the post information with post date, etc. I want it to link the About page. Which is in the top navigation. From what I could find, there is no way to link the right sidebar to a page. In the Theme Options, it only allows you to select a category.


if you want to change the right sidebar with about page, you need to modify the code for this, please contact me from my profile page regarding your question.


Love the theme! One question… how do I slow down the slide show? My site is text-heavy, but there isn’t enough time between slides for people to read what’s being presented.



I have replied your question in email.


No nothing like that, hosting does not block anything any other ideas on why this would happen.

not sure what causing the problem, i compared with universe demo site and there’s no problem with IE8 .


I can’t seem to get the contact page to work, every time I assign the template using the page attributes the page go’s blank or I get a HTTP500 warning!!

please provide me your url, let me check directly at your site.


Hi again, thank you for your reply! I’ve fixed this. But now I have another issue with the navigation. In my navigation it has some sub-categories like the same as yours under Services – and if you rollover you have the black background but I don’t have this? Could you please tell me where I can find this to have for one instance and then I would like to change the color as well. Then my other problem is the contact form it is also not working where can I put my email add where it should go??? Thank you very much for your help – it’s much appreciated!!!

for main navigation, did you tried manage your main navigation items using WP 3 .x menu manager, there’s section in documentation how to use WP 3 .x menu manager, for contact form, did you have setted your email address from theme options => Contact Information tab? you can provide me your url, so i can help you to check directly at your site.


Great thank you very much. Could you please provide me your email add so I can send you the login details (it would be great if you could have a look :)

just contact me from my profile page at http://themeforest.net/user/Indonez


Can you please give me your email address to send my URL to . As I dont want it published thanks.

just contact me from my profile page at http://themeforest.net/user/Indonez


Hi I emailed you a couple of days ago with my URL regarding the contact page, Can you please get back to me as it is quite important…thanks

i have fixed your contact page also replied your email.


Hey, one more question for you. For example, the Latest Products contains both a picture and a text part. Clicking the text leads to the page, but clicking the picture just opens the picture. How to make so clicking the picture also leads to the page? Thanks once more. :)

please open theme-functions.php file and find this code (about line 226) :

<a href="&lt;?php echo $product_image1;?&gt;" title="&lt;?php the_title();?&gt;" rel="prettyPhoto[product]" />
now change to :
<a href="<?php the_permalink();?>" title="<?php the_title();?>" />


Hi, I intend to buy this theme, but I have a concern. I want to add a logo picture over the title bar. Can I move down the title bar a little bit and add a logo picture on the top of the webpage ? Will you offer me technical support after I purchase the theme? Thanks a lot.

you want to split the logo section above main navigation section? if so i can help you for this.


Hi, I have purchased this theme. And I need your help.

(1) I want to move down the main navigation bar and add a logo bar(which still has a link to the home page). Please take a look at the following picture which is the effect I want. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4130/5170331039_7ab50c0e7d_b.jpg

(2) Could you please tell me what the font of the main navigation bar is ?

Thanks a lot.

hello, ok i will answer your questions :

1. please style.css file and add below code at the end of style.css file :
#content2 {
  margin-top: 100px;

2. it’s used Arial font.


Hi, I tried your methods. However only the navigation bar is moved down and overlapped with the contents downwards. It seems that I need to move down the other contents simultaneously. Could you tell me which part of code I need to modify? Thanks.


content2 {

margin-top: 100px; } I used the code and I did not see any change of my web. Did you test it? I do not kown php language. Could you please give me more help?

you need also to change the markup structure for this, move the logo section (<div id="logo">)... </div> above <div id="header-inner" />


Hi there,

For some reason the contact form is not working properly. I have filled out the information correctly within the theme settings, but I am not being emailed when the form is filled out and sent.

sorry I do not see your “purchased” badge.