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Is there a plugin needed to make the search course form work Many thanks

Hi there,

Thank you for using our item, the search you see in our static html version is just a static search to make it works as you want you will need to code a custom search system. Another way to get the search working is using our WordPress Version of the Universe – Education College Responsive Template. Have a nice day.

do the forms on the homepage and contact page work or the php needs to be programmed seperately?

& send the php file for the contact page form…

Hi there,

Thank you for using our item. The form in the home page called ‘Request Information’ is just for placeholders purposes however you can make it work placing a mailchimp widget incorporating html code generated by your mailchimp account. The contact form on the contact page also works, we will send an updated copy of the template with working contact form. Have a great day.

I am having issues with it working in IE10. It’s all stretched out and looks horrible. What needs to be done?

Hi there,

Thank you for updating it. Please show us the url where the issue occur and if it is possible some screenshot with the issue being presented as you described. Have a nice day.

Here are several different versions.

They look fine when I collapse on my monitor, but on the iphone the images are stretched in portrait view. Thanks so much for your help. How do I add screenshots to this comment?

Hi there,

Thank you for updating it. As an experiment change the height property of .flexslider img to auto instead of the current value of 100% and let me know if it solves your issue.

Hello i bought a version from the theme i need the theme when opened the sub-menu will be closed how ? i don’t need the sub menu to be opened when page load

Hi there,

Thank you for using our item. Find the css folder inside your template folder and open up the file main.css there locate this line of code: .main-menu li ul then add this property display: none; It should correct your issue. Have a great day.

Great theme guys!

Just one question, when you switch to mobile mode on the index page, the images on the slider get outside of the div (I mean they “touch” the Request Information space) on the bottom. How could I fix that! Thanks!

Oops. I added overflow:hidden to the main-slideshow div ( ) I think that did the job.

Hi there,

Thank you for using our item and for sharing the solution. Have a great day.

Guys, This theme doesn’t work. First of all, the size was too big to install, and then it says it doesn’t have the style.css… ?

Here’s the error message I get: Installation du thème à partir du fichier : themeforest-6741738-universe-education-college-responsive-template Décompression de l’archive de l’extension…

Installation du thème…

L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Il manque le fichier style.css à ce thème.

L’installation du thème a échoué.

Please fix this quickly

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in our item. Please make sure you are trying to install a WordPress theme and not a static HTML version, for what I see it seems you are trying to install Universe – Education College Responsive Template instead Universe – Education Responsive WordPress Theme Have a nice day.

Hi Esmet,

I already sent you a mail. But still i didn’t receive any response from you. I need configure my contact page with google map. Please send me PHP file for Contact to as soon as you possible.

Thank you.

Answered in your previous message.

Hi guys! Can you help me a little bit? How can I change that text (“Welcome to Universe Premium Template ….......”) wich is in the mainpage under the home slides.

Thank you :)

Hi there,

Thank you for your contact, please use the ThemeForest account you used when purchasing your item. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Hi I bought this theme and i can not install it in wordpress.Threw the method of uploading file. What should i do?

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in our item. Make sure to buy the WordPress version instead the static html template. Have a nice day,

Aaaa okay i bought the template not the theme…What can i do with the template.?I need the theme.I do not know how to use the template.Could you explain me how to use the template in my wordpress. And could you tell me if i can upgrade for the theme. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for updating it. The html template can be used to create a static website, if you need a dynamic website you should buy the WordPress version so you can install the theme and create your WordPress website. Have a nice day.

Hi, could you make available a PDF version of this template? I need to show it to prospective clients as a print-out, and if they like it, I will buy the template. Does that sound doable?

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in our item. Regarding your question we don’t have screens of the template in PDF format, however you are able to do that using a tool to take screenshots of the template, we recommend this tool ‘Awesome Screenshot’ google for it and install the Chrome extension, after that you can take screenshots of the desired pages save them to your computer and convert it to PDF format using some specific software for that. Have a nice day.

I have been using this particular template for the past year and just want to say again that this has been a great template. Is there a way to randomize the images that show in the image slider on the home page? Thanks!

Hi there,

Thank you for updating it and for your words about our template. Regarding your question, you can randomize the slider order browsing to your_template_folder/js and opening the file custom.js there locate the flexslider initialization and add this to the list of settings: randomize: true, Hope it helps, have a nice day.

That worked perfectly. Thank you!

Glad it works! Have a great weekend!

In IOS, slider arrows and text do not appear.

Hi mutluturkoglu,

Thank you for using our item. Regarding your question could you please show us your website URL so we can perform some tests and provide you with a detailed solution? Have a nice day.

Hi good morning, I have a problem with google maps script, at first everything went well but when loading a web server xampp throws me this error:

Hi there,

Thank you for using our item. Regarding your question it seems to be related to new google map API key. Please proceed this way:

1 – Get a google map API key following these instructions: (
2 – Browse to your template_folder/ and open your html file where you show your google map.
3 – In the bottom of the page locate the google map initialization code, where it reads

script.src = '' +

Change it to:

script.src = '';

Save your file and test it again.

sorry, i cant install this me

in my file only child thems

Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch. It seems you need the wordpress version and you bought the static html version, you find the wordpress version here: Have a nice day.

Hi, the Courses list is missing from the file i downloaded

Hi there,

Thank you for using our item. Please provide us with more info regarding your question. Which course list are you talking about? For a more detailed assistance, please don’t forget to open a ticket at our Support Forum we are always ready to help. Have a nice day.