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Holle, i tried to buy this theme but i realized my country (Ghana) is not among the list. please provide me a way of buying this theme. I have visa classic thanks

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in our item. Regarding your question please contact Envato Support and ask them for a better route to purchase our theme. Have a nice day.

Where is this step-by-step HTML documentation please? I would like some guidance on how to implement the slider on the homepage etc. but cannot find a link anywhere.

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Thank you for using our item. From your Theme Forest download page make sure to download the entire package instead just the theme files once you have downloaded the complete package, unzip it and look for the folder Universe Manual click the index.html file and follow its steps. Hope it helps, feel free to get in touch if you need further assistance, also don’t forget to refer to our Support Forum in order to receive complete and detailed assistance. Have a nice day.

Hello. I’ve updated the coordinates for the Google Map on the contact page, but it doesn’t respond. It still shows the default location at Salvador.

Any idea of what could be happening?

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Thank you for using our item. In order to provide you with a detailed solution about this issue please provide us with your WordPress Dashboad login credentials in our Support Forum and we’ll take a closer look at your backend. Have a nice day!


Can you help me in extend slider to full width of the home page?


Hi there,

Your ticket is now replied, please take a look at our Support Forum. Have a nice day.

Hi, could you update this theme to PHP7? I posted a ticket too (sorry for disturbing!)

The next update will make it easier too. Universe has a bit of time online we plan to add new features and make more options for future updates, we give thanks to you for bringing this to our attention. Have a nice day.

You are welcome :-)

Thanks =D

Renewed my support in hopes that the author would respond to a support ticket. So far it’s been 3 days and nothing….. If you are listening, I have a support ticket that addresses the social media links for instagram not working. They simply don’t show up. Support ticket 511. Thank you.

Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch. Our support stays closed in weekends, all the tickets are replied from monday following the queue. We will reply you in the next minutes. Sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused. Have a nice day.

Thank you very much.

Your ticket is now replied, please check our Support Forum. Have a nice day.

I am waiting for your replay on my ticket #652 Photo Gallery Issue since last FOUR days. kindly replay soon

Hi there,

Thank you for using our item and sorry for the delayed reply due the weekend. Regarding your question it is now replied, please check it in our Support Forum Have a nice day.


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Hi, I would like to have an answer to my ticket number #720 on your platform since 5 days ! Thank you

Hi there,

Thank you for using our item. Your ticket is now replied, please take a look. Have a nice day.

Very disappointed with the support… we submitted tickets some days still no response.. issue is the drop down filter on the courses page does not return the right results, rather return all information on all categories, which Ideally should be returning specifics results.

Thank you for using our item and sorry for the delayed reply. We were under holidays last days, now we are back to our normal routine. Your ticket is now replied at: https://esmeth.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/tickets/784 Hope it helps, have a nice day.

In the Universe demo (here: http://preview.themeforest.net/item/universe-education-responsive-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/7145660?_ga=2.242715652.74447798.1503134501-2032266463.1501056610), I noticed the image is not responsive. Is it ok if I change main.css .blog-post-image img, adding height:auto?

(check for example Home > What you have to know about MBA in the demo)


Thank you for using our item. Regarding your request you can try this quick fix at WordPress > Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS:

.wp-caption, .hentry img {
height: auto;

Save the options and test your website again. Have a nice day

The other one worked fine, but I will try your suggestion too, thanks

Just a feedback for you, NOT a support request: in the Universe theme, if you visit the single Event page using a mobile device, the theme creates a large white space under the featured image, so that you must scroll a lot, until you finally find the content. This can be observed in the demo too

Wait, this creates another issue: the image, even right-sized, stretches and it positions in a very strange way when you reduce the available space. Two minutes and I post three screenshots


I’ve checked your screenshots. Could you please proceed to our Support Forum? So we can deal with your request in more timely and proper way. Have a nice day.

This is NOT a support post, simply feedback for you: when you make a search, you get results. Results are rectangles representing posts and pages. Problem is posts have a black title containing the relative category name, while pages, having no category, display in the top left corner a black rectangle with no text inside. Maybe this should be removed.

Another thing I noticed in the same area is what happens when you totally close comments to a post: it displays a nonsense english sentence starting with “With” near the post date (I don’t remember the sentence because I found a way to totally remove the entire sentence by commenting it out in PHP, leaving only the date)

I found the nonsense sentence because it’s not only in the search.php I edited (but you can still see it when you click the author name to see all his posts): the sentence is “With Comments are closed”


Thank you for your feedbacks. Since Universe is a very simple theme it is very easy to customize it to suit any needs, just a few seconds in the index.php, search.php, category.php and tag.php and everything can be solved easily. For more detailed support you can always open up a ticket at our Support Forum and we’ll be more than glad in providing you with more assistance. Have a nice day.


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This is true but I must keep track of any change I did, this creates potential issues when I update the theme