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do you have mega menu? if not, it will be great if you add it, thanks :)

Hi. Thank you for idea:)

Hi guys ThemeStarz! :) When will be Wordpress theme?

Hi, WP will not be available in the near future

I am interested in purchasing this template but first wanted to know if it will be updated with the latest Bootstrap and/or datatables?

Hi, we have updated bootstrap

Awesome!!! Definitely will be purchasing soon.

Hi, I want to activate News letter input box. Please help me on this.

Hi, if you want collect emails from news letter, you need to create script for that. Unfortunately this is out of scope of our support.

Hey, how do i activate the slider-form.php to send mails?

Hi, it is working. You need to enter correct setting of your email server provider. Check the documentation about SMTP server in your admin area.

When are you planning to create the WordPress version of this theme?

Hi, we are planning but not at this time

I have purchased this theme and trying to download it, but download speed is very slow for this theme. So download goes failure 2-3 times.

On other hand, when I am downloading data from other websites, it download at a good speed.

Could you please provide some alternate link to download files with resume support or greater session timeout.

Hi, can you try to download it again? This should be a problem with Envato server.

Can I use this for RTL site?

HI. RTL is not supported by this template, but you can try to use this

Does this theme have an ecommerce option? Or can I install woocommerce or an ecommerce plugin into it?

Hi, as this is an HTML template, it doesn’t have any WP functionality.

Dear all customers, Universo WordPress version is ready here :

Thanks all.

Kind Regards, OceanThemes

Hello, I put my logo, but over it there is a color filter. how to remove it?

Hi, unfortunately I can’t see your purchase flag

hello,How do i change the number of posts per page on the course list page? To show more than 6 courses at a time

This is HTML template so you need to just copy and paste the HTML code.

isnt there any new update to work with ie8

Hi. IE8 is too old and it’s not supported anymore

Just purchased and its great so far.

Thank you!


Can you please tell me how to make the logo to have normal, bigger dimensions and centered position please ??

I want the logo the fill most of the available white space…

I have sent an e-mail to about this already.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I have sent you an email.

Hi. I would like to know if there is a good plugin or tips to make the theme loads faster.​

Could you recommend​ some that work well with this theme? Thank you for all help.

Hi, as this a static HTML template and not a theme, there are no plugins compatible.

I am interested in the theme. Presale question: why should registered visitor should register again and again when click the join button?

Hi, it’s because this is only a static HTML template without any functionality. The only dynamic scripts are for the map.

I am interested in this theme but for me very important parameter will be feature SEO optimization. I’ve tested demo site with google page speed and it has very low grades. Could you please explain me about this moment? Thanks.

Hi, this is quite an old template and we are not supporting it anymore.

is it support to as backend work?

Hi, this template does not support