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Hi there. I’m trying to help a friend who purchased this theme. Even after setting wordpress site url and options to https, get_template_directory() returns http. I’m positive this is a theme issue. When I change to 2019 or another wordpress theme https loads correctly. Can you please let me know how to correct this?

Thanks in advance


We’ll add a fix to this issue in the next update. In the meanwhile you can use this plugin, it should fix the issue temporarily.



How can i have this with your template on my website

http://codesymbol.com/themes/uno/light/landing/striped-pages/ and http://codesymbol.com/themes/uno/light/

? Thanks


Please follow the steps shown in the documentation on how to import the demo content to look just like our website.


it is possible to add a portfolio with grid gallery format project?


Do you mean like this layout?


CREATE want projects with these characteristics http://codesymbol.com/themes/uno/light/galleries/grid-title/

Have you checked the documentation? It shows how can you build this layout easily.

Hi In my website Image is not open . The error is This image could not be loaded .


and Second thing in contact page Map is not display .

wordpress admin details : u : concord p : )6b@&)#K4a&uJ#


- This is how you should add images/videos into gallery. It’s explained well in the documentation. Remove any image from gallery that didn’t have a link assigned to it then add it again with its link.

- Please send us your website login info via our profile.


The menu is giving me issues on mobile in Safari and Chrome. When I click GALLERY, it opens up it’s subcatagories, but I’m unable to scroll down and see some of the subnavigation links.


I just updated my domain name—it’s now http://trinaharrisphotography.com/


This issue was fixed after version 1.3.6. You need to update the theme to the latest version. Here’s how to do it.


Hi there. I’m trying to build a website but I keep getting this line of text above my main gallery on the home page: “Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /home/kaiadalb/public_html/wp-content/themes/uno/includes/cs-others.php on line 80”

How do I fix this issue? Thanks in advance!


All of the galleries seem to have the same error

http://kaiadalbora.com/ is the link to one of the galleries. It should be visible!

Other galleries are: http://kaiadalbora.com/index.php/galleries/music/ http://kaiadalbora.com/index.php/galleries/people/ http://kaiadalbora.com/index.php/galleries/seattle-mariners/


Firstly, love the theme as does my client. It really is brilliant.

I’ve installed this theme onto http://markhewitson.photography however I’m having an issue where by all of the images when clicked are saying that the image doesn’t exist, i.e. the larger popup version.

Secondly how can I remove the Projects or similar part from the middle of a URL? We want a nice clean url such as http://markhewitson.photography/dog-portraits

Thanks Gareth


We are glad that you like it.

1- Update the theme to the latest version by downloading it again from your downloads tab, follow the documentation on how to update it properly.

2- Go to Settings > Permalinks, select “Post Name” as the active option, save changes.


can’t get vimeo video to display in side bar blog or in posts via video button- frustration is the word. i like the them and in the final stages of completing my site www.jamesnaderworkshops.co.uk the link to video not working in post here http://www.jamesnaderworkshops.co.uk/rtgertertetr/?preview_id=4764&preview_nonce=dcea59ffe0&post_format=standard&preview=true and video side bar widget here http://www.jamesnaderworkshops.co.uk/real-people-in-4-poses/

Go to Appearance > Widgets, add a video widget to the sidebar, the url should like this: https://vimeo.com/12970453


Hi. How do we change the name of this section from ‘ALBUMS’ to Panoramas?


We will only be using it for Panoramas and not albums. Thanks

cannot edit ‘albums’ here, only the title name. I want to change the Albums page title to Panoramas, so the URL above would be http://gcp.mammoth-hosting.com/galleries/panoramas/

Please check this link. Thanks.

Hello there,

I can not make the theme white. Theme settings do not open. Could you help me? Error image address http://tinytoesphotography.de/hata.JPG

Best regards


Could you please contact us through our contact form.



Could you help me with a Problem please?

A custom link i entered in the “Logo Link” field of the Striped Slides Landing Pagedosn’t work.

The link is ”http://slavaonufryk.com/portfolio/portrait”, but the Logo is redirectin to ”http://slavaonufryk.com”

You can see it here: http://slavaonufryk.com/

What could cause the Problem?



I m writing to you because I have a little problem with a project.

I made a project with some photos inside, but when I click them, they have no link to any page (the dont get full screen viewer).

This is the project:

http://thephestivalexperience.com/projects/music-wins/ How can I solve this?



You need to add a link to each image. As explained here and here.


Hello, where I can find the last update from 17.01.2016? I can’t find it. It was included in my support time.


Open your downloads page, redownload the theme, follow the steps explained in the documentation.


Hi! I’ve bought and implemented the theme and when I’m scrolling through an “about me” page the scroll bar jumps to do a full page scroll with every little scroll movement. Is there a way to stop this? So that you can have a smooth scroll like in the demo site?


Link: http://whoisplaid.com/about_us.html

Link: http://whoisplaid.com/about_us.html

You probably got confused about the theme and template types as you posted in the wrong item’s comment section.

Anyway, you need to update the template to the latest version as we’ve added a new scroller plugin with better features(like the one you are talking about).

Go to your downloads page, download the template, add your content the same way you did before, and that’s it.


You should see a link below item details, that let you download the template.


First of all, congratulations on successfully delivering wonderful theme.

I’ve just purchased the theme and installed it, imported sample data on my site and I have a question. I set slideshow-normal-nav as front page and it worked perfectly. However the site’s url is http://www.example.com/galleries/slideshow-normal-nav/ instead of http://www.example.com/. I just want url of front page having no extra parts (galleries/slideshow-normal-nav/).

How should I do to get this?


Thanks :)

- Both http://www.example.com/ and http://www.example.com/galleries/slideshow-normal-nav/ point for the same page, it happens because of WordPress filters.


Another question:

I want the contact site in style: “Medium”. If I drop the medium stlye, the formatting from the boxes is away. Please look at the pic: http://www.sandra-schuermans.de/1.jpg

What’s wrong?

1- Use “CONTACT” page style.
2- add your map address.
3- Edit the contact form as explained here.

You can find the code from this link. Follow the steps explained in the first comment.

Please look here:

http://www.sandra-schuermans.de/1.png http://www.sandra-schuermans.de/2.png

It does not function.

Yes, send us your WordPress login info through our profile page and we’ll do it for you.

Many thanks! But now where the infos like name, mail, number, ... over the boxes and not inside. Can you do this too please? So like here http://codesymbol.com/themes/uno/light/contact-us-2/

For some reason I am unable to get my gallery page to work properly. The photos show up in the grid, but then if I go to preview and click on a photo in the gallery to make it larger it says, “Image could not be loaded.”

Could you please advise? If you’d like to look at my sample page (only a few photos in it) you can go to: http://www.sturmanpark.com/galleries/2000-sturman-parkway/

Thank you for your help!


Please check this link. This is explained very well in the documentation.



The arrow icons are also not working on the home.


Did you edit your .htaccess file to change your website URL?

It seems that you need to add a header in your .htaccess file to allow including fonts from different URLs.

We checked you original website and it didn’t have that error.


Hi there

I would like to use your theme. http://codesymbol.com/themes/uno/dark/background-image/ Two pre-sale questions:

1) Is it possible to add a caption / image description in the “background image home page”? 2) Is it somehow possible to have the image set randomly with a plugin such as https://mer.vin/wordpress-random-image/ ? I don’t want a gallery, just one single background image that changes randomly…

Thanks in advance


1- No, that’s not possible.

2- You should use a slider, not a background image for the slideshow, and the images must be in order.


Pre-sales question: Can I have a smooth transition of images for this template instead of a still background image? http://codesymbol.com/themes/uno/light/background-image/

I saw this website in this forum. I would like something like this too. What are the steps to accomplish this? Thank you ! http://danielmoeller.eu/


Yes, you can use a slideshow like the one shown in the demo.



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