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I can’t figure out how to change the video background. I converted my video to mp4 and webm – I can view the video if I access it directly, but it’s not showing on the page itself. i also tried using a YouTube video with no success. I am changing the lines in the app.js file – are there any other instances I need to change?


Greetings and thanks for the purchase – as per your documentation, the item description page, the support tab on the description page and also my profile page, support is offered via the dedicated support center – here’s a link also for you:

However saying this, the call to the video is indeed in the app.js file yes, where it states to change the URL’s of your videos. I would ensure the path is correct and also note you need mp4, ogg and webm versions. You cannot use YouTube, just self hosted as youtube supplies wrapper in a player. If you have tested in the browser that your videos work, I can only suggest that your URL’s are incorrect if not displaying on the page.

if you have further questions please feel free to open a ticket.


Thanks Jonathan. I got it to work, it was just a small coding error on my part.

Schweet! Great to hear :)

I am trying to install this theme but I get error when installing:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Any idea how to install if it wont install the package?

Hi – it’s not a theme, it’s html. You should unzip your package and start with the documentation which explains many things. You simply upload to your server and this will not work in WordPress (as it’s not a theme).


Gotcha, thanks for quick reply. Also I noticed the skills area breaks in android chrome…also any way to change the icons for the skills to something other than the circles?

Hi again, could you please use the support center for support issues as outlined in your documentation as this area is purely for comments only.

Chances are you just need to adjust the media query min-width settings for your android phone in particular.

The circles are produced by the JS for skills – they only do circles but you can switch out the provided script for one of your own if that’s what you wish for sure.


Question: This requires newer browsers—what do older browsers see? Or is there a way to send older browsers to an old school page? Let me know as I’m ready to buy this theme. Love it!

Hi – and thanks for the question and compliment.

I’m not sure what you mean by old browsers however? As firefox, safari and chrome all automatically update pretty much every user will be on the latest version. The only concern is IE but IE currently is on version 11. We go back to IE9 as support for IE8 has been dropped by even Microsoft. Users on IE9 are catered for, users on IE10 were also part of auto updates to the browser and should be on 11. So to summarize, you should be fine.


I want the landing page before you get to the you click on demo I want this page –

That’s not for sale sorry just a basic HTML page with some images is all it is :)

Can I add video to the portfolio section?

Sure it’s a light box – just link to a vimeo or youtube video for when the image is clicked.

Next nice work.;

Thanks man – appreciate the kind comment!

Hi Jonathan,

I have been running into some issues with the comment form.

I spent almost 2 hours, researching and trying to figure out how to make the contact form work. The theme documentation mentioned simply to update the email address in a php form to get it working, bit it still isn’t working.

Also, I would like to customize the message once the form is completed, but I have not been able to yet. how can I do that?

Any thoughts on how to send an automatic email reply to those who leave comments on the page?


Hi – if you could go to and open a ticket we can provide better responses (with screen shots etc)

Hi Jonathan, nice them. Is it possible to remove all animations? Thanks in advance,

Sure it is they just use a class that you would remove – however just a note that this is not a theme (WordPress) but rather a html file.

Hope that helps


Hey there! I would like to know if it’s possible to delete the “portfolio” page and link totally. Is that hard to do?

Thanks in advance for the answer!

Hi – no it’s quite straight forward to accomplish as it’s modular in construction and well commented – just remove the link then remove the entire block of code.


Hey. First off, awesome template. I’m using it for my “online resume.”

Quick question:

I’m trying to modify the ‘My Skill’ area, as per the documentation, but when i change the value of the <input> class on the index, it does nothing.

am i changing it in the correct location or is there somewhere else i need to change it. I didn’t see anything related in the knob.js file.


Thanks for the prompt reply. I greased over their docs, but i’ll have to give it a little more thorough look over and file a ticket if need be.

Also, not sure if it matters too much, but it looks like there’s a random closing div on line 81 of the index.html (at least for the image version of the site) that looks like it closes nothing. there’s already a close for the header on line 83, so i’m not sure what the div on line 81 is doing.


oh that would not be great so I’ll take a look to check. Thanks so much for letting me know I greatly appreciate it ;) If indeed I find it’s extra I’ll throw in an update.


I can confirm that there is an extra closing div on line 81 – update going in the queue. For those already with the product it will not cause issues for you if you leave it but it’s best to remove if you wish! :)

Thanks again for reporting your find _celly – it’s great to have feedback in helping us to find any issues and get fixes out to everyone!


Thanks for the great template. It’s just what I was looking for.

I’d like to suggest a change to the template in a future edition. The bottom nav bar that has “Follow Me” and “Share This” is cool, but unfortunately not very noticeable. I frankly didn’t realize it was there until after I bought it and was editing the html. I think it would be useful to either change that to be a static bar that doesn’t require clicking the center icon to open or make it an option for people to choose whether to have it static or clickable. I just think for my site that if people saw at the bottom the icons rather than “Follow Me” and “Share This” that they might be more likely to click on it.

Just a thought. Thanks for your hard work.

Greetings and thanks for the purchase!

I am not sure we will replace it in this particular product, but I really do appreciate the feedback.

The reason for it not being open and sticky however is that on smaller sized screens you would obscure the majority of the content and wouldn’t work – hence the reasoning for us making it click to reveal. I hope that makes sense :)


That makes sense. Maybe consider having the “Follow Me” and “Share This” show up when you first land on the page rather than after you start to scroll down. It’s just that I’d like to emphasize social media and it’s a little hard to do that when it’s kind of hidden.

Thanks for the response.

You could certainly customize that in the template to always appear yourself actually. Just remove the Social Scroll from the app.js :)


Hi Jonathan,

great work & am interested in purchasing, but I have no idea how complex it is to customise. I have access to dreamweaver and photoshop (cs5.5) and have very limited experience (am a film editor). FWIW, I am fearless when it comes to computer challenges. Please advise on the steps necessary to customise. Thanks a lot for your time!


Hi – if you understand HTML then you would be able to customize with no issues. This is just a standard HTML5 template with js. Everything is commented for you to see what things are and where they belong.

Hi jonathan, One of the lighter theme, but in iphone 5s and nexus 5 the numbers going outside the skills circle..

Hi this is the comment area – please use the support center as outlined in your documentation when requesting support. We will be happy to help you in support – thank you!


Actually – hold the ticket, no need to as I found the issue :) I will be uploading a new package shortly and then all you need to do is replace the main.css file on your server and all should be fixed – hang in there! :)


It’s in the queue waiting for review and once live buyers should receive notification automatically from Envato.

Simply replace the main.css file inside the css folder on your server – I also took the opportunity to update the jquery.knob.js file to the latest version which is inside the js folder.

Thank you for reporting the display issue and hopefully this will fix everything!


Update Notice

Greetings all!

We have a quick update that is now available that fixes a display issue on iPhone 5 portrait mode for the skills area and the numbers to be centered correctly.

We also updated the jQuery.knob.js file.

Simply replace the main.css inside the css folder and also the jQuery.knob.js file inside the js folder.

Please be aware that if you made alterations to any of those files then you will lose those alterations. If you have not modified those files then you are free to replace :)

Many thanks!


H? Jonathan;

I wanted to buy this template but then i tried to see demo from my android phone it has many bugs on it and the following cases make me unsatisfied 1. When Scrolling down the the images and texts are flashing. 2. The images are not fitting perfectly to the screen as on pc. 3. There is no video background for mobile. Beside of those things its really userfriendly design, congratzz If you can fix these simple bugs, i will be happy to buy it.

Kind Regards Omer

Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately it’s impossible to test on every single device going. We create media queries for the most popular sizes. I’m sorry you feel unsatisfied, but it’s best that you found out this wasn’t the template for you before you buy.

Awesome design, great features, exactly what I needed and more. Thank you very much Jonathan!

It’s always great to hear that a product we create fulfills someone’s require,mets. It makes it all worthwhile so thank you for your comment, it means a great deal to us :)


Hi Jonathan,

I must say I love the design and functionality of the template however I’m not buying it at the moment because of only one colour scheme.

Do you have any plans on adding any more in the future? Not really keen on the blue that it’s right now (I’m colourblind and can’t be bothered to tinker with colours).



We have no plans sorry, as editing the colors is just a matter of altering a few lines of CSS in the style sheet.


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the prompt response!

I know that it’s simple, it’s just the fact that I’m no good at picking the correct gamut not being able to tell some colours apart :)

Seeing how most of other themes usually come in a variety of flavours I was hoping you’d be doing something similar too.

Thanks anyway!

Actually this is a html template not a theme which would have color pickers yes, but not usually in an html template.

Many thanks


Hi Jonathan,

this template is not working smoothly on Microsoft Edge browser, what can i do to resolve the smoothness


Can you please go to and open a ticket for support?