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Excellent work ! Looks nice. GLWS ! :)

Thanks CRTVMax – appreciate it!

Hey Andy, thanks so much for the comment man I appreciate it! :)

WOW right back at ya there shameerurdu – thx for the comment ;)

Awesome man ;)


thanks, appreciate it!

Great job mate! :)

thanks man! appreciate the kind comments!

Fine job! GLWS! :)

thanks! really means a lot!

That’s the resume to get the job! :)

thanks for the kind comments!

This is stupidly good! Really nice work!

State of the Art. :)

:) thanks man! appreciate the kind comments!

Awesome work Jonathan!

Hi. First of all two thumbs up for the great work ;) But there’s a bit of a problem with its responsiveness. Between the range of 1007px and 1170px in width, as far as I can remember, there’s an x-scroll for most elements. I noticed when I resized my browser window.

Sorry for my not-so-good English ;)

Hi there again :) Actually I’m not asking for support since I haven’t purchased this template yet. I just wanted to share with you the issue I faced when checking the live demo. The theme is responsive of course, I never denied it ;) I just wanted to say in that range some elements seemed to have X scroll. :)

Hi – they will it’s responsive and therefore you should check on the devices that have the break points – it’s not a fluid / liquid design but responsive.

Many thanks!


I see. Thanks for your time and answers :)

Love the template. :) I just have one question. I would like to have a regular horizontal navigation at the top. Is it easy to make that?

Hi – thanks for the kind comments. The menu is all CSS driven so if you are comfortable with editing and creating CSS then it should be no problem. :)

Hi there,

I just tried to install the theme but is get this error message:

“the package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Does anyone know the solution?

Hi – I just answered your ticket – this is not a theme, this is pure HTML and can’t be used on WordPress or any other CMS solution.


Just wanted to share some things I discovered working with this theme.

Noticed that the wow.js has some issues with touch screen devices, the entrances pause whenever a user is touching the screen. (I believe this is a limit of css animate not your theme)

Was wondering if you had considered turning off or limiting the “wow” on mobile. Was debating working on it, seems somewhat possible if you defined custom wow classes.

You have some overflow past the right edge at the last @media breakpoint. I changed it from 1024 to 1280 and it works better IMO.

There is also an issue with the portfolio boxes. If the description of the first item is longer it will force the second row’s 1st and 3rd item to be misaligned.

I was able to work around everything.
And I think its a great theme love the look and feel.

Thank You, Nathan

Greetings Nathan and thanks for the feedback. Let me try and go through everything for you.

You are correct re animations, iOS does not refresh ‘on-the-fly’ the DOM, only when it pauses, hence animations don’t know when to start until you stop scrolling. You could certainly add some JS that basically stops wow.js on a minimum screen size.

The overflow I don’t see on my devices, but, customizing the width settings is a simple edit. It’s set at 1024px as that’s the iOS platform default. And testing on the several versions of iPads here we don’t get the issue? Maybe it’s not an iPad in question?

If you place more text then this will indeed occur, you would want to add a min-height based on the height of your largest container to that particular class that is all. Obviously as the template creator I do not know how much content you will / will not add and no point me trying to guess :)

Really happy you have enjoyed the product Nathan if you have further questions please feel free to open a ticket at the support center which is listed in your documentation and I’ll drop a link here also:


hello, is this template also available for wordpress? Or is this ons still in progress?

Hi – no there are currently no plans for WP version (I don’t see where you are getting the info from with regard to us working on one?) as it’s a simple single page personal resume page.

Hope that answers the question for you!


Hello Jonathan,

I have a issue with the “follow me” buttons at te bottom (animated menu). I’m sure uses te right HTML href code, but on the live site, my twitter link and pinterest link look like this, and so they are not working

Please see my follow me buttons on

Hi – it looks like you have possibly extra spaces in your URL links – they get converted to the percentage signs etc in HTML as they are not recognized – I would make sure your URL’s are correctly formed.

Also please note that support is offered via the support center as per your documentation, the item page, the support tab and also my profile page – here’s a link if you have further questions so you can open a ticket:

Many thanks


hello, I bought this beautiful theme, but on my smartphone numbers in the circles that represent the skills are not centered but are shifted at random. Then the background (sea wave) of Section skill is not seen on smartphone. Still the quote does not end with the big quotes which starts. Last thing if I update the page and you are not home at the image appears to “learn more ’... could appear only if you are on the home when I update? For the rest, beautiful theme … congratulations

Hi – could you please open a ticket at and provide a link please and what smartphone you are referring to. We code for the most popular sizes, it could be the size you are referring to doesn’t have a media query for that particular screen size.