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vinayb Purchased

Hi, we are using a gallery page http://www.heartofcool.com/gallery/cool-guide-summer-livin/. The default gallery was having the arrows (controllers) over the image which was covering the photos so we relocated them using a custom cs.. But i want to find out if there are other layouts as well to showcase the gallery. Perhaps a simple gallery with left arrow controller on left and right on right with normal gallery pictures scrolling? Please suggest.

please contact on our support forum


vinayb Purchased

How can we add a Video slider or list to a page? also when i add a YouTube url to WYSWYG editor tool, the height of the youtube url looks so less. please suggest.

please start topic on our support forum

Can single posts be paginated? I added <!-nextpage-> to split a long post into multiple pages and wanted to ask if it’s possible to have the pagination styled like the themes (where the page numbers are outlined in square boxes). Adding <!-nextpage-> adds Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 etc…..

please contact on our support forum

Hello :) I wanted to follow up regarding the update. When can we expect it to be released for this theme? Thank you.

We are updated today

hello, I sent an email and haven’t received a reply yet. Can you please advise how I should get in contact with your team please?

Hi, can you please tell us your email subject? Thank you.

Hi, we just purchased your theme today. However once the zip is extracted in order to upload unpress-v2.8.2.zip it comes up with a security error message. Please advise asap. thanks

Please contact on our support forum https://favethemes.ticksy.com/

Page Composer seems to not be working with WordPress 4.5.1. I installed the latest theme update as well and still no luck. Any fix for this yet?

(My support has ended so I’m posting here – as I think this is still an important note for purchasers to see)

do you have unpress version 3.0 ?


allspy Purchased


I’ve just installed the template and ClamAV detected a virus on it.

Please update ASAP.


cxswatch Scanning /home/xxxxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/unpress:


ClamAV detected virus = [Win.Trojan.Agent-1396018]

-—SCAN SUMMARY -— Scanned directories: 73 Scanned files: 625 Ignored items: 4 Suspicious matches: 1 Viruses found: 1 Fingerprint matches: 0 Data scanned: 14.62 MB Scan time/item: 0.008 sec Scan time: 5.448 sec

May the virus will be on your server, or break you site security. We are checking this file, there is no virus.
Please contact us on our support fourm with website link and login, we will have a look


Chronon Purchased

Hi there, we have just had our host send us a virus notification on jquery.requestAnimationFrame.js: Win.Trojan.Agent-1396018 FOUND I see there was another comment 3 days ago with the same issue, please can you let me know what I should do? Thanks, Andrew

reinstall theme, clean your server, it is not theme issue, virus can attack in many ways. Always keep you WordPress, themes, plugins updated


I love this theme so much…lol

Is boxed layout possible? Is Unpress multisite compatible?


Is there anyway to remove the ”#” from the tags?

2. I need to know how to filter categories for the post slider & featured post Widget ?

Please ask on our support forum

I did but I do not get complete answers…please see my forum ticket. Because you only answered half of my question… again. I asked about on post AND sliders but you only gave a work-around for posts.

Hi there, first of all great theme! :)

Just a quick question, how would I go about just changing the overlay of the images on the Recent Blogs? I know you can change it through ‘UnPress Options’ ‘Styling’ ‘Website main colour’

But this changes the whole sites colours and I only wish to change the overlay colour on the image boxes. Please find images attached to help explain what colour I wish to change.


I didn’t know if there was a piece of code to change in the style.css?


please contact on our support forum, our support guy will provide you piece of CSS code

Hello I noticed that the responsive menu isn’t working on tablets or mobile devices. I checked others using the same theme and it’s the same issue. Is there an issue happening with the theme in general? Perhaps an upgrade issue?

Another great feature that you might consider adding in future upgrade is for the single posts without sidebars to simply be a centralized post – as oppose to what it is currently with the featured image on the right. Just one nice centralized post similar to http://www.mrporter.com/journal/the-woman-behind-the-brand/ms-margaret-howell/242 would be awesome.

Really all the features of Magzilla are great, but UNPRESS is so unique and clean in it’s a layout. If UNPRESS can get infused with Magzilla features, it would be the best of both worlds and worth paying extra for.

Hi, we are doing these updates

Hello :) just wondering – any idea when Unpress 4 update will be released? :) so looking forward to it


vinayb Purchased

is there any photo masonry gallery available for pages? I know that there is a photo gallery section in the theme but that has a specific style of showing pictures. are their other styles as well showing pics like thumbnail gallery or something?


vinayb Purchased

if not, any gallery plugin you would like to recommend?

Hi, it is not include but we will keep in mind to add in future update

Hi is the theme compatible with the new wordpress upgrade – 4.5.2 ?


The latest update contains virus

we are checking

Yes. This file: wp-content/themes/unpress/js/jquery.requestAnimationFrame.js

Hi we scanned all our files and no virus or malware founded on our theme. You can check here https://monosnap.com/file/ECqjsWKaLgwROuQOMecMSUjAP39ujR Thank you.


After new update, my website is not working properly on mobile. All posts are different when using mobile phone. I’ve tried on 3 different phones and sam error occurs. Could you check it out, please?

See attached image. https://postimg.org/image/ijigfpko1/

If your support license expired then you have to renew. It is Envato policy

Do I have to buy another license to fix a bug after updating theme?

Updating is different thing. You got 6 months free support which is expired so now you need to buy support license for 6 or 12 more months

Is it possible to show 4 posts instead of 3 in the menu bars?

Hi, if you will show posts + submneu then post will be three but if you will show only posts then it will be 4

Hi there, how can i embed specific post/posts in a page using PAGE COMPOSER or normal template?

Please ask technical questions on our support forum


I have few pre-purchase questions: is there a possibility to use own company’s font and colours? is there a possibility to division of articles into categories? whether the user has the opportunity to comment post without registration? whether the user has the ability to share content through social media? whether the articles could be displayed in two versions: in the form of grid and list? is the homepage include a slider of promoted articles? Thank you for your answer! K.


1. Yeah you can use own fonts and colours

2. Yeah it is possible

3. User can post comment with email, email is required

4. Yeah, user can share on facebook, twitter, pineterest, google plus etc

5. List version not available

6. You can show select posts in homepage slider or from specific category

hello, I just want to tell you that I can not uploaded unpress theme to wordpress site http://prnt.sc/c2pjin Perhaps you will answer thank you

Please open ticket on our support forum with website link and admin login.


vinayb Purchased

is there a way to add a description of the menu item so that users see when they bring their mouse to the menu item? please see http://screencast.com/t/uGhuE7WMwvm

please ask technical questions on our support forum