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Dou you have any examples of other form fields, such as drop downs and file upload please?

Hello. Check the front-end submit page


Just bought this template. Can you take a look at the star ratings feature in safari, they don’t appear to be formatting correctly. At least in ipad air.

Also, I’m creating a secure user registration and login, how does rating system know if user logged in and enables the feature?

Thanks, Paul

Hello Paul. It seems to work just fine for me


Just bought this template. Can you take a look at the star ratings feature in safari, they don’t appear to be formatting correctly. At least in ipad air.

Also, I’m creating a secure user registration and login, how does rating system know if user logged in and enables the feature?

Thanks, Paul

Hi. Answered below.

Below where?

You posted more than one message with the same text, I answered you in one of those messages.

The star ratings works just fine for me on safari on OS X

I love the template. Do you have plans for updating it to Bootstrap 3?

Hello. No, sorry, I don’t see any real advantage of doing so, the theme would stay the same, only the code structure would change.

Hi, i like the theme, wanna buy it, but need some more functionality need to incorporate. i want to use this Theme as a web directory. so need ADD button where user can add links and share the links, Personalization page etc. i have some requirements please give a call this number +919177993322.

Hello, unfortunately I don’t have time for customization work right now, sorry.

Hi, Is it possible for you to upgrade this theme compatibility with bootstrap 3.x

Hi, I don’t have such plans right now, I don’t think its worth it, since in the end you get the same layout/product and the bootstrap 2.1 still does a great job.

Hi there, I’m wanting to find out how to set the carousel function (with the four images beneath the slider) to auto play through the featured properties? Can you let me know how i can set this in the css file. Thank you.

There are more options that can be used in flexslider, you can check them on the flexslider official website and use them in the js file

Okay, thanks so much. I will check it out.

You’re welcome

Hello, I have a small question. I noticed quite a strange problem when I look as if the template automatically refreshes the page I do not know what’s going on.

Hello. I can’t understand what you mean, can you please elaborate?


In the search-location.html file, when we click on a property, it highlights the corresponding marker on the map. But the title has no hyperlink to take me to that property.

How would I be able add this link? The demo here on theme forest shows a link. But the downloaded version has none.

Thank you.

Wonderful template by the way :)

Hi, in the HTML template there’s no link on the title, it’s only in the WordPress version demo, WordPress version has some “upgrades” compared to the html one

I could have sworn I saw it in some version… Anyways, I just managed to implemented it. Cheers :) and good sales

Great. Thanks :)

Hi! I would like to know if the layered PSD files come with download? Thanks and good sales!

Hi, no, but I can provide them upon purchase

Dear friend,

i want form like this like side by side label and from

please help me if you have styles ASAP little urgent


Hello, they need to be custom coded, it’s not available by default

I tried to install this in Wordpress, and got the message – “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Is there a simple fix for this?

I google the problem, and unzipped the zip file and put everything in the root directory. Now it can find the style.css, but “The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.”

I bought the html version, not the wordpress version…my mistake.

Hello, that’s correct.

how do i prevent the images on the home slider to stretch?

please help

It will resize the pictures only if they’re not in a wide format, if the format is good, it shouldn’t crop / stretch the images

in your demo the images inside the home slider do stretch, try changing the size of your browser window and see

That’s because the height is fixed to 275 pixels while the width auto-adjusts. The theme will show the whole image, as cropping it will most likely not be ok for most of the customers. By default there’s no other way, with the height being fixed.

Hi, I’m interested for extended version.

Can I integrate this theme into my script for sale on codecanyon/themeforest with extended version?


Hello, no, that’s not possible, sorry.

Thanks on info!

Hello, I bought your template and I like it very much. Let me know please if in the option for 16$ is some “search engine” included or I will not be able to use the search fields at all? I don’t use any cms or WP – I just work in html and I hoped to be able to use the search options but I can’t find any place to add the “products” categories :( Thanks!

Hello, no, there’s no search engine included, it would require a server-side programming language such as PHP, it’s not possible to achieve dynamic functionality with just HTML.. And this is just a HTML template

Thanks for your prompt answer

Hi I have two problems:

1. google maps that I would like to embed using iframe look bad 2. my site I ve created on this template does not show photos

Thanks in advance


Hello, I don’t understand what you mean, the photos show up just fine for me. As for the map, on that page it doesn’t show up good?

Hello, could you please look at and check why the map is not “working”. It doesn’t even open in Mozilla and in Google Chrome / IE I can see the map with cottages marked but it doesn’t work. I’ve limited the number of the properties as you recommended but it didn’t help. I’d really appreciate your advice for I spent many hours trying to solve this problem without any success. Thanks in advance! Barbara

Hi, sorry for the late reply, the map seems good now, did you fix it?


I have been reading through the comments in hope to find an answer to where can I find a static example page for entering a new listing but without luck. I came upon a comment where you point out to a, I quote, “front-end submit page” but I cannot find it in the zip i downloaded. Also in the description it says there are 21 example pages, I only got 12 .html pages Can you please help me

Thank you, Martin

Hello. That “front-end” submission page is for the WordPress version, the template(HTML version) you purchased requires you to create a new .html file for each listing you will need to create. You can copy-paste the code from property.html and modify its code with your listing details

Please Please help, i want to put site online ASAP. it seem very hard to reach you

Answered above ^

I purchased wordpress theme ( Unreal Estate ) but it seems lot of work need to be done. we are purchased it to put site online quickly but there is lot of restriction ????

1. first search is not working properly even it is not working on your demo site

2. i need “Sold” option. when i select “Property Sold” it show “New construction” why ?

3. i also want “Sold” tag on image like “Fore Sale / Fore Rent” at corner

4. i want to put rate (star) my self only. how to do it?

5. need to change every where bedrooms to “City” and bathrooms to “Industry”. how to change it ??

Hello. You purchased the HTML template and not the WordPress theme. The WordPress theme is here

Most of the issues are related to that, the template is not dynamic, like all the HTML templates, they require coding knowledge in order to customize it and make it an actual working website. For each new page you need to create the .html file attached to it