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Very nice! Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Looks really awesome. Nice work!

Thank you Flinzar!

is possible to place language Portuguese br?

This is a HTML template, it’s static, if you want it to work as a dynamic website, you’ll need to code it in CMS

Wordpress version? When is that coming out?

June – July

is not possible for visitors to place ads homes?

I used google translator

This is a HTML template, not a dynamic version.

Is the search/filter system not an actual working version?

Really nice design.

This is a HTML template, not a dynamic version.

Why didn’t you make it a dynamic version?

I will, in July, I’ll make it WP

Good template!
Good luck ! :)

Thank you!

Nice template. Liked it. Congrats.

Nice work ;) GLWS

Thank you!

Good stuff. Congrats!

Agree with above – I would purchase the WP version! Very nice.

Thank you! WP Version coming up in July :)

Awesome. I like your design.

Thank you!

For real,.. Im buying the wordpress version!!

Glad you like it :) Wp version coming soon.

Awesome design.

I’m making an evaluation if this template covers my needs and I would like to see possibilities for columns, grids and available icons… every option for sections customising…


This theme uses the bootstrap framework, you can use any number of columns you want

Wanderfull Template ! Bookmarked!

can you show one more option of head styling with google map and markers ?


all the options are already presented on the demo.

Could you PLEASSSSEEEE make this wordpress compatible. This is the best Real Estate Template I’ve found but I need it for wordpress.

yes, soon.

Nice work! Good luck.

will buy wp version, any update on estimate or june-july still good?

sorry, it got a little bit mixed up due to some other issues I had so it’ll be postponed by a few weeks, sorry.

hi. i’m waiting for the wordpress version!!!! is it ready?:)

not yet, sorry, I need to finish a one-page theme before working on the wp version of this. :) But I’ll do it ASAP :)

Hello, was wondering if you had an updated eta for the WordPress version of this. Thanks in advance.

No update right now, will be released somewhere in July or August..