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I purchased this theme and I’m generally very pleased, but I noticed a couple small rendering issues with the current version of Chrome (v 21.0.1180.79). It appears that some of the div elements aren’t aligning properly and there’s a couple of pixels offset where the content area edges should all be flush. This occurs in Chrome with all 4 of the pre-designed color schemes right out of the distribution download. The first rendering issue is on the right side, where the header div meets the content div. Then there’s a similar issue on the left side which appears to be a misalignment with the main-back.jpg image and one of the html page elements. It is rendering fine in IE9 and Firefox 14.0.1. I think it will make more sense if you could just take a look using the current version of Chrome and hopefully suggest a solution. I started poking around in the CSS file but that’s really not my strength, which is why I buy templates. :-) Thanks!

I managed to resolve the pixel misalignment issue by opening the Main-Back.psd layered Photoshop file, and moving the layers “Container” and “Blue Sky copy” each 1 pixel to the right.

I should have also mentioned in my previous post about adjusting the background image by 1 pixel for Chrome, that this must be applied ONLY for Chrome browsers otherwise, it will then be off for IE, Firefox, etc. So, I used a CSS hack to apply the modified image just for Chrome:

@media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) { .wrapper { width: 100%; margin: 3px auto 0; background: url(../images/main-back2.jpg) no-repeat center top; } }

It’s not ideal, at least the page will render correctly for the majority of the browsers.

Wow, great work! Thanks for the debug :)

I’ll get that fix added to the theme so that others can benefit!

I downloaded the September 6 update but it looks like the px mis-alignments are not yet fixed for Chrome. Any update on whether this can/will be corrected? It’s the only thing keeping me from providing a 5-star rating on this theme (it’s still worth of at least 4 stars). :-) Thanks.

This is my first theme outside of wordpress themes. Is there somewhere you can point me for simple instructions? (I was a Marine for 15 years, the simpler the better).

Hi! Very nice work! I would like to know if this template can be easly translate to rtl language.. And if I can change font that can be compatible to rtl language like Hebrew. Wish you the best and good luck.

Hi, the preview is not working.

I receive this message;

Phil Morrow Freelance web designer at HappyKite Media, theme developer at PixelBuffet.

Pòease fix it :-)

thank you!

Oops! Good point, I’ll get that fixed right away!!

Hi there, I have purchased this item but the web form doesn’t work, can you please help me?

thank you

Hi :)

Unfortunately, this is only a flat HTML theme – I have not provided a working web form, as there are so many ways that people could set one up.

If you’re unsure how to do this, and are looking for an email sign up form then I would suggest using a tool like Aweber. If you’re looking for something more complex, then please contact me through my profile page and I’ll do my best to help you.

hi thank you for your response, I do not need a complex thing I need just something that collects name, surname, email and phone and send it to us, In the past I have bought pages with php mailer, it is enough. have you got something ready yet?

hi thank you for your promt response!!!

Hello… The demo is not working. Can u plz post working demo link.

Working on it, been migrating hosts – sorry!

Hi, I really like the plugin, but before i buy it, please tell me if it is possible to add a e.g. youtube video in center to be played and some text above? Thank you, Kenn

Hi there,

With a little bit of HTML/JS knowledge then it is quite easy – and something that previous buyers have done (to great effect) :)

Newbie question…

How do I install this theme?

I kind of thought there would be a zip file to upload, but I don’t suspect I would upload the psd files which are part of the zip so I’m confused.


I would like to buy this but have never used a landing page. My question:

I want this to be my website. Do I need a theme as well, or does this work in place of that?

Nice work!:);

Any plans on making this landing page Mobile Friendly??