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Amazing Template. Good luck with the sales :)

Thank you! :)

great work, i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you for the compliment and wishes! :)

Congratulations! Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thanks! :)

Nice template! :-)

Thx! :)

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thanks! :)

Congratulations! Amazing Work :)

Thanks! We really enjoy it too :)

Hi. We purchased your template yesterday but notice that the site and LIVE preview fail to load in Safari – works fine in Chrome and FireFox. Can you please look into this. Spinner seems to just hang. Alternatively, we may need to request a refund? Thanks for your help.

Hi! Once again sorry for the inconvenience.

While we are updating template on the marketplace, you can download http://static.pixum.co/up-real-estate-html/js/main.js , where this problem was fixed.

Best regards,

Pixum Team

Great work! Thanks again for sorting quickly. Appreciated.

We are happy when our customers are satisfied.

Also, you can make us even more happy with 5-star review :)

Good job!) Really functional template, more than many others!

Thank you for the feedback! :)

FAQ page is not available?

Sorry, on the demo it’s linked with the mistake. Sure we have FAQ page http://static.pixum.co/up-real-estate-html/auxiliary-faq.html

Hi. I’ve tried your online support, but after sending there is no confirmation of message sent, so I’ll try here too. Sorry to double up the request if you did receive it… Here is my support request:

Hi. Great template!

I have one problem only. Can you give some explanation on which script is driving the lightbox as clicking on an image in the gallery does not open the image in a pop-up. Is there a script reference I need to include? I notice that it’s not working on your demo site either. Am I missing something? Otherwise, great template – I’m very impressed. Your assistance here would be very helpful to me.

My best,


Hi Pixum. Any news on a lightbox for the photo gallery pages? Thanks in advance for your work on this feature.

Hello, jonpike.

We added the fancy box to our template. We need few days to approve on Envato Market. If you want to receive them “right here and right now” – please contact us via direct messages.

With best regards

Pixum support team

Thanks so much! I’ll wait for the release on Envato. Much appreciated. —-Again, great template!

Hello, for your solutions for startup theme that you released a couple of years ago, I am getting the following popup when accessing through IE.

The server startup.wp.irishmiss.com is asking for your user name and password. The server reports that it is from rutorrent. Please help!

Thanks, Ryan

I have bought this template and would like to buy again but when i click support link the page is not there. Will the support show up if i renew my support? Also on this template on the Gallery 4-column full on an ifphone when you tap the picture an overlay is supposed to display to let you follow the link. It doesn’t work on iphone, on your preview template or on the template files i have.