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Hello, the theme provides a pop-up to the addition of product in the cart as in Zensation theme? I want to buy this beatiful theme but I need this feature, and I don’t see it in Live preview… sorry for my english…

Just bought

Great, just create a ticket or write to support@polcoder.com

New version is already approved on ThemeForest so you can download it anytime.

Best regards polcoder

Hello, I downloaded your Millennium last update but I don’t know how to update this theme in my Prestashop.

I can’t find Changelog file or .zip file to update… how can I update?

Please I’m lost! :/

In this case I recommend to reinstall whole theme. At first remove or rename the current one, and than do the installation of new version.

Hello again! I dont know why but now in mobile devices it cant show shopping cart and log user on right up side… why? Can u help me? My website is www.coolmety.com

Hello, Look like some modules are repositioned, anyway leave your back office credentials on polcoder.ticksy.com

Revolution Slider – Importing Demo Sliders In the instructions accompanying the installation file it is written that I can import the demo file sliders. Where are they?


If you need a demo file please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com

Best regards polcoder

Good evening. It is compatible with version Supports pt-BR language? Blog and Slider included in the price U$ 60? Thank you.

More detail … not rollover on the homepage, which can be?

Hello, please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com

Ok.. Thanks ;)

hello. When listing products in a category CSS pagination looks weird in Safari 9.0. thanks. https://copy.com/89VNl38iJc6C1GCf

Hello, indeed, didn’t notice that before, thanks! I will make an upgrade and fix it.

Does work with

Hi, Yes it does, there were no big changes in this version of prestashop.

Hi, I sent a support request yesterday but no response. I have installed this theme after attempting to follow the instructions (which seem very out of date) and all I can see is “Featured Products” listed three times in the top left of the page. I know someone else has experienced this problem also, but there is no mention of how this was resolved. It would be great to know how I can fix this and make the theme display correctly. Many thanks!


Sorry fot late reply, I was out for last days. Make sure that modle Overriding default brehaviors is installed and enabled + clear prestahop cache. If it does not help go to your ftp and remove file /cache/class_index.php That should solve your problem.

Best, polcoder

Hi, thanks for the suggestion, but this didn’t change anything, it’s exactly the same.

I see, let’s continue on ticksy, I will help.

Hi, i’ve got the 1.5 theme version of millenium running on PrestaShop, can i just update to prestashop to 1.6 with the theme still working good?


I’m affraid it will not work, you should get the new version HOWEVER lets wait few more days, we are almost done with quite important upgrade, till the end of this week we will release it.

Best, polcoder

Thanks! I’ll wait untill the next release then. Greetings

Hi polcoder,

i’ m upgrading my site from to I have a problem with product images rotation on homepage and category pages. It don’t work. On versione it works fine. What could be the problem ?

Best Regards


Write me at support@polcoder.com.

Best, polcoder


mindin Purchased

Hello, when I try to add a ticket I have this error : Sorry, that purchase code doesn’t seem to be valid. But it’s the good code i’m sure


I think there is some problem with envato API or ticksy so please write to support@polcoder.com

Best, polcoder

Hello guys, I am going to develop some sub modules for ph_simpleblog that you already cooperate with. Would you like some cooperation also with me?

Hello, I would like to check with you the following: 1/ does the theme has a menu for the configuration in prestashop’s admin ? 2/ is it possible to have square photos for the products ? is it something that can be adjusted somewhere ? 3/ the homepage can include other sections too – such as new arrivals and specials ? Thanks !

Hi, 1. If you wish to modify Millenium you have to do this directly in css files, there is not theme editor module. 2. You can use square images, to do that just change image size in Preferences -> Images 3. Sure, you can still hook other modules to displayHome. Best, polcoder


Is there an option to add review for the products?

Hi, yes, take a look at product page and PRODUCT COMMENTS tab.