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I think this is the most clean prestashop theme i have ever seen. congratulations and good luck with sales.

Thank you, I’m glad that you like it

Very nice indeed! I have som doubts before buying about some interesting feature that I’m looking for. Could you please help me?

-list/grid product available? -Add-to-cart button available in Featured Products at homepage? -Wishlist available? -Guest byer option? -More Social icons at home? -More social icons at product page (only Facebook??)? -pinterest icon availablle?

Thanks in advance and good work!!!

Hi Fernavrod, The idea was to make it as clean as possible so I decided to remove all Add to cart buttons and leave only at the product page. However if you need them than I can customize it for you, just let me know which module you wish to use with it. Wishlist, guest buyer option is on the board. Now – List view, more social icons in footer and social icons at product page (using customized Add this) will be done in next 48 hours and available as free update.

Hi polcoder!

These are good news!! I could imagine you where focused on “cleanning” the homepage, but Add-to-cart in Home could be very valuable in terms of conversion. Have you thought of a nice solution like in “Cleve” template, here in themforest? it’s clean until you hover over it! then, you can buy! Will it be possible to have this functionality (or similar)?

Sorry for my english: what does it men wish list and guest are ‘on the board’?

Fine if this new functionalities are comming in 48 hours! I will be waiting. I am you fan.

I’m new at prestashop, so, I have a question (more than one): if a buy your template and I add new modules, will they inheritage your theme properties? For example, a twitter feed at home page with an standar prestashop add-on.

Hi, I just finished so you can check now.

Add to cart buttons are at the same line now. They are in English but in BO you can translate to any defined language. Grid List view ready

I will upload update in a few minutes.

Great stuff!!! check-out the right side on the Featured Products carousel… seems like it is ovelapping the main line frame. At leat in Chrome…

Very nice!!!

Try to clear your browser cache becouse it was fixed and looks fine here.


Nice Template !

Do you plan to make it responsive ?

Hi Alcin, Yes it is on my “to do list” but I need some time, just need to finish some current work and then get back to template. In 3-4 weeks responsive update will be available.

Thank you for your answer !

Ups, I thought it was responsive…

how do you feel it is not? I have tested in Desktop, iPad and iPhone and it works properly…

Yeah, it is just optimized to display properly on all those devices

ups, I think you have just lost your photo in homepage…

Hi polcoder,

very nice work, I’m gonna buy it. Just one point. Waht should I do to have a blog inside my prestashop shop, with all you MILLENIUM theme? Could you recommend me an add-on to do so? If I build a Wordpress blog in a subdirectory, will it use your theme?

It’s important for SEO purpouses. Thanks again


There are a few addons from Prestashop to grab the WP content and show in PS (http://addons.prestashop.com). I also found a plugin for WP, it can “adopt” PS header, footer and a few other things so the WP looks similar.

BUT – none of the above has been tested and I am quite sure that some modifications will be needed.

We’re interested in buying this theme, but we need to see it being fixed for responsive units like iPad, iPhone and other smart products.

When can this be done?

Now it is optimised for those devices so it is properly displayed. In 3-4 weeks it will be redesigned for fully responsive and will be available here as free update.

Well, the problem is that we are going to modify the theme a bit. So we would like to start with a complete theme as possible. Thats why we need it to be responsive at the beginning before we start something.

Also, we would like to have add to cart buttons on every list to, is it possible to fix that? We’re interested in some sort of yellow add to cart button (se Asos.com for reference).

Best regards!

Hi polcoder, very nice work, is it possible to change the slider with a video (maybe embedded form youtube)? Thanks


Thanks for buying my theme.

There is no way to do this with a nivo slider, however this is a good idea so I will write a new module with AnythingSlider (http://goo.gl/1fKwq) so you will be able to put any content there.

I will upload it on monday, is it okay for you?

Best regards!


New update released – with video slider.


I have a question? Is it easy to change the menu color etc and I want to install the dutch language. Can i suse the module for ducht liek the standard template of prestashop. so yes i want to buy it. I


It’s very easy to change this color, of course I will help you, just pls contact me by email, it would be much easier for me & you: http://themeforest.net/user/polcoder

You can download Dutch translation from here: http://www.prestashop.com/en/translations

Its the same kind of translation like other built-in languages so whole store and modules will be okay.

Regards Marcin

Hi Polcoder!

Thank you very much for this great and clean theme. Just what I wanted!

I am installing the theme and I’ve seen two problems in it… I’m new to prestashop and my knowledge is limited …

One bug is that if I have not logged in and I click the empty cart at the top right on the page, the footer appears at the top (out of place)...

Another thing I see is that if I’m on “brands page”and language change, appears not found (I can’t change the language on this page …)

Testing the demo I see thats bugs also there, so I guess the issue is a bug and not misconfiguration on my part. It would be possible to fix this?

After I have some doubts…

  • It would be possible to put the language and currency in the top left, in the space for the permalinks?
  • In the footer I would put:

1. Cms Customer Services. 2. Links to my account. 3. Custom links 4. Module newsletter.

He understood that the modules can be placed anywhere in prestashop, but I get the impression that some options are disabled on this theme. It would be possible to re-enable these options?

Thank you very much in advance and sorry for my english…

Ok. Now the brands module works in both languages ??... The only thing that does’nt works is that you cannot change the language in brands section … Is it possible?

Update is sent and now it is currently processing, if you would like to have those files earlier than just email me.

Brands Module is working properly – in the demo site change language to PL (the last one) and than go to Brands module – you will see translated headers.

The language part in the link (/en/ etc.) is not showing becouse of limitation in original prestashop Top Horizontal Menu module, but it’s not a bug I think – the only way to see “page not found” is changing the language while being in this page. However I will think about some solution for it.

Is the responsive update almost out. This would be a great feature.

Hi khilam,

I’m working on it most time but it is a quite big thing, I need more time, give me max 2 weeks to finish it.

Hi, I just released the new update, theme is now responsive

Hi man, i’m French and I was looking for a nice theme all night, and yours looks like the cleanest and more professional one. and from all your responses to comments, you look like the more supportive author.. i hope i will be satisfied, and able to install and CUSTOMISE everything proper ! thanks for the good work, and be sure to hear from me if i got any problem (the main thing is translating everything to french, argh)

Hi monsidekick, of course if you will have any problems just let me know – use email form on themeforest. Now I need to go sleep, I had a car accident today, crashed my car and just need to rest for one day….

yep, thank, i’m installin it right now. Be SAFE

Hi, I was wondering if the theme is now responsive to mobile phones? Thanks.

Hi distar, responsive will be finally released on the next tuesday. Tomorrow I will finish it and than 2 days for beta testing.

Hi, I just released the new update, theme is now responsive

Your theme looks beautiful.

Thanks! Glad that you like it.


This theme looks great and I am interested to buy for my new shop launching next month. But I would like to know a few things before buying.

1. Can the grid view show 4 columns instead of 3 columns? 2. Can the links at the footer be grouped into columns? 3. Can the currency and language block moved to the top, same row with ‘log in’ and ‘cart’. 4. Can the product comments at the main page be changed to static banners instead? 5. Can you upload the loyalty points module in the demo?

Sorry for the long list of questions… Loooking forward to your response!


1. Wait for responsive, there will be more columns depending on screen width. 2 / 3 / 4. All of theese can be modified but this will be a paid job. 5. Okay, I will install this module with responsive upgrade.


Thanks for your reply. Can you also add the “Notify Me when Back In Stock” module in your next demo update?

Also, how much will be the paid job be?


Hi, I just released the new update, theme is now responsive

Hello, I can’t install this module “Polcoder AnythingSlider”.

I see this error:

[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module anythingslider: syntax error, unexpected T_EXIT

Hi, pls contact me by email.

Hi Polcoder,

I sent you e-mail but I don’t know if I still got the right address about the title size and order.

Thanks for your amazing theme and help !


Hello Maxbe, sorry for that, I got your msg, just missed it. I will reply you in a moment.

Hello I want to purchase this theme but:

I see its responsive 1200 grid. I dont want responsive i just want a fixed 960 grid or 980

is this possible


Contact me through themeforest contact form: http://themeforest.net/user/polcoder