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hello, im interested on buy that theme but I got a question, is possible that use only like catalog (just watch mines products)

Hi Renato12,

Just a small modification will be needed so when you install theme just let me know your FTP access, I will do it free of charge.

Best regards polcoder

Hi, my congratulations for the theme. One of the cleanest of all..

Some questions:

- How can I have horizontal menu like the demo? In horizontal menu module I can only find Homepage root items, I need to change the name as in your demo like Clothing, Seasons etc., still having subitems under those elements. - How can I edit the very last row in the footer, the one with the “Powered by Prestashop”?



Thanks for buying my theme and I’m glad you like it.

At first you need to create all categories you need. You can do that in Catalog->Categories. When the category structure will be ready than go to Modules and configure Top Horizontal Menu by adding categories you need (take a look: http://scr.hu/19nv/phr9s , http://scr.hu/19nv/h15m5).

Powered by prestashop is displayed by module called CMS Block. You can disable this txt there (http://scr.hu/19nv/9pmj4).

Thanks for the very quick reply!!!

Oh, there’s another question: in Top Horizontal Menu module, how can I rearrange my menu items?


Reply is in your previous post.

Thanks for the very quick reply!!!

Hi, how can I have this sidebar like yours in the category pages?


Its a module called Layered Navigation Block… but firstly you need to create attributes or features in Catalog -> Attributes / Catelog -> Features, than assign them to products and finally enable and configure Layered Navigation Block.

Ok, great. Now I need to disable the “Informations” block in the same area, so that only the Layered Navigation Block is shown. See the example here: http://www.york-nava.net/it/7-york

I need to disable the block that shows from “Informazioni” to the image of the computer. Thanks!

Hi there. After instalation theme, and all modules i got that error

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Product::getProductsImgs() in (...)/cache/smarty/compile/db/51/2a/db512ae7222bdc550b006b221ffbca29d20a45ed.file.blocknewproducts_mod.tpl.php on line 53

I installed it on version PrestaShop™


You need to upload JS and OVERRIDE folders and than clear the prestashop cache.

Ok. Thx

Hi, Thank you for this very cool theme. I’m on When i’m to adding a product as Accessories in Associations tab of the product, it doesn’t appear in the Front Office. When viewing a product the section Accessories is shown but empty, is there a way to fix this ?


Please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com Leave there your back office access.

Regards polcoder

First, congrats for ur theme, awesome. Today its out version 1,6 of prestashop, i´ve installed it, but the theme, its not working correctly, are u going to adapt it for this version? Thanks a lot.


Yep, I am working on that, I need a couple of days to include new 1.6 features.

Thanks for purchase!

Best regards polcoder

One question, how can i add a instagram link in socialblock?


Pre-sale question, after update to 1.6 version are you planning to integrate some blog extension???

Thank you


Yes, Millenium will get Blog and Revolution Slider same as my second theme – ZENsation.

I should finish in 2-3 days.

Hi, I want to know how to make the brands are 3 columns.


Thank you


Hi, This is a customized template, please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com, than I will be able to quote it.

Best regards polcoder

Hi there, do we got any news about version 1.6 ?

Hi, still working on it, most modules are ready but still some jobs left. All customers will be notified when the upgrade will be ready to download. Please be patient.

Ok, thx for feedback.

Hi, I have bought your great theme. But the language module doesn’t work fine (like on your test version). Have you an idea to change the code in order to make it work like on mobile device so as to have all languages visible on one line (no column and not moving) ? Because it works fine on mobile device. Thx in advance !


I am able to do this, just leave me a msg on polcoder.ticksy.com with your ftp and back office access. I need you to give me up to 72 hrs.

Best regards polcoder

Still no notices from 1.6 version? im waiting to install it. Thanks for ur hard work polcoder.

and here’s a small change in header (http://scr.hu/19nv/lzpur) many customers asked for this change becouse these language and currency selectors were too invisible in footer for their customers

So nice now, one question, can u add an instagram social icon in footer? Thanks a lot, and good work. i cant wait to see the final result, look awesome.

There is an instagram, tumblr and flickr – I just forgot to show them ;) I can’t wait too…

Hi! Love your theme! I have a question, is it compatible with the new version of prestashop(1.6)?


Hi, Its not, will be very very soon, almost finished.

I want to buy it but I’ll wait for the 1.6 version :) can’t wait!!

Hi Lothmar, be patient, its really almost done, here you can take a look: http://millenium16.polcoder.com/

Now I am fixing some last bugs (especially for iphone), it will be released very soon.

it will be released very soon…...ok but you mean days, a week or a month….?

It is released since last week, check item description ;) Now it is fully compatible with 1.6 however new functions like quick view will be implemeted a bit later (3-4 weeks). Demo (http://millenium16.polcoder.com) is actually on

Hi there, is polish lang also avalible in that theme ?

Hi, I don’t have a polish translation.

Hi polcoder, very nice theme, I would ask you something, it’s possible to disable the spin around effect on the images products? Thanks


Yes, however a small change in code will be needed. After you install theme just create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com with your ftp access, I will do this modification.

Regards polcoder

thanks, yes I think I’ll buy it.

Hi Polcoder, im installing the update in a new installation of prestashop Im having some troubles, first, Im triying to use social block, but when i put facebook and twitter url, send me an error, and doesnt appear in frontpage. Other error its with horizontal menu, i put the categories and subcategories, but the slider for subcategories doesnt work, subcategories appear like principal categories. Thanks for ur job.


Please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com with back office and ftp access – if you made the upgrade than probably most modules (files & folders) has wrong permissions, I will take a look on that.

Best regards polcoder

Ok, thanks, im thinking about that, cause more things are wrong functinally

Theme reinstalled via theme import/export module, all seems to work fine.

Best regards polcoder

Hi, I have bought your great theme. But the blocknewproducts_mod module doesn’t work (like on your test version). See please hier : http://acarell.com/ Have you an idea ?

Thanks in advance

Hmm, send me your back office access to polcoder.ticksy.com – I will take a look.

Hi, I just reinstalled theme with theme import / export module – all seems work fine now.

Great! Thank you very much.

Hi pocoder;

I have the same problem as: zangbeto Can you have a look at : http://modulact.com/index.php I execute all instructions but it didn’t work.

i only can see:

Produits phares Produits phares Produits phares

Can you help me?

Thanks for answering.


Hi, there are two possibilities. 1. Cache hasn’t been reloaded – turn it OFF in Advanced parameters -> Performance 2. Module with override is not installed – go to modules and make sure that module called: ‘Overriding default behaviors’ is installed.

Let me know if this was helpful.

Best regards polcoder

Thanks for the tips. I check cache. It’s ok. But i can’t find the module you are talking about. Is it a module in the theme? or is it a generical (prestashop)module? I’m working on french language. Have you the french name of this module?

Thanks a lot;


Please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com Leave your back office details there.

Best regards polcoder

Hi Polcoder,

i did upgrade to prestashop 1.6 (on my testserver) and i am not able to install your theme, i am getting error message “bad configuration file” all the time. maybe it is not working?

regards thomas

in the meantime i did another test installation, for me is now the question: how should the update process being done? i am having prestashop 1.5.4 installed and i want to upgrade to 1.6 and your 1.6 theme. what is the best: to do first your update and then the shop update? Also i wanted to ask you, if it is possible in prestashop 1.6 to have the default theme working also next to your theme? because i remember that some default modules had to be removed or disabled for the original ps 1.5 millenium theme installation.

fixed the update problems, just the question if it is possible to have the default theme next to yours working (at least in v1.6) is still interesting for me


I’m glad you figured out theme installation, especially I was out for whole day.

You can have two themes, but after you switch from one to another you will need to set up modules positions.

What kind of modules from default theme you would like to see in my theme? I will release an update in the end of next week so I could include them.

Regards polcoder