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Hi there,

I’ve got some problem with reduction coupon. I can’t add more than 2 reduction coupon on my cart. All my parameters are good but seems like there is a bug. Do you have any idea if it’s a bug from this theme or from my prestashop base?

Thanks a lot :)

Please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com Leave your back office details there so I can check where is the problem.

Best regards polcoder

Hi, i have installed the new theme but I can not see the revslider


You need to create a slider in a module and hook it in slider settings to the hook called: displayHome

Than your slider will be visible on your homepage. If you have any problem with that – I understand than this module need some time to get familiar with – than just write me an email from a contact form on my profile page, I will send you back the slider from my demo page, it will be usefull for you to get some knowlege about how it work and how to create a new one.

Best regards polcoder

.....I need to see your demo page….:-(

Hy ! Sorry for my english ! I have problem…. With blog. I have option in administration , all its ok.I have in Index page too read more etc… But when i click on read more, or when i want go in blog i have error page… I dont know why if you can help me ?


Thanks a lot ! and congratulation for this beautiful design!

Hello Fenyx33, I will need your back office access to take a look how did you attached your current blog and create a new link for theme blog module.

Just create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com or write me: support_at_polcoder.com

Hi, I installed now your updated theme on my 1.5.4 prestashop (where i had before the old one), my prestashop will stay with 1.5 for the next months, therefore i want to use your updated theme with p1.5 . I did find the following problems: 1. the manufacturer images are not showing up, it seems that the link to the images is wrong, the following is always there: “http://www.myDomain.com/img/m/6-manufacturers_zen.jpg” . The second is, that the language and currency is now removed from the footer, but is not showing up in the header (as it should be). Are these known bugs?


Please understand that I do not provide support via ThemeForest comments. You should use polcoder.ticksy.com, while creating a ticket let me know your back office and FTP details so I can check if update is correct.

Best regards polcoder

will be no problem for me to open a ticket on ticksy if you tell me where to find that code to open a ticket, because the description is wrong.

Go to your Downloads and take a look: http://scr.hu/19nv/crsmg

Hi polcoder, such a nice template.
I can´t print the product page – or any other – I´ve edited header.tpl inside theme´s folder changing

 {if isset($css_files)}
    {foreach from=$css_files key=css_uri item=media}
    <link href="{$css_uri}" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />    {/foreach}

media=”all” by media=”screen” .

And then adding my own print stylesheet

<link href="{$content_dir}themes/frisbury/css/print.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="print" />

, but to no avail… Could you point to me where can I specify print css in your theme?. Thank you


Hi Polcoder, I think for you a simple problem to solve but… On the onepagecheckout page, the link ´read terms of service´ doesn´t open a popup but loads into the browser…

Please help to solve this…

Thanks for this great theme!!!

Hi Polcoder, any ideas?? It’s also the case in your live preview…

Hello Yoni73,

Solution is ready, I just sent to ThemeForest an update, this is a big one and important. It is for prestashop 1.6

Best regards polcoder

Hello I want to buy your theme but I have a question. Is that I can change the width of theme? because it is a little too wide for me.

thank you

Hello, unfortunately there is no way to change the width without modifying files.

Is it complicate to change the width with modifying files, myself ? I really want to buy this theme.


It is :( unless you know how boostrap work.

Hi polcoder,

Any plans for magento version?


I’m affraid no plans for magento.

Best regards polcoder

Hi Polcoder,

I’m just new around and I’ve came up with a pair of issues: - when I open the theme preview on iPhone and Android OS, it doesn’t look like responsive theme, just smaller. - also in iPhone, iPad and Android OS, it doesn¡t add the products to the cart.

¿is this just because it’s a preview, or are these real problems? In case of being real problems, ¿are they solved in the actual theme?

Apart from this: Congrats for your awesome theme!

Hi Rosconet,

Are you sure you did check the http://millenium16.polcoder.com ? I just checked on both devices and works fine here – responsiveness and cart, weird…

Best regards polcoder


thank you so much! and thank you for your patience


Hi, I’ve installed the new version of millenium theme but I don’t know if I must pay to install the new revslider becouse I cannot to install it… :crying:

My prestashop version is


No you do not have to pay, it is included, please leave me your back office details on polcoder.ticksy.com, I’ll do the installation.

Regards polcoder

Hi polcoder after you 3.4 update, the whole website collapsed… I respected all the instructions indicated in your changelog file, but I cannot reinstall the modules because I also have an error message in the back office (Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘define’ (T_STRING) in /home/laureco/zc2f14/modules/revsliderprestashop/revprestashoploader.php on line 1 [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module revprestashoploader: syntax error, unexpected ‘define’ (T_STRING)

Could you please fix this asap?

Thank you!

replied to your ticket

Hi Polcoder,

I’ve tried to contact you through polcoder.ticksy.com but it said my purchase ticket is not valid.

Please advise how I reach you with my question.




Feel free to use a contact form from my profile page or just write to support@polcoder.com

Best regards polcoder

Hello, i just bought your ned theme but i have some troubles.

I’m with prestashop and when i tried to install your theme i always have the same message: Bad Configuration File, i just cannot do anything.

Could you find me the solution please?

Thanks you


It means that you try to install wrong file. At first you need to extract (unzip) file downloaded from themeforest, than go to documentation folder and you will find the right one.

Regards polcoder

Hello Polcoder I had purchased Millenium theme and it was working fine until I upgraded my version to preastashop 1.6. My theme is not workin at all and I cannot start installing from the beginning as I have worked pretty much on it . Is it compatible with 1.6? Please help . :( Best regards Karuna

Hi, I think it was not successful, but it showed that the ticket has been submitted. I have created again . http://polcoder.ticksy.com/ticket/245226 I think this is the ticket number.

Yep, now I got it… and btw – site works now ;)

Wonderful.. hehe,, Its working perfectly now !! Thankyou for the help. :) :) God bless you ! :D Best regards Karuna

Hello Polcoder, I did not manage to add a video into my post via Simple blog. I added the integration code in the required cell and then a link appeared in “Source” in the general settings of the video. I clicked on OK but the video does not appear.

Could you please help me?

In my revolution slider the video does not appear neither.


Please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com, leave there your back office details.

Regards polcoder

Hi Pol, first congratulations on the nice theme you’ve built :) I have problems viewing the category page, products are displayed in a single column:


Could you help me? Thanks ins advance


In your back office go to Advanced Parameters -> Performance and enable optimizers in CCC section.

Best regards polcoder

Problem solved, thanks!!

Hi, millenium product comes with two photos each but my store only has one picture per product, this makes a _? _ Out. How can I remove it? Also when you go to see any product photo is not extended, how can I fix that?

This is my web.. www.artezoco.es Thanks


Please send me your Back Office and FTP details on polcoder.ticksy.com I will disable the second image.

Regards polcoder

I forgot … When you’re on the page of any product does not work ‘add to my wish list’ and disappears when you click on the word ‘ampliar’ (expand) http://www.artezoco.es Thanks

Hello Polcoder,

I haven’t purchased this theme yet, but I was wondering if it was possible to change the product rectangles to squares, and also would it be possible to disable the mouse hover product spin?



Disabling the hoover effect is easy and I can do it free of charge. But square images need some customization, I can do it but it will be a paid job. If you would like to know the price than write me on support@polcoder.com

Best regards polcoder


I have tried to install the .zip file of your Millenium theme in a fresh install of PS but it is telling me that the “File to big”. Any advice?

Please ignore this comment. I should have read the documentation first. My apologies.

I’m from Brazil, I’m having a problem installing the product I bought. the sagitta mega store responsive prestashoptheme, I’m with this problem.

[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module revprestashoploader: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING

Already updated my PHP that was 5.2 to 5.4

I am trying to install all forms following the manual and I’m not having success. could help me?


You need to ask your theme author for help. Ask him for a newer revolution module version.

Regards polcoder