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Hello! Can you help me in email? It’s urgent! Pls!

Hello! What do you mean to help you in email?

I sent you an email yesterday…re-send now. Thank you

Hi, I can not make the slider narrower and some modules I can not translate them into Spanish such as cart and log in. I tested in translations but not changed. I also see that the image is low resolution slider, as I can change this? thanks

Hi, honestly I did not notice any problems with translations in this modules so if you want me to check this than send me FTP and Back Office access. About images, you need to check documentation once again, there is a section called Configuring modules and Setting images dimensions, do those steps, it solve your problem.

Hi Polcoder, I have this issue with your theme:

1) When I’m on the BRANDS PAGE and I change the language (block language), appears the error page 404;

Is possible to fix it? Thank you

Hi, yes this problem exists but due to very small inconvenience I did not change it, in fact customers changes language at the home page.


Congratulation, i just by the template. Is there any documentation how to manage it ?



Hi Jonathan, Sure it is, when you download a package from themeforest unpack it and go to documentation folder.


Could you tell me the version of HTML of this Theme?

I am willing to buy this theme but want to check the HTML version before make purchase. :)

Thank you in advance.


Hi, What do you mean by HTML version?

Hi!! I install the theme on my PrestaShop but don’t works correctly… Please could you take a look, I made something wrong?




There are two possibilities: 1. make sure you uploaded folders OVERRIDE and JS into the main folder of your store 2. if above is done than turn OFF caching so prestashop can use the newly uploaded files (you can turn it on later)

Best regards Marcin

Thanks a lot!!! All is correct now!!

Hi Marcin,

Thanks again for the great theme. Below the little problem I have, hope you can help.

Using the Color type attribuut with the layered navigation shows the colors for each colors very nicely in the filter. But, after I imported colors through a CSV file to be added as attributes, the color samples won’t show any more in the layered navigation filter, and now shows regular checkboxes with the color only described in text.

I would like to have the colors back.

I have already tried resetting the module, but it didn’t help.

Hope my problem is clear and you can help out.

Thanks in advance.



Hi, send me an email with your website address so I can see how it works.

Just want to let all the readers know that Marcin gave great support through email and the issue has been solved ! :)

Hi Marcin,

Is there anyway for me to disable the mobile theme? I think the actual website looks better on the mobile devices.

Hi, yep, send me an email with ftp access and I will do it for you.

Hi! I have a newbie question. I install prestashop in English then your template + modules. After that can I change the main shop language to portuguese? Is this the right procedure? Or will I have some broken modules etc?

Thank you for the support.

Hi, this is a right order, you won’t brake anything installing in portuguese but it will be easier for you to follow the english names in instruction.

Thank you for confirming the installation procedure.


I want to set timing for featured product slider and new product slider. I want it to have different interval timing, what file i should edit to set these two sliders ?


Hi, edit your footer.tpl file in themes/millenium folder. At the bottom of this file there is a line: $(’.flexslider’).flexslider({ place below: slideshowSpeed: 7000, //Integer: Set the speed of the slideshow cycling, in milliseconds animationSpeed: 600, //Integer: Set the speed of animations, in milliseconds

and set those values as you need.

This will change speeds for both sliders, if you want to use different speeds for each banner than contact me by email.

Hi! Great template… I’m going to buy but I want to know if is possible to view an image without carousel preview.

Thank you

all effect on rollover…

Oh, so if you mean to remove back photo of products than its simply, I will let you know how to do this, just mail me after you buy the theme.

OK THANK YOU!!! VERY SIMPLE! I’ll buy this template in this day. :)

Hi! Where do I change the text “Newsletter” on the footer before the input field, I can’t find the language file? Also I tried your anything slider I cant put a youtube frame I get like an infinitive camera effect seen on the Seven Nation Army’s video :)

thank you

Hi, Update will be available on themeforest soon. If you need it faster than pls mail me.

Btw, can you explain me the problem with anythingslider? I cant reproduce it. Pls mail me, its much easier to communicate.


I have a bug in the cart update price line.

On the Shopping cart summary when i modify the quantity, the product line price is not updated.

It is visible on your live preview.

Thank you for your help.


Thank you for buying my theme and sorry for this issue, I didn’t notice it before.

I fixed that and the new version will be available on themeforest soon (fixed themes/millenium/shopping-cart.tpl file). If you need it faster than mail me.

There is also one more fix in this update (missing translation variable in footers newsletter).

Best regards Marcin

I bought the template for my company ALYSI fashion. It’s all great. congratulations. but I need to disable the rollover on the images. how can I do? I need to insert 3 photos but still should not turn. thanks, I’m in trouble.



Pls contact me by email (contact form), I will send you instruction how to disable it.

Best regards Marcin

I just send email. Thanks

I just sent reply :) You’re welcome.

Hi Polcoder,

I bought your theme few days ago and it looks nice. Good job.

However I have an issue with the quality of the logo – If you run a quick test and go to this site for example www.loveculture.com to get their logo (which looks clean and professionnal), and then you upload it to your millenial theme, you will see the quality of this logo won’t look the same at all when it’s loaded to your theme. The quality has decreased a lot. Fyi I have followed carefully your guidelines regarding the way to set up images on my prestashop interface.

Any chance to get this sorted out as your theme is great but the poor quality of logo doesn’t look professional to me.

Please advise Thanks a lot Nacim.

Hi, you need to change image quality in prestashop, go to Preferences -> Images and set higher JPG and PNG quality, than use Regenerate images.

awesome – thanks for the very fast reply. I appreciate it.


Thanks for the great theme… I’ve just installed it quite easily (I’m a newbie) Nevertheless, my product won’t show up for some reason and I’ve got a blank page instead indicating the number of product listed in the category…

Any idea ?



Thank for buying my theme.

Turn off your prestashop cache and than check if it works. If this will not help than it means that folders override and js are not uploaded. Pls let me know if it helped.

Regards Marcin

Works perfect now! cache cleared… thanks a lot!

You’re welcome.

Hi Marcin,

I am wondering how to change the font for the top navigation menu only.

I know you have explained how to change the font in your documentation, but I was only able to change the font everywhere on my site – actually I would love to use a font for the top menu and another font for the rest of my website (cms page etc..). Also perhaps having the top navigation menu in bold.

Would you be able to give me some directions to change that?

Thanks a lot. Nacim.


To change the top menu font you need to edit file: /modules/blocktopmenu_mod/css/superfish-modified.css

Here at line 108 you can add a new font.

Regards Marcin

Thank you Marcin, that’s perfect! All the Best Nacim.

Such a gorgeous, sleek and clean theme. I love it. Thank you. I especially like how you installed the fonts into the theme so that they render whether or not these fonts are present on the browsing computer. Brilliant.

I, too, would like the instructions for turning off the rollover/flipping product image thing. It’s very distracting. Consider adding a checkbox somewhere in the back end to to turn that on and off in a future update?

Three things I would like to see in future updates: 1. Option to make the left column visible on the product page. I’d like to have the categories block available for easier navigation and ease of locating where I am on the website. 2. Breadcrumbs on the product page. Makes it easy to click back a category, or two, while browsing. I’m personally a big fan of breadcrumbs. It shows me where I am and how I got there. Extremely useful for a site with many products. Especially helpful when I land on a product via a Google search. 3. The ability to toggle between regular and mobile views when browsing on a tablet. Last template I had featured a “Mobile View” and “Web View” button in the footer. My iPad does this weird thing where it jumps back and forth between mobile and standard views of this template while I’m browsing the site. I prefer standard when on the tablet, for what that’s worth.

Since you always request a private email, I have sent one.

Hi, I just sent reply :)


Is it possible to have just 1 column in product list page ?



exactly like your screen capture !! Fantastic !

So the answer is Yes :) It is possible, of course it need some customization in css/tpl but its a quite fast job and I can do it for you. So when you install theme just send me email with ftp access and the job will be done.

A lot off error in this theme!! Please can you help me? I send you a mail

Hello, i need your news about the problem please….

theme is installed

is it okay?