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Hi Marcin,

I would like to have several background images for each of my cms pages – here is an exemple of the type of image integration I would like to have ( mylittlebox.fr/concept.html)

I have played a lot with my global.css file today but I couldn’t be able to make it working and I was hoping you could help me with that.

I am a newbie with prestashop but as far as I understood I need to place this piece of code ” background-image: url(../img/test.png) ” in my global.css file. Of course I need to have my image called test.png hosted in my ‘img’ folder in my ftp.

Would you be able to give me some more guidelines to manage this integration through your theme ?

Thanks a lot ! Nacim.

This thema seriously wrong with iPad. I’m not going to use this thema and I’m going to lose my money. I would never buy a theme made for you.

Hi pferrol, what is wrong? Did you uncheck mobile view in your back office?

Hi! I want ask u some questions before buying ur theme. I want to know about languages? is French language included? there is .PO .MO included? do i need to translate it by myself?

My second question is about the slider, can setup it? i mean size of the slider?

Third question about the caroussels, is it possible to make it static? cause on demo all caroussels are moving automaticaly.

Thx in advance for ur answer.

You’re welcome

Hi! I buy and install ur theme, as you can see on http://store.colnoir.fr most of menu and buttons are not translate in french. I mean when i look your demo, all titles are in french, as “follow us”,”contact us”, then carts elements are all in engilsh too, and product page too “short description” etc… Is that mean that i have to translate manually all these? or maybe i did something wrong…?


If any translation is missing (comparing to my demo) than I will upload it. Just send me ftp and back office details so I will do the things with slider and caroussels also.

Regards Marcin

I bought this theme (with other account TCV) , i follow the instructions but when i upload the modules something its wrong so i can not access to modules list and the site look like this https://www.trescabezas.com.mx/gorditas/index.php

Could you help me?

Hi, i purchase for this theme but when i upload the modules, i tried from admin panel and FTP, something crashes and later i can´t access to the modules list so it´s impossible to activate each one.

You can see the error page here https://www.trescabezas.com.mx/500.jpg

Could you help me? what can i try? if i cant make it works would you give me my money back?

I received it, thanks, give me some time (I will leave for about 2-3 hours) and I will install it asap.

please respond to miguel@trescabezas.com.mx

thank you very much, you save me from a disaster!.

Pretty good customer support

Dear Polcoder,

I bought your theme yesterday. Unfortunately I was unable to install it. I have followed the instructions on the documentation.

After finishing all the steps I was trying to see the front office but it only shows an unordered list of texts (featured products).

Can you please help me to install it. I am in tight schedule but my client is in hurry.

Thanks for your time.

I have followed all the instructions on the documentation and installed the theme now what’s the problem with the site. Please have a look at this.


I can provide you ftp access please help me installing this theme.


Hi, theme installed, you need to configure it only – starting from point G from documentation.

Thanks Polcoder I am really happy that I have bought this theme. Thanks a lot. :D

5 STARS Theme ! I purchased it last week and Polcoder was able to answer all my questions and help me about customisation of his theme. Never see Customer Support so friendly and professional on Themeforest !

I purchased and applied this theme to http://kimportercosmetics.com/index.php and if you scroll all the way to the bottom, just past the footer, you will see “Follow Us – Facebook” on the left hand side. It looks out of place. It doesn’t show like that here on Theme Forest. How do I correct that?


This is an old (prestashop default) social block module, you just need to uninstall it.

hi polcoder, i have a trouble with ipad when i use horizontal resolution. he is not recognize the ipad’s horizontal resolution, and i must flip to vertical and after horizontal for that resolution be correct. i have a resolution as if i was in vertical position when my ipad was in horizontal position. Can you help me with this ? thx.

Have you a solution to this problem please ? I saw the same problem on http://roopokarstudio.com/scripts/index.php thank a lot.

Hello Talidad, In fact I can not reproduce this problem. Anyway, tell me if the page you showed above is your page? If yes than go to your back office -> Preferences tab -> Themes and than disable mobile view (at the bottom). Maybe this one is causing the problem – millenium theme need it to be disabled.

Pls let me know couse here it looks fine on ipad and android device too.

Best regards

Hi Marcin, Many issues and bugs, sent u many mails, but no answers… Can you contact me please?

Hi Crazyben, Im on holiday till the end of this week, anyway I will do my best to help you.

Ok no probs man, i can wait ;) enjoy your holidays, let contact you next week ;)

Hi polcoder, have just bought your template, but cannot find the HTML-version. Where is it located ?

br Henrik

Hi Superman6, this is a prestashop theme, what do you mean with HTML version?

sorry, i am a bit confused about the prestashop thing. I have bought the template because I wanted to use the great design. Do you have a html version of the design, and if not, can I cancel the deal ?...

I dont have the HTML version, you choosed wrong category and you should look in Site Templates. About canceling the deal you need to contact Envato which is a seller.

I also tried to install this theme on Prestashop, but it does not work. When I go to my site it just says “featured products” three times in text. I copied the millenium theme into the themes folder and selected it from preferences>themes. Please help!

Pls send to my email ftp and back office access and I will do it asap.

Sent. Thank you.

Hello, theme installed. You only need to configure it – refer to section G from the documentation.

Best regards

hi polcoder, i have a trouble with ipad when i use horizontal resolution. he is not recognize the ipad’s horizontal resolution, and i must flip to vertical and after horizontal for that resolution be correct. i have a resolution as if i was in vertical position when my ipad was in horizontal position. Can you help me with this ? thank you.

Hello, the problem is only on the iPad, and I have tested it on http://roopokarstudio.com/scripts/index.php who use your theme and I saw the same problem. My page is www.ericgrangeon.com but it is down for maintenance not visible to you. In addition, the mobile view was already turn off in my admin. On http://roopokarstudio.com/scripts/index.php, when you arrive on the homepage in a horizontal position of your ipad, the displayed resolution is not good, but if you flip into ipad vertical mode and you come back in a horizontal mode, the display will be correct.

I made two screenshots to show you. The first shows what we see first. The second shows what you see when you come back in a horizontal position after vertical (which should be like this the first time). http://www.ericgrangeon.com/img/one.JPG http://www.ericgrangeon.com/img/two.JPG

hello can you help me with my problem

sorry, wrong account

Hi polcoder.

I have two issues with Newsletter block (Modified):

1. I modified the file blocknewsletter.tpl to change the caption of the button, replacing value=”Submit” by value=”{l s=’Send’}”. Now “Send” is shown in the module translations and it can be translated, but always appear “Send” in front, such in English as in Spanish.

2. I need to manage Newsletter subscriptions, at least with the CSV export module, but when I try to generate the CSV, two messages appear, one for the need of blocknewsletter module, and another that says that there is no subscriber. Do you know how can a get the management functionality compatible with your module?

Thanks in advance.

Forget second issue, I achieved it with “PSS/Newsletter block subscribers” module. Highly recommended (and free).


First I want to say that I love the design of the Millenium theme!

Im thinking about using it for my shop so therefor I have a few questions-

Can I have multiple languages and currencies?

How do I install it?

Best regards,

Jesseca the Newbie…

Hi again,

Now I purchased the template but I can´t install it, can you help me please?



Hi Jessica, sorry for late reply, I was offline last few hours.

Pls send me ftp and back office access so I can do the install.

Regards Martin

Hello again,

Theme is already installed, you just only need to check the section G in documentation (withous images dimensions couse I already did it).


Hi ! could you help to install this theme please because I’ve some issues with the slider and main menu. Thanks !!

Hi, Sure, pls send credentials to my email (use contact form).


First of all I would like to congratulate you on making such a clean elegant theme. I have bought Millenium a while back for a prestashop project dedicated to cosmetics but I need somesome help regarding following functions/issues : 1.Polcoder Munufacturer List I am not able to import brands into Premium brand section. I have listed brands in the Producer list of prestashop, which show on the BRAND page but when I enter module I just see pre inserted Apple/ Sure but nothing from my brands. Please guide me how can I use this. Another question related to this module is that can how can I change the word PREMIUM into NICHE as it goes more with the theme of my store. 2.Banner Home Bottom I have noticed that this banner can be placed just on the lower left part of home page and that I can place more than 1 too. However on right is place dedictaed to Comment Box which I am not interested in using. Please guide me how can I place Another Home Bottom Banner on the right side instead of comment box to fill in the empty place. 3.Wordpress Addons For SEO purpose I need to have a box dedicated to the wordpress blog posts on the Home page just in manner of home bottom banner. Do you have any suggestion or preferances? as of what I have seen on Prestashop addon site they are not low cost so would like to have an affirmation if possible. There is one affordable one on the codecanyon too http://codecanyon.net/item/wpress-show-wordpress-post-on-prestashop/4653496?WT.ac=category_item&WT.seg_1=category_item&WT.z_author=shacker 4.Polcoder Anything Slider I have noticed that image change speed is a bit too slow. How can I make it faster? 5.Left Coloumn Blocks Perhaps this is a prestahop issue but you might guide me to resolve this detail. On the left Coloumn block there is categories module but it represent the whole shop. However I need to get categoriesunder every Brand. For example for Apple category tablet, phone, laptop as it can be for Samsung. For an idea this is what I intend to have: http://www.sephora.it/Estee-Lauder/BLAUDE i.e on the left all product of brand categorized.

I have mailed you before but never recieved a reply so I hope you can help this time as soon as possible. Regards, Salvix

HELLO, no problem indeed, I am happy that you replied so clearly. For query no. 5 its better to accept live with it and for no.1 and 3, I am sending you an email with details, so you look into the issues better. Thanks again.

Hello again, I am still quite anxiously waiting for your email, hope you respond soon, its critical to move ahead with the project with the functional premium brand module, wordpress and filling in the comment box with another nottom banner with this theme, so please reply.


Forgotten replies below:

2. In fact its hard to explain how to do this, overall idea is to make a copy of home bottom banners module but its extremely important to change its name (folder,than in php & css).

4. Edit file: modules/anythingslider/js/jquery.anythingslider.js on line 873, there is an animationTime : 600, just change this value for some larger (it will change the speed) line 871 for a delay between image change.

Hello, just wondering why there are lines and circles in the fill out forms. Is there a way to fix this and make it all white?



Here is the fix, add this to the global.css file in themes/millenium/css folder (at the bottom of the file):

create-account_form #email_create, #login_form #email, #login_form #passwd, #login_form #login_email, #login_form #login_passwd {

background: #fff !important; }

Best regards

Perfect! Thank you.