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Hello, the problem is only on the iPad, and I have tested it on http://roopokarstudio.com/scripts/index.php who use your theme and I saw the same problem. My page is www.ericgrangeon.com but it is down for maintenance not visible to you. In addition, the mobile view was already turn off in my admin. On http://roopokarstudio.com/scripts/index.php, when you arrive on the homepage in a horizontal position of your ipad, the displayed resolution is not good, but if you flip into ipad vertical mode and you come back in a horizontal mode, the display will be correct.

I made two screenshots to show you. The first shows what we see first. The second shows what you see when you come back in a horizontal position after vertical (which should be like this the first time).

http://www.ericgrangeon.com/img/one.JPG http://www.ericgrangeon.com/img/two.JPG


But can you see the same issue on my demo page?

Maybe its something different than a theme… and what version of iPad do you use?



when you add a product in the basket, there is an effect of the product to the cart. How do I activate this?


Im not sure if I understand, can you explain?


Polcoder, I was trying to add instagram to the social block by editing the blocksocial.tpl but it was not working so I put all the original files back. Now my social block is appearing all the way at the bottom, can you please help fix this? Thank you.


Hi, after installing the module you need to position it. In modules -> positions find FOOTER and sort it.

I am having trouble getting my theme to look like demo, can you spot what I need to do to get that look? itsacoldrush.com

My developer says that some grid_prestashop css file is missing? Thanks alot! :)


grid_prestashop.css is some old file – dont need it. Anyway you are almost done – you just need to remove (delete) top menu module and install the new one provided with the theme and than position modules, thats it.



when you add a product in the cart, there is an effect of the product to the cart. The product flew to the cart and then add one to your cart. How do I activate this?


Go to modules -> cart block (configure) and make sure you have Ajax cart turned on.

Regards Marcin

I have Ajax cart turned on, but its not work despite this

Maybe some external module is causing ajax problem, send me ftp access so I can check it.

Hi! This theme looks great! I would like to know if am I able to disable the sidebars on the category page?

Hi! Yes disable the whole left column so the products will take up 100% width. Is it possible?

Theme has not this kind of option, however its a quite fast task and I already did it for one client so I can do it again. After you install theme let me know ftp and back office access and I will modify it.

Hi! I have bought and emailed you. I am having problems installing the theme. Would very much appreciate it if you can assist to resolve it! Thanks!


I have noticed two issues on this theme.

1) There is an issue on the responsive aspect of the theme which is only visible when you rotate your device. Check on iPhone. 2) Your menu displays momentarily and overlay all the other items on top before disappearing. I’m guessing this has to do with Superfish.

Can you please look into these?

Hi Cahri,

Could you kindly contact me by email, I would like to ask you for a few tests.

Best regards

Hi, I’m trying to install it for a friend who purchased your theme for a brand new install. Using 1.5.5 thus, I’ve followed all steps and reinstalling it for the 3rd time with clean system and it always block at G step.

I have a server error when I need to see front office.

I realized the the classes/Product.php causes this error. Before I get to the step of overiding, all seems to be ok. When I overide, it crashes the FO.

Many thanks in advance.

Its alive :)

The most importat thing was that file product.php was uploaded into classes/ instead of override/classes – thats why store crashed. I also changed folders permissions for modules, I think you uploaded them manually and they got 744 instead 755

Many thanks !!

Hi, I am interested in buying this theme and would like to know if it supports Arabic Language (RTL) Thanks Ayman

Hi, I have just installed Arabic Language however it seems to be a bad translation :( most of fields is not translated.

Check the demo page

Thanks a lot

Hi! I have bought your template and i have followed all your instructions to install it, but when all configurations are done, i have a blank page on the front office with only three text lines (Produits phares Produits phares Produits phares) but all others pages ( product page, my account page) work fine .. please help me to find an issue .. check by yourself blank homepage here -> http://bekin.fr/index.php fine Worked pages -> http://bekin.fr/accessoires-ipod/7-ecouteurs-a-isolation-sonore-shure-se210.html http://bekin.fr/content/1-livraison

PS: Im french and the store language is in french

Still have a blank front office … plz check your inbox mail i’v sent a msg to you

Great! thx a lot for your quick answers and your technical help. you are the best ;)

Hello polcoder, we did buy your theme (under nativedzgn 30/08/2013). We did install it but we have a problem with your anything slider module. I did sent you a mail (9/09/2013) without feedback. When we try to add more than one banner and save it, the older banner get ”\” in the img src and we can’t get it to work. Do you have any idea how to fix it ? Thanks.


Fix has been just sent.

Thanks, now it works perfectly !


love the theme, but im new to prestashop, and i cant get the “home” page to show ? the other pages lookes fine.. :(

any help :) ?

Thanks mayn.. your awsome.. :) but it still wont show the product pictures :(

Is it a fresh prestashop installation or some update?

its a fresh one.. i have deleted the file class_index.php..

Polcoder, there seems to be a problem with the product comments module. When you click write a review there is no option to give 5 stars, however after writing the review you see 5 stars that are grey. Also the product comments are not showing on the homepage even though the module is installed. Please help, thank you.

Thank you!


Now they are visible: http://scr.hu/19nv/g9eyu I turned on validation and than validated positively two comments (each comment must be validated here couse only validated comments will appear).

Best regards

Hi there, nice work! I comeback to you because i’ve got one issue.

Some translation doesn’t work : LOG IN, CART, Follow us, language, currency; in french. I go to lang files of modules and all it’s okay. I change in tpl files and doesn’t work. What can i do? It’s same for message when i want to pay with check on order page.

Thanks a lot !

You’re right, it was in a spam folder so I missed it. Anyway, if you want to do any translation you should go to Localization -> Translations in your back office. For example if you need to do translation in some module you need to choose this way: http://scr.hu/19nv/nugs9 Unfortunately at first you need to contact your hosting provider to increase max_input_vars becouse now you will get this: “Warning! Your PHP configuration limits the maximum number of fields allowed in a form: 2000 for max_input_vars. Please ask your hosting provider to increase the this limit to 9136 at least or edit the translation file manually.”

I believe provider will handle it in a minute.

You also wrote that there is some problem with loading on Hijabs menu. Unfortunately I can not see this menu on your page now so I will need more explanation how can I get into.

Best regards

Hi there! My provide can’t change this PHP configuration limits. What can i do? If i translate in tpl module nothing change.

You have no solution? :(

I have tried to install your theme but I am getting a blank homepage. The only place where I was in doubt of what to do was in this step: #### C) Installing new theme – top

Login to your FTP account and go to themes folder. Upload millenium folder (which is inside the theme folder). Login to your admin area and go to Preferences tab and select Themes. #### What do I have to do after selecting Themes, do I have to select the millenium theme or leave it as default? There is no image for the theme did I miss a step?


Im not sure which step was the last one in your installation so I can finish it for you, just send me ftp and back office access.

Best regards

if I install the module “blocktopmenu mod” gives me a 500 error whenever I click on in the backoffice “modules”

send me some temporary ftp and back office access

you have a private contact?

On themeforest, click my View Portfolio and than Profile tab, you will find there a contact form.

Hi! I have bought your template and i have followed all your instructions to install it, but when all configurations are done, i have a blank.

thank you very much Store not want to be online this format catalog that is what I want

I do not understand that images of the home are not quality, and if you click Yes

When you change their dimensions according to documentation just use image regeneration, than you will get correct quality.

The script is not working at my end properly. Please check www.bonanzaestore.com/new

Hello! It seems that it is installed properly but you missed modules positioning, so not much left. If you will need my help than let me know.


I’ve bought your millenium theme for prestashop and i’ve installed everything but i am not able to see the pbrands due to an internal server error!!


goto-> BRANDS

I don’t really know where is the error. I’ve set everything as in your guide and even tried to reinstall the module!

Please contact me.

Thank you.



I need to ask you for an access to back office and ftp, than I will be able to check it.

Best regards

Ok I mail them to you!

did you receive the access data to the store? do you need ftp data?

Hi good afternoon, I purchased the theme, I followed all intruciones for the installation of modules, but when I try to install the modules, to attempt to reenter modules is blank screen, the modules do not appear on screen.

I need your help.