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hi, your theme is very beautiful, great job, but when a install it, front-office show me an white page with a product list on the left, look the problem at this address www.vl-international.com The problem appear only when millenium theme is active, the default theme working correctly, i use the last version of prestashop

thank for your help

Hi, pls go to SUPPORT tab above (on themeforest), this problem was described some time ago.

Yes, thank you Pol, it working now, i needed to delete class_index.php file, the theme works correctly, i just put an underscore before (_blocktopmenu) because your blocktopmenu_mod not work with.

thank you for your help

I have the same problem as “pdf” user. I’m in

Hi, pls go to SUPPORT tab above (on themeforest), this problem was described some time ago.

Thanks, solved!

I have a new problem, In your demo, in home and product pages, products have 2 titles, One big an bold, and other in normal text. For example: The red dress 1rst title is “ASH”, and the 2nd is “Silence + Noise Laser Beam Bodycon”. In my shop only appear 2nd title, and a white space for the 1rst title. How to solve this? Thanks!

The first title i a manufacturer name. When you add a manufacturer to the product you will get this title.

Other configs: I can’t see where to configure the footer. I need to add options in footer’s menu, and change the Phone in contact with us. Thanks again!

You can edit your footer in modules: CMS Block, Block Contact Infos


Is there any way that i can make my own paypal button, instead of the one you click on just before you get to Paypall payment ?

(think its called GB_horizontal_solution_PP.gif) i have tried to upload another pic instead of that one but i just changes back..

anyone ??

I think it is possible with overriding the paypal class but Im not sure of that. I think you should ask about it on prestashop forum or just ask paypal.

ok thanks ill try to ask paypal

Hi! Was completed in FTP upload. But there’s an error on the website. Error “HTTP500” How can I fix it? And I do not have an XML file in the folder.

Did you follow the instruction, it is located in documentation folder. If you need my help than use a contact form and send me ftp & back office access.

hello, is there a way to solve the little shifting of the top menu to the left when i move the mouse over a product. so when i go with the mouse over a product the menu is shift up to the left a little bit. Also when the feature product do a scroll you can see the menu moving a little bit


I will include a fix for that in the nearest update. If you want it faster here is the solution: - open file themes/millenium/css/modules/blocktopmenu_mod/css/superfish-modified.css - find a line number 9 ”.sf-menu” and add before closing tag “}” these two lines: -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; -webkit-transform: translateZ(0) scale(1.0, 1.0);

Best regards

Got some problems with the ajax cart.. could you please help? It is not working!


The debugger says there is a problem with the variable freeshippingtranslation which is not defined


Pls re-check your cart, it should be fine now. The funny thing is that after upgrading prestashop with 1-click upgrade tool some modules needs a refresh, in most cases reset button in module is enough.



hey polcoder, I want to remove the mobile display. Be displayed on the site’s own state.

Thank you

Do you mean to remove the responsiveness?

Hello. Email has been sent. I am writing not receive an answer yet. “Full description” I want to go on the bottom. “VIEWED PRODUCTS” I want to go up. I would like to put a price below the details page. How “Full description” to be moved to the bottom please? Please help me. Thank you.


You need to edit themes/millenium/product.tpl file if you want to modify it. Knowlege of smarty, php and css is required. If you want me to make those changes than pls provide me layout design you need, than I will be able to quote it.

Best regards


I use the millennium theme and I love it, but for some reason my product pictures show as a ? instead of the products, what do I have to change?

Images are fine now. One clue -> for home banners use images with the same size, it will looks better.

Thank you so much!! One more question, in the left there is a picture of a laptop, how do I change that?

It’s a standard prestashop module called Block Advertising, just disable it or change the image if you want to use it.


I need to create a dropdown menu like the one you have in the demo. How do I create the menu like you have under Clothing. I can add the superbrand as you describe in the installation, but cannot figure out how to add the submenu items. Thanks


At first you need to create a category tree in Catalog -> Categories (http://scr.hu/19nv/ykzyl, http://scr.hu/19nv/dax37).

Next go to Modules and find Top menu module and add there your category tree (http://scr.hu/19nv/irroo)

Best regards

super thanks

When I am using the iPad, the products top menu doesn’t appear. I have also checked this in your demo site: same problem.

Yeah, that’s ok now. How can I make the change? Thanks.

Update is ready, only waiting for themeforest approval. If you want it faster than change file: themes/millenium/css/modules/blocktopmenu_mod/css/superfish-modified.css with this one: http://polcoder.az.pl/millenium/blocktopmenu_mod_fix/superfish-modified.css

Thanks bro

Hello. Picture below the main image, like “Full description” by inserting I’d like to put the image details. I would like to just move down. Please take the quote.
  • View photo ID and a password has already been sent to you previously.


Im affraid I can not login with credentials I have. Can you resend?

Yes. I can do it. I uploaded the image to my homepage (I want to modify the design) Prestashop and File zila username and password Was sent back to daily.

Hello. few days ago i tried to upgrade the site version but I did some mistake then I rollback a backup few minutes early then the update. It’s gone well but when I try to make a search, to open the module list, or to open the payments link it always show me: /public_html/modules/blocktopmenu_mod/menutoplinks.class.php on line 29” Any suggests about it?? Thanks

"Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MenuTopLinks in


It means that you have installed original blocktopmenu. Just uninstall it (or delete from modules/blocktopmenu via ftp).

Thanks a lot!! One more question to upgrade the site and the theme version there’s some guide or tutorial to follow or i can do it just searching on google?

If you want to upgrade theme you need to check file changelog.txt delivered with theme (firstly download the newest version from themeforest). You will find there a list of files (with paths) which were changed – just upload those files to your server via ftp and clear prestashop cache.


When I’m going up the module for some reason the site stops working and is blank on the public site, it is because this error


A question about this theme and languages:

With the Language button, is it possible to have the country’s flag visible instead of the two letter language code?

We have customers in Asia who may have difficulty knowing to click on Language [EN] to change to their own language.

Also, would it be simple to add it to the header? Something like this: Contact, Sitemap, Bookmark, Language [flag]

Thank you in advance!


It will need some customization in language module. If you want me to quote it than use a contact form.

Best regards

Hi Polcoder,

I’ve gone ahead and purchased the theme. All working now and the store looks great.

I’ll send you a message just now about the Language module.



I’ve just sent you an email about the language selection in the permanent links bar and a couple of other details.

Please let me know when you have a chance and we can talk about when it would be possible to schedule your time.

Many thanks.

Hello, i bought you this template yesterday and when i installed it, i’vé got a big white page with only write featuring products. can you help me because it’s very important for me to have a website quickly.

wait, you already sent me ftp access… so I will install now

Merci beaucoup :)

Tank you very very much, youwork very quickly, TX TX !!!

Hi, I’m having the same problem of Monem.

/public_html/modules/blocktopmenu_mod/menutoplinks.class.php on line 29” Any suggests about it?? Thanks

“Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MenuTopLinks in

There is an upgrade or a fork of this module with this bug solved?

Is this module highly needed?

How we can solve it?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Everything is working fine now, thank you, great job.

Hi, actually the template does have all the information that you can see in the demo, I tought that the files comes with this and I really need this theme how it looks in the demo, can you help me please, thank you in advance.

Theme does not contain banner images and products… what other information do you think of?


I am interested to buy this theme, but i have one question: i have an opportunity to select the type of product images, square or rectangular format?


I have not received anything…

Please reply to joaquim77@outlook.com . Thank you

Thanks for your attention. I’have just bought the template.