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It’s possible to avoid the effect of the images in the featured products module and new products module? Thanks.

Yes, but manually so when you install theme send me ftp access and I will disable it.


First thanks for this beautiful theme ! It’s great !

I’ve an issue with product comment : when I try to comment a product, there is an error : Title is incorrect Comment is incorrect Customer name is incorrect Product not found

Can you help me ?


Thanks !!


I had another request : 1) how to disable automatic start of carousel on every carousel module ? 2) How to add blockspecials on homepage (3 modules: featured, new, and specials) ?


I already sent you reply for the first question, and the second one – its not so easy couse prestashop module blockspecials can not be hooked into homepage, only right or left column. So to hook it on homepage you will need to edit php file of this module.

Yes I didn’t see your answer when I sent my email. Thanks for your time, have a nice day and thanks again for this theme :-)

I bought a theme fews days ago and cant get the seller to return my support tickets! So i wanted to know how quick you are on responses and do u hv ticket system? I saw you helped a guy via FTp thats awesome customer service! Also do you include facebook etc like module or?


I don’t have a support ticket, it is not neccessary with one theme I guess (for now). Usually I do my best to give a reply same or at last next day. In the package with theme you have two social modules, one is for footer social icons and the second one on the product page (http://scr.hu/19nv/7koqh)

cool well if you have only one theme then I think you can help me better then the guy with 100 lol. Ill buy yours! Can you help me with one presto problem. I see root/parent categories in top menu : home ipod and accessories BUT for the life of me I can figure out how to create more. each time i create a category its goes under home and I can only see it if i use mouse over. Course this is different theme but I need to know to edit your anyways.

and is this updated for 1.5.6

yes, theme is ready for 1.5.6

Hi, I have the same problem as alexionoff… When I try to comment a product, there is an error : Title is incorrect, Comment is incorrect, Customer name is incorrect and Product not found. How to fix it? I have PrestaShop version.

Thanks. Regards


The fastest way: open file themes/millenium/modules/productcomments/productcomments.tpl and find a line <form action=”#”>

It is in line 105

Replace it with: <form id=”id_new_comment_form” action=”#”>

Second way, mail me and I will resend the new file.

Best regards

Nice.. Thanks.

Hi Pol,

I am interested in buying your theme, it looks very nice! However I would get some details about these issues:

- what kind of content is it possible to put on the “sample page” listed at the bottom of your preview website? Pictures, text, video?

- is it possible to add a sample page in menu on the top of the homepage (besides super brands for instance)?

- is there any kind of megamenu avalaible?

- on a category page like “Home > Clothing > Dresses” is it possible to delete the “add to cart” button?

Thank you very much for your help,




- sample page is a prestashop CMS page where every kind of content is possible, you can create as many such pages as you need

- yes it is possible to add same link to top menu

- there is no mega menu in this theme

- yes it is possible however it needs a small customization, I can do this free of charge

Best regards

polcoder great work!

I have purchased your theme and I have a question for you. I can not find Nivo Slider Module in the theme folder. Where I can find it?

Many thanks.


“Image slider for your homepage” module uses Nivo slider now. It is set to use fading only but if you would like to set other effects than you can edit file themes/millenium/modules/homeslider/homeslider.tpl

At the end of the file you will find: <script type=”text/javascript”> $(window).load(function() { $(’#slider’).nivoSlider(); }); </script>

To add your effect just replace it with: <script type=”text/javascript”> $(window).load(function() { $(’#slider’).nivoSlider({ effect:’random’ }); }); </script>

Below is a list of available effects: sliceDownRight sliceDownLeft sliceUpRight sliceUpLeft sliceUpDown sliceUpDownLeft fold fade boxRandom boxRain boxRainReverse boxRainGrow boxRainGrowReverse

Best regards


I sent you an email…I cant install theme I just bought from ya? Ive installed a few diff ones but your files seem diff…pls help asap.


When you unpack the file you will find documentation folder and all answers inside (index file)

Best regards

Hi. I have a one question. How does it without any additional modules? Because graphic design is one thing, and the modules latter.

ok, jak mog? zap?aci?? Nie mam konta Paypal. masz jak?? inn? opcj? czy nie bardzo? Ps. czy jakbym ie da? rady, to pomozesz przy instalacji?

wrocilem… zakupu mozna dokonac przez strone themeforest

ok, za?aduj? sobie bidy :-) i si? odezw?. Pzdr

polcoder – czy Ty nie jeste? czasami z Polski? Are you from Poland?

Hi Pol,

Thank you very much for your answers. I have still a few questions:

- Is it possibile to choose the font ? If yes how many fonts are avalaible?

- Is it possible to add text, button or links on the big slideshow which is on the homepage (like this template:http://inthe7heaven.com/preview/?theme=Reviver%20Prestashop) ?

- Is it possible to have the button “like on facebook” instead of your button which leads to the facebook homepage?

- If yes is it possible to have it on the top of the homepage?

- Regarding your answer to the sample page. To be sure I understand correctly, does that mean that I can create a page like a blog exactly like I want it (picture, then text etc..and choose the position of it on the page) ?

- Regarding the order confirmation emails (that are sent to the customer after he buys an item): would it be possible to customize this mail? This mail should contain an element (short or full description) of the description of each item. And each the basket contains two different articles, it should contain the element (short or full description) of these two different articles.

- Does your template permit a graphic integration of the plugin advanced search 4? If not does your template permit the main function of this plugin: for instance: for a given item like a tee shirt, size “S”, colour “Black”, quantity in stock “10”. In the filter we have (1) next to “Black”, but if the goes to 0, the (1) should be 0 because the product doesn’t exist anymore.

- On the homepage, is it possible to delete the picture “new” or “on sale!” besides articles in featured products or new products?

- Is it possible to a big picture on top on a category page (like the shoes on top of this page, but we would need to put a bigger picture http://www.sasha-mode.com/2013/37-bottines) ?

- Is it possible to put a small slideshow on the homepage with brands pictures

- We won’t send products to the customers, He will have to pick it up. This is why I would know if it is possible to replace the delivery adress with an element of the product description (each product will have its own pick up place)?

- A last question: is it possible to have the option “create an account with facebook”?

Thank you very very much for your help,

Best regards,


I just want to say how happy I am I bought this theme! Yes its got sweet features but the customer service from the creator has been way beyond my expectations! he has always helped me when i needed it and he has even helped me with things outside of the theme with PS..thank you thank thank you..A+ creator and theme!!!

hello, I have several problems with the theme firstly, on the homepage module anythingslider does not work and it is impossible to upload images and secondly the comment module on the home page does not appear and also Banners (home bottom) appears to the left instead right thank you for your answers.

good point

How can i translate the button view in the module comment homepage?

Hi, I sent you an email.


I have sent you a email with the ftp access, i have a big problem, i have install the theme exactly the same as the instruction, and i have a blank page, i don’t understand…

Please help me

It’s so urgent ,

thanks a lot :)

You’re SO PERFECT :)

polcoder – czy Ty prócz grafiki/kodowania layoutów robisz jakie? inne prace zwiazane z PrestaShopem? Chodzi mi tutaj g?ównie o dodatki, modyfikacje, etc?

A tak na marginesie, pracowa?es kiedy? nad shoperem? Chodzi mi g?ównie o wprowadzanie zmian pod klienta, etc. Mo?e s?ysza?es o tym sklepiku, co?

Wiesz co nie mialem do czynienia wiec nie doradze… zwroc jednak uwage na to aby poza funkcjonalnoscia ktorej potrzebujesz wokol oprogramowania byla skupiona jak najwieksza grupa uzytkownikow – to gwarantuje pomoc i wsparcie ktorego czasem pewnie bedziesz potrzebowac, a im ta grupa wieksza tym wieksze szanse na rozwiazanie problemu. Ja przekonalem sie o tym wielokrotnie majac do czynienia z CS-CART i wlasnie Prestashop’em, gdzie w przypadku pierwszego czasem tydzien czekalo sie na odpowiedz forumowiczow.

Wiem, ja pytam o shopera, bo zastanawiam si? czy ju? jakie? mody do niego robi?e?, mo?e zlecenie jakie? pad?o. Ale skoro nie to ok, to skrypt p?atny :-), taki Nasz pl


I have a little problem :) When i want to add a new product to “New Product Carousel” the file gets a name itself, there is a word “new” before every of my items and i’d like to delete it

please can you help me :) thanks Max

Hi, it seems that you have missed or changed some css file, I will be able to help you in a couple of hours.

Okay perfect, but i have not change anything :O

Hello, I have millenium installed, but shopping cart suddently disapeared. Here is my web: adictasaltacon.com

Could you help me Please?


How do I add the cart block to a left or right position, but only not in the frontage, just in the store? Its quite hard to find when its just in the top. Is it possible to put the language and currency buttons on the sides too?

Best regards,


Hello, How to change the default products display, i would like display in list mode and not in grid mode. I can’t found where it’s ! thanks to help me. cordialy

Hi, The language translation is missing on the theme. Take a look http://hostvigor.com/liucia/ja/content/10-frequently-asked-questions

The content will show if I you change the language to English. Seems like the content will only show if it is in English. Kindly help. Thanks.