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Hello Marcin,

I changed a lot of things on your theme, and now i have problems on different screen formats.

So I’d like to remove the responsiveness. I modified/deleted all the “media only” in differents css, but many problems remain. What should I change for that my site never moves on any screen ?

Thanks in advance.

Great theme! But I have a problem. Links of the top don’t work and they’re disordered. You can see in www.vanora.es

Moreover, in page as “Novedades” and manufacturer pages, I can’t see the sidebar. Is it possible to add it here? Thanks


Thank you for a good word. About your issues it seems that some css files are missing. If you could send me back office and ftp acces than I will be able to upload them.

Best regards

Thanks for your fast response! I have send you and message with the acces. Thanks Best regards.

Hi Polcoder,

I was wondering if it’s possible to turn off the product comments section and add an additional static banner instead.



Yes, it is possible, I just need to make a small modification so it would be great if you could send me ftp and back office access.

Best regards

Hi, I have a problem when i buy a product thus adding it to the cart, the display cart at the top right corner does not refresh (display EMPTY chen i just added a product). It seems to be only a display issue because if i actually go and check the cart the item has been added and the cart content is correct. Please advise. Best regards

At first, congrats! This modification is AWESOME! Secondly… pls send me ftp and back office access I know how to help you but I need to modufy one js file in cart.

Use a contact form in my Profile.

Thanks, i send you a email..

Hi Polcoder and Everyone,

I recently purchased this module and I just have to say, I’ve never met a programmer or purchased a theme from someone so helpful before. Any question or roadblock I hit during set-up, Polcoder was quick to respond and assist with a resolution.

If you’re considering this theme or one of his other themes, I highly recommend them.

Thanks Polcoder for all your help!

Hii… I have recently purchased this theme, and its not being installed. I am using Prestashop version. 1.5.6. Just nothing is being appeared on the screen, just “featured products” IS being seen thrice . Please help My client wants this to be installed soon Thank you very much

Hi! Theme installed

Hiii… I checked it and it is working now! Thank you very very very much Polcoder. I am very grateful to you :):):D Wish you a very Happy New Year. :):) Warm Regards Karuna

The Millenium Fashion Theme is really very professional and superb. :) Fully functional .

Hey. I just downloaded this theme for my new shop, but it says: Bad configuration file when I try to upload it via the module: Import / export a theme.

I’m not the most technical person and I would really like to start with my shop!

The message is delete! Can you fix my problem with the theme?

Yes, but I did not get FTP and Back office access from you.

Theme installed


I’ve bought your template recently and would like to show a ‘SOLD OUT’ word on the image or below the product name so that my customers can save the hassle to click in to view more details. Can I know how to do it?


Hi, please use the ticket support system (polcoder.ticksy.com), its much easier for me to controll customer requests. Thank you.


I was wondering if you would be able to upload a logo image to the front page of the website that will be consistent in its location (on the top of the page) throughout the additional pages within the website. Meanwhile, are you able to change the color of the fonts and other details that will correspond with my logo and products?

Thank you!

Ok not sure what is off about my questions that they were skipped over but I really do like millennium and wanted to purchase it.

Hello planet38, forgive me my late reply. Regarding your first question, do you mean to build a static logo like for example menu on this page? http://www.designbyface.com/

I am able to change all details but such customization is a paid job, if you want me to give you the price than please create a ticket on polcoder.ticsky.com and write there all details regarding this customization.


I have some probleme with your theme.

Look : http://continuum-store.fr

Hi, make sure you did correct section F and G from documentation.

Hello, I did everything that was marked on the docuementation. Can you help me ?

Yes, go to polcoder.ticksy.com and create a ticket there. Put your FTP and back office access there as well.

Czesc polcoder, jak kupic u Ciebie te skorke, bo zalodowalem sobie 60$ i teraz chcialbym od ciebie to zakupic…

rozpakuj zipa i tam znajdziesz folder documentation, kliknij w index

support przy instalacji zapewniam tylko mam dzis male urwanie glowy wiec ew. wieczorem – tak okolo 22

spoko, nie pali sie


I installed your theme and hace some problems only in Internet Explorer.

Mi website is www.laescandalosa.es

Can you help me??

Hi, what version of IE?

I’ve tried in IE 8.0

So that is correct, theme is compatible for IE 9 and newer.

Hi polcoder,

Can you respond to my email please… Thank you.

Best regards

Hi Trakinage,

I would like to ask you to resend your email, I’m not sure if I got it. Pls use polcoder.ticksy.com

Best regards

Hi pol, masz moze polskie odpowiedniki modulow, ktore nalezy odinstalowac? Bo ja niektorych znalezc u siebie nie moge

co to za link? Mam sie tam zalogowac i napisac dane do pa?

Mam jeszcze jeden problem. Po wpisaniu domeny, nie wyswietla mi sklepu, ale jak zlamie domena.pl/index.php – wtedy wyswietla

Hi, I am setting up your theme. I have installed a new package language, but following your documentation, you say to deactivate block language module. If I activate it, it seems to be not disposed well on the top of the page.

Can you help me?

Thankyou Flavio

Hello Flavio,

Please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com Leave there your back office access so I can install it for you.

Generally language module needs to be uninstalled at the beginning of theme installation, its becouse in next step you will to upload new module (so the old one need to be removed at first).

Thankyou, I’m going to open that ticket


I opened several tickets and sent you a few mails. Can you please look over them?


Replies sent

In your demo, there is search filter in the categories to filter by manufacturer, size, color, etc. ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/rks9jbmfaabuldi/Screenshot%202014-02-18%2010.29.20.png ) What is the module you used?


Module is called: Layered Navigation Block

Best regards polcoder

thanks :)


The description of a category is shown 2 times, is it normal or can I fix it?



Please create a support ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com Leave there your back office access.

Best regards polcoder

Hi, i posted on polcoder.ticksy.com last week, have you checked on it?

Yes, forgive me delay, we are almost finished with millenium redesign, it will be available with new features and compatibility with PS 1.6 Just a few days more and we will be totally ready.

I have same problem, please find me a solituion


Please create a support ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com Leave there your back office access.

Best regards polcoder

I have same problem, please find me a solition