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Hi, my client purchased this theme and needs it translated. You say that the theme is translation ready, but how?

Hi, sorry for delay, you can Traslate Wordpress in several ways, I think the Best is to use Poedit, https://poedit.net/wordpress . You need to take a look to their documentation to now how to use it but it is very easy.

You can find the language files in ‘language’ folder of theme.

Also in my forum i have found some related answers:


Please let me know if you got it. For further assistance you can register and use the forum or send me an email to support@mimothemes.com

Best regards

What font you have chosen in the demo template?

Hi, the font used in theme is Oswald.

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Another bug for you to fix:

You left out the following section in the templateDetails.xml file under the fieldset content and hence author archives weren’t configurable and didn’t function as they were supposed to.

                    <fields name="author" type="grouped" label="AUTHOR_VIEW">

                        <field name="columns" type="text" class="text-short" default="3" label="COLUMNS" description="COLUMNS_DESC" />
                        <field name="content" type="selectbox" default="content" label="CONTENT_TYPE" description="CONTENT_TYPE_DESC">
                            <option value="content">CONTENT</option>
                            <option value="excerpt">EXCERPT</option>
                        <fields name="page-heading" type="chain" label="PAGE_HEADING" description="PAGE_HEADING_DESC">
                            <field name="enabled" type="toggle" default="1" label="ENABLED" enabler="true" />
                            <field name="text" type="text" default="" label="CUSTOM_HEADING" description="CUSTOM_HEADING_DESC" class="text-regular" />
                        <fields name="page-filter" type="chain" label="PAGE_FILTER" description="PAGE_FILTER_DESC">
                            <field name="enabled" type="toggle" default="0" label="ENABLED" enabler="true" />


                        <field name="infinitescroll" type="selectbox" default="no" label="Infinite Scroll" description="Infinite Scroll Activation">
                            <option value="auto">Auto</option>
                            <option value="button">Button</option>
                            <option value="no">no</option>


Hi, thanks, i will take a look to this and fix anything for next release.

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Hi, I was wondering how i can get the “hello” widget area to scroll with the page like the “top” widget area does??

Many thanks

Hi, this is not included, it could be done with jQuery but it is a difficult task i think

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Hi I have issues with menu – does not display all the categories? any suggestions?


Hi, do you have a changelog for 1.8?

ok never mind, I see what you’ve done. Your new lightbox implementation doesn’t work on galleries though, only on featured images. can you advise what will need to be changed to get it to work on galleries?

Also you didn’t fix any of the bugs i’d previously reported which is a shame considering id provided simple fixes.

Hi, please could you send me an email to main@mimo.media describing the issue with galleries, please insert a link.

Please include the rest of bugs so i can take a look and fix them for next release.

Best regards

Is this theme compatible with ubermenu and visual composer?

Hi, i haven’t tested it with these plugins sorry.

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Hello, nice theme, i just have a question can i change the posts order anytime?

Hi, thank you!! Yes, you can choose the order of posts in Theme Options, you can order them by Name, title, ID , Parent, Comment Count, None, Date, Author and Modified date.

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awesome, thank you!

Hello, I’m interested about your theme. Where can I read the installation and configuration documentation? Thank you.

Hi, you can find it here


Best Regards and Thank you for your interest