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Fairly decent template. However, the home page appears that it is not loading all the content with huge gaps between each of the article tiles. Each post page could also do with more content to make it more attractive to them who love to consume content online. Other than that, and maybe a colour change, its nice.

Thank you man, will note the feedback :)

Congratulations Great work.

Thank you!

Looks fantastic!

Is it easy to disable all dates shown in everywhere of the site?

What I want to achieve is basically to create a portfolio site with no date shown at all.


Hi, thank you!, yes you can hide it or show it in every post.


Very nice work! :)

Thank you!

Hi, what do you mean exactly?

finally found it, now it solved :)

Nice Theme & Great Work :)

Thank you very much!! :)

When I click the live preview all I get is a blank page with a green and gray background.

Hi, please tell me which browser are you using?

Great work with this theme. Really like clean look of the homepage, and the post pages look great. A couple of questions and suggestions for updates:

1. Is it possible for videos to have an image as thumbnail on homepage so that users need to click through to postpage to watch? 2. Would it be possible to add option to insert an ad banner next to the main logo? Would it also be possible to insert adsense boxes amonst the thumbnails in the homepage? 3. Is it possible to replace WP comments with FB comments? 4. Would it be possible to add a Tumblr icon with social icons in top right on homepage? 5. Are you available for custom work at all?



thank you very much.

1.Yes, you can configure this through theme options 2.I am including this in next update for this night. The adsense feature would be possible if you insert them in post text.

3.Yes, you can choose it in theme options 4.Yes, i can add it if you buy the theme 5.I am available

Best Regards

Great teme my friend!!!

thank you!!

nice theme.but its very very slow and Heavy.

Hi, which is your internet speed connection? You need to take in count the 70+ posts full of sliders and videos in theme demo i think :)


check your theme in gtmetrix.com

Hi, finally a theme that I’m looking for. Just two questions:

1. Is it possible to display single post/page at home page instead of posts? 2. Is it possible to make post/page full width?

Thank you.


1.yes, you can create as many page templates as needed in theme options. 2.Yes, but width a Full width responsive grid, i can send you the file :)


Just installed theme, everything works, but I can’t find shortcodes for this theme. Are there any?

I think I’m finding some bugs in the code. Mimo I posted on your support forum but have not heard back. Please contact me asap.


i have answered you in the forum.


The theme looks amazing! Just have two questions.

1. Is it possible to integrate comments for posts, if so, how difficult would that be to do without using Facebook enabled commenting?

2. Regarding the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ share bar that shows up on the homepage below some posts when you hover over them; is it possible to get that to show up for the posts that have a picture and a heading? I’m referring to the posts at the top left corner when you click on Culture; the ‘Touchable Sliders’ one for example.



1. Yes, you can choose it, facebook or wordpress comments

2. You can hide or show this for every post format through theme options


Ok great, thanks.

Hi, is it possible to have in the homepage a traditionnal layout with posts (related image, text and read more) ? I’m looking to test it with a traditional blog magazine.


Hi, this is not possible with this theme. You could configure a 1 column grid with a sidebar.


Thanks for the fast answer ;)

I feel like total idiot cuz i have no idea how to edit anythink : ( you said its easy…. it was easier for me to make page in css/php than this lol : (

can any patient friend help me, any tutorial, or anythink ? the style same like in demo would be enough for me but… im dumb HELP PLS

Hi, please download the full package and find complete documentation in documentation folder.

It is covered every aspect to strat up theme

Best Regards

Hi Mimo, The theme is looking good so far however a few issues. A brief outline below – full email sent to ‘support’, would really appreciate you help with these.

01. Fonts: problem with Google fonts. 02. Menu alignment and font size 03. Grid/Gantry dimensions: reduce the overall width of the site and columns. 04. Posts filter: Results are non clickable / Warning in ‘Latest posts’ see full email.

Regards Angus

Hi, sorry for delay, i would be at the office in a couple of hours, let me see your email then.

Best Regards

great theme! im not sure if this is a bug or not but when i set the home page to static, the home button doesn’t permanently stay highlighted?

any help with this?


Edit: when i set the home page and select the front page display*

hi, please send me an email with a link to your site so i can take a look please.


Just purchased this theme however I cannot find any documentation on modifying to create something like your demo?

Do you have a documentation or tutorials link?

Of course, just drop me an email to support@mimothemes.com

Thank you – much appreciated. As soon as the test server is up I’ll send you the link. I’ll make sure that our correctly sized logo etc is already uploaded along with our actual content. Thanks again – much appreciated.

I have just emailed you your logon details for he site. Thanks again.

Can you post tweets in the ‘aside’?

No, sorry, this is not a theme feature

Best regards

I bought this theme after I had upgraded to WP 3.6, and didn’t realize that the theme relies upon the Gantry Framework Template plugin to operate. How do I re-install WP 3.5.2 and remove 3.6?

Hi, you shouldn’t have any problem updating Wordpress, is there something not working?

Best Regards