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I am struggled to find to edit size for top. I put it gantsy menu in top Widgets, it is more height than i see this theme.

Hi, this is because you have published your logo in top position, please do it in header position.

Please download full package from here, TF, and take a look to documentation to speed up your work :), it contains very useful information

Best Regards


When I post/preview “gallery” post, the sidebar moves down. It is displayed under the main body.



Hi, please send me login details to your site so i can take a look to the issue.



Hi mimo,

I was just wondering if there’s any reason there are now large gaps appearing between some of the posts of different sizes? I had looked at the live demo and previously there where no gaps (which matched the theme preview image) but looking at the live demo now there are some large gaps.

Website using the theme also – http://feedmelove.com.au/


Hi, i have visited your site and see you are using other theme, please could you send me a ink to support@mimothemes.com to see the site live?


Hi, I have emailed you, your new login details for our site so that you can change it look like your template with our content.


hi, let me see it and answer you


I’m really liking this theme. Gantry is robust and a bit complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it’s super powerful. Very happy with my purchase so far.

hi, thank you! really happy with this :)

Is the theme fully compatible with WordPress 3.6?

Hi, yes it is. With Wordpress 3.6.1

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Hi! Its possible to change the header to a full width image, intead de logo+banner?

Hi, yes, this is possible. full widrg of theme, or width a little css i can send you, fullwidth of screen.

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Ok, just bought this theme :) and posted on the support forum this question so you can help me to do that

Hi, let me see this when i am at the office and answer you.

Best Regards :)

Please help me configure the home page. I follow the documentation, but still not working. I posted on forum and sent email

Hi, i have answered your email


Hello Mimo, On vaan.co, I have a bug in the Post view under Safari and Chrome, the image slider does not show, or does not show the images correctly. I emptied the cache, downloaded upnews, reinstalled it, awa gantry, but it does not solve. Help needed please, V.

Hi, please send me an email with your login details and link to see what is happening to support@mimothemes.com

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Hi there, really liking this theme.

can you post status from multiple accounts? (For example 2 twitter, 1 facebook etc) Also how is the status posting handled? Do you select a tweet to publish – or can it work like a feed posting each?

is it easy to turn the tile animations off? (The performance is quite slow on old smartphones so looking for ways to speed this up)

can you control the other animations in the theme options?

Could pintrest buttons be added to pictures?

Also the theme description mentions a review post type, but I can not see this in the demo? Please link?

Thank you look forward to purchase :P

Oh, and Also what support is there for adverts?

Also there seems to be a problem with the gallery post breaking.


this is Firefox, also happens in IE8.

Chrome is fine, no problems


the status post is working in demo like standard, you need to insert in it whatever you need.

The animations cannot be turned off but i can tell you which lines to delete

Hover animations cannot be controlled through theme options

Pinterest can be added coding easily

The review is included in every post, let me have time to modify demo an show a link

You can insert adverts everywhere easily with text widgets for example or any plugin

I will look into the issue with the slider to solve it in next update.

Thanks for the feedback.

Best Regards

Hi There A few questions

1. Is it possible to ad a layerslider on the frontpage above the grid. I want to show the news in the layerslider, and the specifik products en the grid.

2. Is it possible to remove the white box with the text “up news” on the homepage?

3. Is it possible to turn off the social media sharing effect, when hovering the grid elements/post.

4. Any chance you could make the distance between each box smaller? Also called the gutter? I want like 2px gutter.

5. Is it possible to embed facebook page timeline like the vimeo embed in the demopage grid?

6. Last question ;). Is it possible to link a image/portfolio/blog in the grid at frontpage to an external page? I want to add advert banners and link to there website.

Best Regards

Sounds very good.

When you say in 1, I can choose a different layer slider, does the theme have any installed? To show what i mean, click this portfolio theme http://demo.undsgn.com/themeselector/?theme=studiofolio

Like this one, i want a news layerslider on the top of the frontpage, and then the grid further down the page. Is this straight out of the box feature? Or do i need to to anything?

Another question is the 5 collums grid is at frontpage, is it possible to make it 3 collums?

Thx a lot with fast good answers. :).

Best Regards


1.No, the theme doesn’t include a news slider, i was meaning that if you have one like layer slider installed, this can be published easily in top of posts grid.

2.Yes, you can choose the columns of grid for any category, blog, search, tag view. You can have 3 columns in frontpage, 5 columns in category 1, 4 columns in category 2, 2 columns in cat 5…etc Or the same 3 columns for all the blog…

Best Regards

Hi again, i was working and finally have included some more info in theme description 5 minutes ago,so if you need to take a look.

Best Regards

I was looking for everywhere how to do this 3 changes but first1 i dont understand, and couldnt find second and 3-rd: ( 1st. Could you explain me how to make sidebar in article but not in home page. 2nd. How can i change height of hello, TOP and Headder ?

3rd. How could i delete “post-footer ” stuff from articles :)

THANK YOU. btw. this theme is awesome :) 1 of best i found here :)

Hi Ceito, pleased to meet you and thank you!

1.You need to create an override and assign it to Single View, then in that override, publish any widget in sidebar. You can take a look to how overrides work in theme documentation(they are like page templates and you can create them on the fly).

2.Those positions will take the height of whatever widget you publish there.

3.This must be deleted in html/content/content-single.php file, send me an email if you need further assistance.

Best Regards :)

I got some problems with sorting posts, when i use DATE sort my are in 2 kolumns only, even if i have more in layout. Can you tell me how to change it ?

Hi, this has to be with the first post in the queue, if this post is a big one it can break the grid, please send me a email to support@mimothemes.com to see the issue online.

Best Regards

Hi dude! Love your theme! But I’m trying to put color in my background Articles (Bloc) like in your live preview (Bloc red and black). Is there a Help Doc where it’s explain?

Thanks a lot

Hi, yes, you can download full package and find a documentation folder.

To change posts formats background colors you can go to Upnews Theme/Post formats styles, inthat tab you can choose background and text color for any post format even a lot of more things to customize the view of each one :)

Best Regards

Thanks a lot!

I have imported the XML file that comes with the download package so as to get me layout structure looking exactly like your demo website: http://demos.mimothemes.com/upnews/ however, a completely different layout is appearing after importing the XML file that comes with the theme.

Is there any documentation I can follow in order to set-up my theme looking exactly like your demo layout?

Many thanks.

Thanks. I have published the logo, menu and socials. However, I am really struggling with re-sizing the height of the header areas. I am using the default preset values in ‘Upnews Theme Settings > Layouts’ and the height of the header areas for the top ticker, menu, socials and logo are just too wide. I have tried to adjust these settings in “Layouts” but I cannot seem to get the height to be readjusted to the same settings as your demo theme.

Are you able to provide me with the same values/settings you have used under Gantry > “Layouts”?

Any ideas?

Hi, use ‘nopadding’ in those widgets ‘custom variations’ field, just write it in the widget field and save it.

You can look in documentation how to use this feature, look for ‘nopadding’

Best Regards

That is awesome! Thanks that fixed the height issues.

Many thanks and much appreciated!

Hi I installed your theme but menu is not like in the demo page. I did all instructions in docs. How can I do same with demo?

my page: http://www.carandfashion.com Thanks

Hi, please open the menu widget and in the ‘custom variations’ field, write ‘nopadding’.

Best Regards

No it doesn’t work I tried already before writing here. I want to exactly the same with demo there is n arrows on the right of category, it’s height is thinner, child categories’ color doesn’t change from admin. Could you please look from my admin panel? thanks

Hi, please send me login details to support@mimothemes.com

Best Regards

This theme works only on wordpress 3.5? There’s problems on 3.6 or new 3.7? Thanks

I read in the comments just now that is compatible with 3.6.1. But 3.7 version? Update the Item Details > Software version, please

Hi, the theme is fully compatible with Wordpress 3.7. Let me update the theme description in next update :)

Best Regards

Great, thank you!

The theme works well enough on desktop even if it has some flaws. The same can’t be said when the site is viewed on mobile devices. The theme is crashing Safari on Ipad, same thing on Android’s browsers and works bad when doesn’t crash. On iPhone, navigation is glitching and the home page loads indefinitely. Do you plan to release an update that corrects these problems in coming day?

Tested link: http://demos.mimothemes.com/upnews/

Hi, i have my own ipad 4 and all is working ok, i also have seen the site in iphone and ok, have you made any modifications to code??

I need to see the issues to fix them so please send me a url to support@mimothemes.com to try to see if in demo it happens in any page or somewhere.

Best Regards

It happens in homepage…

Another problem: why in homepage theme shows original images file and not smaller thumbnails? The home page loads very slowly

Hi, this is done for the user to choose the image sizes and create different views, 2 cols, 1 columns…etc

I am developing an image cropping system for my next themes and i will include it in soon coming update.

Best Regards

I currently have over 1,000 posts with images in the post (usually first object in the post is an image).

If I purchase and install this theme, will those image show on the main page, or will I have to manually go through every post and change something in the post to make it fit with the theme?


Hi, the theme uses the featured images of every post.

To use the slider it uses images added to every post with a theme option.

Best Regards


The responsive menu is not displaying in the mobile version of the site. Please help

Hi, i have send you an email.

Best Regards