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Hi, thanks for the answer on the page title. I have a more urgent quick one if that’s ok. I have put the site live but for some reason both on Mac if I make window smaller and on my phone the mobile navigation doesn’t work. Could you please take a look www.home-protect.co.uk. When you roll over menu nothing happens


I can see javascript error in the console from some plugin (scplugin). So most probably this happens because of this or some other plugin error.

Thank you!

Hi, I only have the plugins installed that you recommended. How can I get rid of this? Obviously it is useless to me without mobile navigation? Thanks

This definitely is not one of the bundled or recommended plugins, and the error is affecting all JS on your website, not only mobile navigation.

From console I can see that the plugin folder is called “uc-shortcodes”


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Hi, How do I get this menu in my related pages? I can not get it out https://ibb.co/m72j8K


This is a custom menu widget that you just need to add to the sidebar.

Thank you!

Hi, interested in purchasing. Is there a team section with detail pages? Looks like there is only an “our-team” on the demo”. Thank you!

Do you mean lightbox galleries in post content?

Yes, lightbox to enlarge images.

It can be easily achieved by any of the lightbox plugins. (Featured images cannot be opened in lightbox though, as they link to posts)

Thank yoi!

Hi, where i can change the favicon? Thanks.

Ok, fine. Thanks :)

Website getting hacked all the time (we dont use default pw, we dont have an admin user). The index.php (not of the theme) has strange chars in. Is there a unsecure plugin used? JS composer is more than 3 years old. Thanks for your help.


JS composer is updated regularly and it is definitely not 3 years old. Please make sure you update theme and included plugins to latest versions.

From what you describe you may have a backdoor for hacks on your installation, here is a good read regarding this matter: https://secure.wphackedhelp.com/blog/wordpress-backdoor-hack/

Thank you!


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What I really like about using this template is the excellent support that is provided for novices developing their site for the first time and who may have very basic questions. This team answers all questions reliably and with knowledge – much better than anything you can find on the web. Definitely worth buying the template for the support that comes with it.

Thank you for your feedback, appreciate it! If you could leave a star rating on your downloads page, that would be even more awesome :)


Hey Guys,

How can i put my menu transparent ? I still got a white background


You just need to choose overlay header, either as default in theme options or for individual page in page options.

Thank you!


How can I remove date/time from the article block?



This css can be used to achieve it:
.mp-date {display:none;}

Thank you!