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Discussion on UpVote - Social Bookmarking WordPress Theme

Discussion on UpVote - Social Bookmarking WordPress Theme

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I am using UpVote – Social Bookmarking WordPress Theme and I need advise on how to hide all images in the stories (post). Really appreciate your prompt response. Thanks!

budhilaw Author Team

Please use an account that already bought Upvote Theme so you can get our support feature.

A few pre-sale questions.

Since I am a Word Press Developer, having a programming solution also fine if you can guide lite bit.

1. Could you please explain how trending feature work?

2. If I saw one article is very good, Could I possible to add more than one votes by me(by admin)

3. Could I create a filter on category pages to order stories by votes? (Eg: select box including recent & popular filter ) Same feature is on theme like Bimber, etc

4. Could I allow to votes for guest users also?

5. If same URL is added again, will this system block it ?

6. If a image is missing, could I add it manually?

7. Could I use Sub Categories also?

budhilaw Author Team

Did you mean you want to change featured image in list area to use rectangle image size ?

Yes of course. I need to change it. Let say current image is 90 * 90. I would like something similar to 150 * 90. Because it seems like better and beautiful.

budhilaw Author Team

Unfortunately, our theme doesn’t have that kind of feature. The only alternative if you want to do that is using custom CSS code.

I have bought this theme 3 months ago and this is one of the best theme available in the market now. And I have question, I want to the google AdSense script in the middle of the submit form (like right before the select topic category dropdown). How can I do that?

budhilaw Author Team

Hi there,
Thank you for choosing our product.
You can add manually ads script, edit this file:

Then add the Adsense script or code like this,

Let me this solution help you or not. ^^

I made the changes as described and it worked. Thanks again for wonderful support.

And I thought of buying more licenses, any idea of running promotions in the future. :) :)

budhilaw Author Team

Thank you for your kind words.
If you satisfied with our support team, please consider to give us 5 stars rating in here:


I really liked your UpVote script and comparing it to another similar script at themeforest.

I hope you can add in Submit Story area an option to select language related to the article. So when users come to your site can filter news language when switching site languages.



The title is in the Russian language but the URL title does not support it? Can you make it so it can support? Another good feature is manually switched or replace images if there is no image etc.

UpVote has the old Digg layout more than 10 years ago. Please can you add homepage a Masonry grid Theme?

budhilaw Author Team

Hello there,
Thank you for your kind words.
1. There is no option to switch the news language
2. For the layout option, the theme does nor support grid, please check our demo site first.

Hi, any coupon for that theme?

budhilaw Author Team

We don’t have coupon for this theme.

Install not loading – error

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.


I need help setting up the software to function like your test website. http://preview.themeforest.net/item/upvote-social-bookmarking-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/15542355

budhilaw Author Team

Could you send me the credentials login of your website through here ?

I will check it for you.

Thanks, email sent from your page – https://themeforest.net/user/themewarriors

budhilaw Author Team

Please check your email.

I am impressed with this theme and before I make a BUY decision want to know a few things - 1. Can I hide the username of the person who is going to post each article? (Eg: Hide the name ‘upvotedemo’ from the demo site below each post) 2. Can I rename the section headers of ‘TRENDING STORIES’, ‘POPULAR STORIES’, ‘RECOMMENDED STORIES’ because my website is not about ‘Stories’ but ‘Startups’ 3. Similar I want to rename the section header ‘STORY CATEGORY: XYZ’ when user clicks on certain category link

budhilaw Author Team

1. Yes, you can. You can use simple css code to hide it
2. Yes, you can change the text.
3. Yes, you can.

Please check the demo site first before purchasing the theme.


Upvote is a great theme for us, a great fit for what we are trying to build. However, I have a question:

Our forums are going to be mostly exam based, as in a lot of students are going to be talking about those exams based on their educational preferences. Upvote offers this, but is it possible for Upvote theme to be customised to look like a social media feed?

By this I mean, can the entire feed look like a free-flowing social media feed with infinite scroll? And, will this feed will be customised based on the post categories chosen by people?

Thank you for checking our theme and we are really happy to know that our theme is perfectly compatible with your project. And if you are interested to do some customization, I highly suggested you discuss it with our developer team by filling the form below:

Hope this helps,

Hello, does this template support Chinese language? Or I can customize all words to be in Chinese lang?

Hi there,
You can use Loco Translate to help you translate your website.

I’ve bought your template. Thanks for your useful response, and I’ve used the Loco Translate to get most of words to chinese, but some of them I have to alter in template codes. I also met the problem of comment not showing up, and thanks for BobbyMara’s comment here, I’ve solved the problem. And you may ought to alter your template to get the comments shows.

budhilaw Author Team

Glad your issues are solved now.
Let me know if you had another issue.
Also, if you satisfied with our support service, please consider giving us 5 stars rating through here:

And thank you for purchasing our theme. ^^

hi, got UpVote 2 days ago, everything works except for the wp comments that do not show up I see “1 comment” but not the comment itself, please advise.

ok, maybe you want to change this to show comments:



change line 84 from

case ' ' :
case 'comment' :

and then all the coments show.

but maybe the function would be better if the switch was

switch ( $comment->comment_type ) :
case 'pingback':
case 'trackback':
// Proceed with normal comments.

and then it does not matter what is in comment_type

Hi there,
Thank you for the report and the solution, we really appreciate it.
I will forward this issue to our developer team.


On my homepage there is “Recommended Stories. Sorry, no recommended stories found.” I can’t find anything about it in documentation.

How to manage this?

Regards, Sylwester

Hi there,
You can set the recommended stories in Theme Options section.

Hello, two Pre-Purchase questions.

Is it possible to sell “Promoted” posts to users/advertisers?

Is there space to insert Advertisement blocks?

Hi there,
Could you explain me more about promoted post ? is there any example ?

Yes, you can insert ads code.

Hello, in Settings > General Settings it should be ” Anyone can register” turn on? and “New User Default Role” should be Contributor? I have problem, because I have many about 5000 users now and also about 100 administrators. I curious how these people or bots are registered as administrators. Any idea? Thanks

Hi there,
It seems like there a bug in your website so a new user can add an admin account, I am afraid that someone put a dangerous script inside your host files. You can try to scan with some security plugins (ex: WordFence).

is there a chance to update the search to appear right below search button instead of full screen? the typeable section goes all the way left when clicked, which is annoying. other than that, great theme. kudos!

budhilaw Author Team

No, you can’t change the position.
You need to click the search icon and then type a word to use the search function, there is no option to change that behavior.

ok thanks. thanks for the great theme. great work.

budhilaw Author Team

You’re welcome.
If you feel satisfied with our support team, please consider to giving us 5 stars rating through here:

how can i change the size of featured image on a story page? I’m happy with the thumbnail size but it’s too big on story page.

also, is there a chance to open stories on same tab instead of a new tab?

budhilaw Author Team

Hi there,
There is no options to change those features.


envatofc Purchased

Nice theme, thank you. Question – after a user fills out the Registration form they are shown the same Registration form tab again. This can be confusing and cause the user to think they didn’t fill out the Registration form properly. How can the user be either: (1) auto-logged in after filling out the Registration form, or (2) shown the Login tab automatically after filling out the Registration form?

budhilaw Author Team

Even though the modal still shows up the registration form but it also shows up the notification message that the account is already registered and tells the visitor to do log in now.
You can’t change this behavior because there is no option to do that.
Cheers ^^


envatofc Purchased

Thanks for the response. Like I said, this is confusing behavior for users. The site is telling the user that they “can now login using your account” but the modal window being displayed is the Register tab.

It appears to me that all you need to do is change the post-registration confirmation URL from ”/?success=1#tab-register” to ”/?success=1#tab-login” or just ”/#tab-login”. How can this be done?

budhilaw Author Team

Sorry, I cannot recommended to you to change the backend behavior of theme because it’s out of our policy.
Hope this helps,