Discussion on Upward - Experimental Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme

Discussion on Upward - Experimental Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme

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Hello- I’m really liking your theme!

Hopefully quick question: Something odd is happening with the URLs for the social medial links in the header. Seems like they are directing to this URL: ROOT_URL/wp-content/themes/Upward/go.php?SOCIAL_URL, which then redirects to the social URL. Is that the way it was intended? Is there a way to edit the code so these links go direct to the social sites?

Also, I don’t suppose there’s an easy way to edit the tooltip text within those social media icons? I swapped out Pinterest (which I do not use) for Producthunt) by changing the png, but keeping the filename. But the tooltip still says “Pinterest”.


To disable tooltips you can drop these lines on Theme Panel > Style > Custom CSS:

#tooltip-holder {
display: none !important;

To change tooltips the tweaks with the theme files should be done.

Regards, Nat

Thanks again – worked perfectly. Cheers!

Great. You are welcome :)

Rate our work – http://themeforest.net/downloads It will take 5 seconds.

Regards, Nat

Hello, I’m building a page on http://bajabrews.wpengine.com/

All projects are published and have a similar date, but for some reason “In progress” is still showing for two, and only 10 out of 13 are displaying. Reading Settings is set to 50 posts, Projects per page (in ST Kit Project Settings) is set to 50 as well.


I’ve already answered on your messages twice.

You’ve made custom changes with the theme. You need to restore original theme files to work it properly.

Regards, Nat

hi there. very simple question for your ‘Upward: Experimental Portfolio & Blog.’

your thems has a slanting border theme throughout. can this be changed to make everythign straight?

thank you very much


Thank you for your interest.

I suggest you to take a look a Recital theme. It seems that more fits for your needs – http://strictthemes.com/recital/

Regards, Nat

Great theme, was wondering will you be able to add advertisement areas like you did in other themes ?

Hi, this theme is not ad focused but you can still use the theme panel options to append any custom code (aka ads) before and after the a post ( http://take.ms/HCgYe )

Regards, Luis.

Hi, great theme, I’ve been using it error-free for about a year now, however yesterday I noticed that the “st-gallery” shortcode stopped working. I haven’t been doing any changes/updates to the web, except for automatic Wordpress updates. Yesterday I also tried updating the ST Kit plugin, but the shortcode still doesn’t work. Eg. “googlemap” shortcode works on the same page. Example:


Gallery should appear between subtitle and the booking form. I’m using do_shortcode() to display the gallery within single.php. IDs are passed to the shortcode from post meta.

Thanks for your help. I know my support expired, but could you please help? I didn’t need support before :)


Hi, this is what I see: http://take.ms/qCwoS About the gallery, it is not intended to be used as a shortcode, and the gallery post format is working fine with latest WP version.

Maybe another plugin making conflicts?

Please consider on extending your support if you still have problems.

Regards, Luis.

Hi, thanks for your answer. What you see now is actually the classic WP gallery (in my template I changed [st-gallery ids=”XY”] for [gallery ids=”XY”]). As mentuoned, it all worked fine until now…I haven’t added any plugins, there were just some automatic WP updates (not plugin updates). Anyway, will try and figure this out. Thanks again, Michal

Hi, nice looking theme, love the angled approach, it would work well with our logo.

Couple of quick pre-sale questions…

1) Is it possible to change the angle value? Or easy to do so with some custom css? The angle in our logo is going the same way, but is not quite the same angle if that makes sense?

2) Portfolio – is there just one layout in the theme for the portfolio single? Would be good to have a couple of options instead of the huge image. A mosaic layout for multiple images perhaps, or half image half description.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, the angle is made with a css border trick, you should be able to modify the angles with a bit of css work without any problems. About the portfolio we only included one type of layout :(

I will send your suggestion to the team and see if it gets approved ;)

Regards, Luis.

Hello, what a nice theme full of beautiful ideas. I have a pre-sale questions. I run several off-the-track customisations within our word press files and hence not all themes run well. Hence I like to ask working with it before sale. If it works out with our configuration I will buy ASAP, if not it will be deleted. As a token of trust you can have our full address etc so that you can be sure this isn’t a trick etc. I really hate buying stuff and have no use later. Thanks. Best from Germany, Achim.

Hi, you can make a purchase and test it with your mods and if doesn’t fit just ask for a refund, our team is notified about your case so they will make accept it right away.

If on the other hand you integrated all your functionalities into a plugin send it to me by email support@strictthemes.com and I’ll check the compatibility for you.

Regards, Luis.

I installed the theme on my existing blog and importet the demo content to see how it workd. Followed the documentation but still have a major problem: the blog-page always shows the porfolio frontpage. even when I load the page directly, the layout is of the frontpage. how can this be fixed?