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very nice job, good look.

Thanks man.

I just bought it, because I loved it. Thank you for the awesome theme, and good luck with sales.

And thank you for buying the theme! I really appreciate It.

Clean and Bold design!

Thank you!

Great template, love it! Any chance there will be a Woocommerce version of this?

Thanks. Well, if I’ll find developer it could be.

So woocomerce will be on february.

Have any email templates?

thanks, was looking for something that matched urbanix. thanks.

I’m very new to web shops in wordpress so the following Q is probably obvious to most of you. I just purchased this template and thought it was a template to install in to wordpress and the plugin eShop, apparently not. To sum it up – I have no clue on how to use this. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi, this is only design, so if you want to install it on wp you need to develop it first. But we are working on wp (woocommerce) version, so if you want stay tuned. Unfortunately I can’t say when it will be ready. Or you can buy HTML version of this template.

Hey, i see you are working on a Woocommerce version, That’s great. Any idea of the release date?

Hello, well I hope this month..

That’s great news! If it looks and works anything like the html template i just saw the demo of it will be a purchase for me!

Well, I have bad news (for me as well) .. Not sure about woocomerce version. There are few troubles in developing so I dont know when it will be ready :/ If ever ..

Hi – We sell hand made quilts and I need a theme that will allow me to do the following:

1. Chose between 3 main designs from pictures 2. Chose main colour from colour sheet (blocks of colour) 3. Chose material from pictures based on colour choice 4. Chose the size from a drop down 5. Be presented with price 6. Place order

Could this theme do the job for me?


Hi, sorry for late answer. This theme is only psd so nope.