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Nice Work! Good luck!


How to change the date ?

email answered :)

rated 5 stars

Archive updated. Forgotten Readme file now included :)

This theme is awesome! I want to purchase but the theme doesn’t look good or work properly on my iPad, model MD522X/A, or iPhone, model MC605X/A. Could you confirm any bug fixes?

Thanks for kind words. Dear, theme tested on iPads and iPhones – just remove Themeforest frame (button “Remove frame”) at top left and everything will be fine :) it is a bugs of frame, not theme.

Thanks! :)

How to change the countdown date?

Hello. You should buy template. After that open Readme file for reference :)


Does the download package includes the images on the demo site?


You mean that guys, cars and buildings? Yes! It is my own work. Vector version of images on demand :)

not working on internet explorer

Thanks for purchase. Working fine in Internet Explorer. Generally, there is no things that can working unproperly in IE. Just remove themeforest frame at the top of page and preview page without it.

Is there a CMS or can this be easily plugged into a CMS such as WordPress? Happy to build / edit raw files but it is for my cousin who’s skills aren’t the same. Thanks Will

Hi Dazein I purchased this theme of yours and it worked beautifully. I edited the content according to myself. It worked fine for some time but now the COUNTER somehow is not ticking/working on safari. It is working fine on chrome and firefox. Please guide me through the process.


Hi dear, thanks for purchase. Urbano working fine on Safari. Strange Safar andChrome are webkit browsers and use almost the same rendering engine. Anyway, send me a mail with link to your site. You can send email via form at my profile page.

http://applify.guru please help me solve this counter issue asap

Dear, it seems to be a bug with a new version of Safari. It will take a time. Give me a time to solve it.

So awesome!;

Thanks, collegue :)

Hi Dazein I purchased this theme of yours and it worked perfectly. I edited the content according to instructions and not one complaint completed in under 2 hours. Happy Days! Would buy from you again and again. Many Thanks :)

Thanks for purchase and kind words, mate! Will be glad of 5 stars from you ;)

Hi Dazein,

Your job is great.

I just have a simple question about your template.

The animation is stopping (cars moving) less than 5 minutes after the update of website on my web browser.

Could you tell me how could I have an “infinite animation” ?

Thanks in advance…

Hi, thanks for interest in Urbano. Sorry but let me answer with question – is it pre purchase question? I see you have no any purchases of my items.

Yes, sorry for that. Indeed it is a pre-purchase question.

I am really interesting about your template (both Urbano & Construction) and animation seems to stop less than 5 minutes after the refresh of web browser ? Could we find a way to have an “infinte animation” ?

Please, how can I change the date? JS code file is not the same as your explanation in the “Read me” file.

I need help. Thank you.

Hello, dear. Thanks for purchase. You mean countdown date? Just checked repo – documentation and code are the same. In read me I also gave an example: To change countdown target date you should find this code in scripts.js: Line 100: austDay = new Date(austDay.getFullYear() + 1, 12 - 1, 31); That code means our target date is 31 December 2013. Here is another example – First man in space anniversary wil be at 12 April 2013. Our code will be the next: austDay = new Date(austDay.getFullYear() + 0, 4 - 1, 12);. If you still have a problems just check http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html – this is the official plugin page. Athor giving more examples of plugin initialization.

Thank you for your prompt answer. I solved! Great template! I am very happy.

Thank you dear for kind words!

Sorry, I only have one more doubt. I try to update the map with my city. I enter the coordinates and also the city but I can not display anything. How should I do?

This is what change:

before: newyork var = new google.maps.LatLng (40.717306, -73.996536);

after: chile var = new google.maps.LatLng (-33.4691199, -70.641997);

but nothing happens, no longer seen the map

no need to change var, because that variable needed later. Go to http://www.latlong.net/ and get lat and long for your place. Paste it into code.


documentation to install theme?

Hi, please a need your help, where find documentation about your theme urbano contruction page, how intall in the other things, thanks

Hi dear, thanks for purchase, but this is not a wordpress theme, it is HTML template.


Nice Work, Good Luck With Sales !