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I couldn’t find a php file for the contact form ?

Hi koronz,

Just for others who are reading this comment – we’ve added contact form.

Cheers, ThemeWoodmen

Thanks for the update regarding php mailing. It is nice that you made the update with a lot of possibilities. But what if i’m not gonna use gmail or my mail server. Normally, if i’m not wrong a simple php send option with adding an email was enough. It seems now that i have to make the mail server configuration and the point is , i would ve happy with a simple form and now i’m just looking at the configurations etc. No fense, it is great that you made a php mail update with possibilities but could you please what i have to do for a normal simple “send option” ? ?’m not that experienced ?

Hi koronz,

Sure, I know what you mean – it’s a complex mail script which allows you to use smtp authentication, gmail etc. but what if you want to use simple php mail function right? :) To use mail function all you need to do is simply delete line in send.php:


Other configurations like host, username etc. you can skip or delete because they will not be used anyway.

If you have any other questions regarding this or any other feature of this template, please do not hesitate to use our support forum: http://support.themewoodmen.createit.pl/projects/ursus-polaris

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Any updates about the mobile compatibility?

Not yet, but we are working on it.


How can i add new social icon ?

Please use fortawesome.github.com/Font-Awesome/ in you projects

For more quality and easy change icons and skins

Thank you

Hi 1schoolds-dot-com,

Could you please post this question on our support forum here: http://support.themewoodmen.createit.pl/projects?

This way our support team will be able to ask you additional questions if required.

As for Font-Awesome – that’s a great idea. I’ll speak with tech team to add it to our feature request list.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Really amazing theme…. i like to know HOW you do the transition ?... and another question, you said 5 other transition, but where i can see it, i like to see it in the menu or with 5 demo button. i cannot buy a theme without seeing it all … thanks !


Thanks. We use javascript + CSS3 for transition animations. From a user point of view, he just need to change 1 line of code to use different, predefined animation type :)

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

I really like the theme. However, I do have two major problems at the moment.

First, I cannot get the contact form to work. I changed the theme to metalTheme but when I enter the information in contact form and select “Submit” it redirects to /contact.html (from #/contact) which has the default theme. Worse, the send.php does not execute and no validation is performed on the email address. If however, I fill out the form in /contact.html it works flawlessly.

Second, while the template looks good on iOS it does not do so well on Android. In fact, it’s pretty much unusable on Android. Can I change something to get the same response on Android as on iPhone?


Hi, Please post this issue on our support forum here: http://support.themewoodmen.com where our support team is waiting for you.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

This is ridiculous. I purchased this a few hours ago. I’ve read the Documentation, which (by the way) is outdated.

1) My default transition is NOT cube; it just slides to the left. 2) I can not change this transition via ctPolaris 3) In the demo, nothing happens when current active page is clicked. That is not the case in the purchased .zip. The page re-slides to the left again. 4) My package didn’t receive the Stylychooser interface.

You are supposed to sell website contents as they appear in Live Previews. Everything is gutted and different.

Please respond ASAP

Please DO NOT tell me to create a topic in your suport forum. I visited it. It’s practically empty.

Hi lukeed, our support forum is the best place to get help.

Are you sure you installed template on remote server? This template uses lots of ajax calls to work correctly, and while you launch it locally your browser stops all those ajax calls, breaking the layout.

Stylechooser is not included in the template, as this is normal routine on ThemeForest. Docs explain what to do to achieve any transition effect or colorset which is presented on demo page.

If you have any troubles using it, we’ll be happy to help you.

Hello, I have purchased this amazing template but in blue instead of green, can I change the colour anywhere or do I have to purchase another one in green? Thank you :)

Funny that u reply to my comment from 2 days agao but NOT to a real comment from 19 days ago!

Hi, I’m not a web designer, but I bought it for myself, and I made my site alone. Please see the www.paweloracz.pl Page looks different in each browser and sometimes it looks very bad. I think I made ??no mistakes. The iPad and the iMac page looks great. on the PC – bad. Where I may have made a mistake?



Hi Pawel,

Could you please post this question on our support forum: http://support.themewoodmen.com? We are not aware about this problem so if you could also attach a screenshot it would be great.

Dzieki:) ThemeWoodmen

Hi ThemeWoodmen By any chance do you have the actualization to IE10 compatibility, because it dosn’t work at 100% in that browser.

Purchased 1 month ago.

Mickey Mouse

Still want to buy the theme, but waiting for the Android compatibility issue to be fixed. Also on chrome the scroll bars are not working. Any idea when this will be fixed?

I was going to post on the support forum, but found the issue already reported 10 months ago (with no resolution). So there seemed little point in my posting there.

TinyScrollBar not working in Firefox or Google Chrome on Windows.

Theme seems to be broken in latest Firefox. None of the animations work. Fix it, please.


Thanks for the info! We will investigate issue.


Excellent CV…!!!


You need to add it to all .html pages as a body class. Please check this example

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi..!! Hello I slowly getting the form of web page I like.

But I do not know: 1. that file (js, css, html) 2. that line 3. and insert code to see the “CUBE” mode. I only see “SlideShow”.

Please see this: http://www.raydigital.com.ar/cv/index.html

How do I turn that page as “cube” .. ??

I hope to answer … !!! Ray

Hello Ray!

The animation type for the website can be changed in the ctPolaris.js file in HTML > js of the themplate files here. If you will still have any problems with this themplate please contact our support team at http://createit.support/ with access to your website so our support theme will gladly help you there.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

For some reason I cannot click on anything but the navigation bar when using Chrome. Does anyone else have this problem?


Just check the demo on Chrome and it worked for me. Do you have this problem on any specific device/operating system?

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen