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any plan to upgrade the theme for wordpress 4.x ?

I really need this …



please note that all our themes are compatible with the latest Wordpress version, including uShop – so you can peacefully update your Wordpress installation. Thanks.


Very nice theme.

Presales questions:

1) in a product page, Is it possible to place the “add to cart” button on top of the description and below the price? 2) In the checkout, is it possible to put it back to the one-page format? It is very nice as it is but we prefer it the standard way. 3) We are planning to buy WPML, would you be so kind to help us to place the code for the language flag selectors in the header?

Kind regards & thanks in advance. Jose

Hi Jose,

thank you for taking into consideration our theme. Here are our answers:

1) Unfortunately there are no buttons for that, you’ll have to customize WooCommerce’s templates a bit.

2) No theme options again, only by customizing the code.

3) There is no need to edit the header. You can easily insert the code in a TEXT/Shortcode template builder element (in case it’s HTML). Or insert the language switcher in a sidebar, then sidebar in the header.

Best wishes, Nick

Do you have the file latest woocommerce which is compatible with the ushop theme

We are working right now on the latest WooCommerce update – further details we’ll sen you on the ticket you’ve opened. Thanks.


I have submitted a support ticket, my theme is not working correctly, it does not allow me to add some images or side bar add ons

Hi and thank you for submitting a ticket. We’ll send you a response in short time. Sorry for the weekend delay.

Hello I use to theme and I notice big slowness on the site and in the admin is this normal ? thank you in advance.

Quick solution:

Find line 237 or 250 (depending on your theme) from includes.class.php file located in /lib/php/ folder of your theme.

and instead of

$googlefontsSeraliazed = wp_remote_get(“”);

save your file as:

//$googlefontsSeraliazed = wp_remote_get(“”);

Great to know you have found the solution!

There will be a theme update soon.

Hi I’ve just bought this theme, and i’m not able to import the demo contents; i think because your xml file is 2,1 megabyte and the maximum size to upload is 2 mega; If it’s not for this can you help me?