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Hi, would it be possible to come up with a top nav menu. On the ipad all I see are the icons. Would like some text, so I’m thinking a top nav (even if limited to 5-6 items) may work better….any chance of getting a patch / fix to get top nav?


You have to add “active” class in li element being that tab active but if you want to add background color when clicked then you should add ”.sidebar_navigation ul li:active{background:#somecolor}” in style.css file.


very nice template!

Could you please add responsive design for the mixed_galleries.html upload images form? When i add some pictures the layout is crashed.

thanks in advance.

Thanks for purchasing Utopia.

Abut the issue you mentioned here, we will try to release a patch in next update which will fix it.

I love this theme, but I am not a developer, how do I make the log in work and create different passwords.

Hello, I am sorry but to make login work with different credentials you need to know server side scripting (i.e php/python/ruby)


HI this theme looks good and seems like it’ll be a good fit for my new project. but before I’ll purchase it, I got few questions..

- will this work with django? as a django template? - do you have any example where its been used with django? - how much support you provide? (to help customize the website)? - whats the difficulty level to implement and customize this theme?

thank you in advance

this is a pure HTML+CSS+JS based theme. So yes, it will work with everything to be honest.

Hello. I’m using UTOPIA for a project right now and I’m loving it. I have a problem, the client needs to be able to browse his computer for a image. I added to a form the input type=”file” for this. But, it seems that the Utopia CSS is no set for this type of input. It looks like it uses the stock CSS, very ugly. Can you add the proper CSS for this? To match the other inputs, including the default button that open the window to browse the files. Can you do it? Thank you very much!

Hello, I’m interested, I love the color and texture! we have some questions please:
  1. Do you plan draggable portlets or widtes, and in the draggable portlets, if user changes positions, how to capture and send the changed/dragged user layout back to server, JSON?
  2. Can some of the portlets be made bigger than the other, for e.g., can it span two columns or two rows
  3. Can you provides settings on the portlet int eh handle area, to allow for e.g., in the panel area draggable or print, edit color
  4. Can we change the graphs out completly, and how or, can you add sparklines to the graph, and the donuts are not interactive, e.g. boo Admin
  5. Icon library updates look under ICON fonts/updates
  6. How can I allow user to change skins easily
  7. How can I allow the user to change font type, or size for easy reading
  8. Adding a chat session space scroll down

Hi guys my boss bought this a couple of months ago…

Order Ref: 0002a236be1e11e2952c842b2b692e1a

If you click on a menu item which has a dropdown it doesn’t display. If you rotate the phone it then appears (and still does once you rotate it back). On the iPhone it works as expected though.

I’ve sent you several emails regarding this but haven’t had a response, can you respond ASAP!!


Thanks for this great theme. Just got a question, do you have a ready modal popup?

I dont want to add more JS files and I dont have much experience to use your files to create one. adding more JSs will make it worse anyway. so please need your help.


I have a little problem with this good theme. I’ve created a PHP page which is listing lots of images. The problem is that some of these images overlap and if I refresh the page the problem is gone. It has to be something CSS/JS related but not sure what.

I’ve prepared two screenshots to demonstrate the issue. Link 1: , Link 2:

Can you help me with this? Thanks

is this theme still supported??