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i was able to find out the solution for my last Question.

But now i have again a Question which i cant solve. The color on the Altert Box is differnt to the color from the Confirm Box. The font is rly hard to read. Where can i change that?

To change the font, please edit the following

file: css/alert.css line # 2

To change the color, please edit the following

file: css/alert.css in line # 45 class name .popup_message

When you load the template on a mobile device, specifically an iPhone 4S or iPad 3 (running iOS 5.1.1) or a Samsung Galaxy Nexus or S3 (running ICS ) or a Samsung Galaxy S2 (running Android 3) and click the black menu button to display the menu, the sub menu items do not seem to load. When you click on one of the menu buttons the second level nav does not show up. Any help?

Any update or possible solution?

Yes. We have fixed the issue and pushing an update tonight. And it’s coming with a brand new “WOODEN” theme as well. :)

The new update with fixed bugs and wooden skin is now live. Please download.

When switching to the activity tab from the message tab the drop down closes. Its under the arrow next to the user drop down. Any idea on how to stop it from closing?

Awesome theme btw!

Looks to be an issue with Chrome 20.0.

Hi Themio, first of all got to say that your work is really good – clean, not bloated.

When working with it I came into task which seems to be frequent. I have to include into utopia-widget-title tabs which would switch the content utopia-widget-content. Have anyone accomplished to create such widget box?

If you wanna make anything collapsible like the widget you may have to create your own. Drop an email and let us know where you need help.


Greetings. Very nice template. I have a question. What method you would you recommend for users to be able to edit information about an image such as name, description and tags. What would the workflow look like? I see you have the file uploader that works great and you have an image gallery that looks great. I need to bridge the gap. What is workflow for after the file gets uploaded through the uploader, where the user can then edit information about the image and it shows in a gallery. In addition, when it is in the gallery, I’d like for there to be edit/delete icons that appear so the user can edit the file information from there. What are your thoughts on this?

I downloaded the Update.

I have a basic PHP MVC going on my server

So it checks for authentification and redirects user’s using an:

include (views/dashboard.php)

If we load this file trough php include, the header section with the Notifications and the Users config bar doesn’t work.

(once you open it, you can’t close it… unless you click outside the box)

But if i load the file directly vía the browser’s url, then it would work perfectly.

Im gonna try to outride this bug my self, i would apreciate some hints & tips :)

I got it working…

ATENTION : If you are having troubles with the class : .notification-counter & .user-info

check on your header.js on the line 50 or so…

$(document).mouseup(function(e) { console.log('mouse up'); console.log(jQuery(; if(jQuery( < 20 || jQuery( > 23){ if(jQuery('.notification-counter').hasClass('notification-active')) { jQuery('.notification-counter').removeClass('notification-active'); jQuery('.notification-box').hide(); } if(jQuery('.user-info').hasClass('user-active')){ jQuery('.user-info').removeClass('user-active'); jQuery('.user-dropbox').hide(); jQuery('#triangle-down').show(); } } });

it seems like the —if(jQuery( < 20 || jQuery( > 23) - index of the targets change if you use the files in certain ways. Mostly if you add or delete some divs and sections of the template =)

Cheers!! Peace.

Thanks. Glad that you figured it out yourself.

Hello, beautiful work.

I bought a template in php that does not have the administrative area. I wonder how much you charge to integrate your adm template, to my template.

Thank you.

Hello, thanks for your comment but unfortunately we are a small team and we don’t have enough time to do custom jobs like this.

Utopia comes with good documentation and it will be easy to integrate it with your application. Beside that we will answer any specific issues with any plugin or coding structure, layout etc anytime.

I don’t think you are allowed to use these icons. It’s a personal license, not a comercial one !

PixFee, this icon library has been released over a year ago and our copy is the one which was released with “Commercial and Personal License” – ( version: WDS _Google_Plus_UI_Icons_19196799480221102 ) . When they had released it first it was allowed for commercial use and there was no “Commercial License” thing present at all in DesignShock – they probably added it this week. I am very aware of our licensing issue to avoid any kind of troubles. And many other themes in ThemeForest has also used this icon set before.

I just double checked again – and the version we incorporated is Version “WDS_Google_Plus_UI_Icons_19196799480221102” which comes with the following License

Free for personal and commercial use.

If you are still confused, please do check from design shock with this specific version number which was released almost a year ago :)

Thanks Themio Team

Thank You.

Ok i understand ! Good one by the way !


Is Utopia build on top of Bootstrap 2.04, or, simply compatible with it?


Built on top of it.

Will you support future (point) release updates?

of course!

Based on this thread, you updated the theme three weeks ago to fix submenu issues on mobile devices; however, when I test your demo on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the submenus are still not visible. Did you forget to update the demo? If I can see submenu items working on the Nexus, I’ll buy the theme.


i have another Problem:

There Is a ”?” instad of a “x”. But i dont know why :/

Thanks for help

Okay found out the Error.

The problem wwas that it dont was encoded with UTF8 .



sry for the much posts but i have another Question.

I tried to use the Datepicker, but im unable to do it.

If i click on the Input nothing happend. WHat do i need to do, to make a datepicker input?


can you tell me how can i link this admin panel with templeate

pleas answer me i need it

Sorry I didnt understand your question, please tell us in details what do you want to know.



I am looking into this theme (mostly to use some of the circular buttons) that you have provided. But I dont see any of them in the live example. Am I missing it?


You need to use modern browsers which are CSS3 compliant for that.

Hmm, I know that. I am checking with compliant browser at: and I dont see the circular buttons in example up there.

I have some doubts regarding your template. How difficult do you think it would be to make real time tracking on the maps ? I need to put some custom markers on the maps, would that be possible ?

If you are good with Javascript API of Google Maps, then it’s fairly easy :)