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Utopia Responsive Admin Template

Utopia Responsive Admin Template

Utopia, the premium responsive admin template comes packed with a massive set of features including 30+ beautifully crafted UI elements ranging from charts to gauges, knobs to masked inputs and what not. This theme comes with three themes white and dark which will suit your need in different situations. The collapsible sidebar and widgets, data tables, conversations tables, pricing tables and numbers of galleries with image effect will make it a perfect choice for the backend of your web applications.

New update comes with a WOODEN theme.

Contact us for any problem or suggestions you need with this theme.

Live Preview: http://utopiaadmin.themio.net

Major Features

  • Responsive, works with multiple devices
  • Massive collection of UI elements
  • Multiple Skins
  • Advanced map widgets with traffic overlays
  • 200+ beautiful icons in color and grey format
  • 18 HTML pages
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Well structured code
  • Built on top of jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Pricing Tables included
  • Multiple format of Data Tables
  • Collapsible sidebar and widgets


Dashoboard comes with a glimpse of beautifully crafted UI elements that comes with Utopia. The collapsible and responsive sidebar, data tables, legends, weather controls, data tables, news feed ticker and many more

Sidebar and Data tables

Utopia Responsive Admin Template - 1

Maps and Notifications

Utopia Responsive Admin Template - 2 Utopia Responsive Admin Template - 3

Newsfeed ticker

Utopia Responsive Admin Template - 4

Pricing tables

Utopia has three beautiful pricing tables included, one of them looks like this Utopia Responsive Admin Template - 5

Charts and Graphs

Utopia comes with excellent charting elements built on top of powerful jQuery framework. It has flot charts like pie, bar, line, spark line charts and beautiful data gauges. Utopia Responsive Admin Template - 6

Icon buttons

You can do a lot of things with the icons and button styles that comes integrated with utopia, ranging from normal color ful buttons to social counters, icon buttons to advanced circular buttons.

Utopia Responsive Admin Template - 7


Utopia Responsive Admin Template - 8

Square and Circular buttons

Utopia Responsive Admin Template - 9

Advanced UI elements

Beside a massive collection of regular UI controls, Utopia comes jam packed with advanced UI elements. Here is just a small glimpse of the badge and knobs Utopia Responsive Admin Template - 10

Features in detail

  • Responsive layout based on Bootstrap grid system
  • Collapsible sidebar and widgets
  • 3 nice looking, fully styled of pricing tables included
  • Multiple data tables
    • Tables with static data and multiple layout format
    • Tables with actions buttons
    • Tables with pagination
    • Sortable and searchable data table
  • Conversation and chat layouts
    • Mailbox layout like Gmail
    • 3 types of chat conversation layout with avatars
  • Three beautifully designed pricing tables
  • Fluid Grid and Typography layouts from Bootstrap
  • Integrated bootstrap UI elements with Icon Font
  • Google Maps
    • Normal maps with single and multiple marker
    • Maps with traffic layer
    • Maps with polygons
    • Maps with routing directions
    • Maps with bicycle track layer
    • Overall beautiful map container with texts and icons
  • Charts and Graphs
    • Beautiful placeholder for statistical legends
    • Integrated flot charts for Pie, Line and Bar
    • Realtime updating chart with live data
    • Beautiful Gauges that works with different browsers
    • Sparkline charts for pie, discrete, line and bar charts
  • 13 types of barcode and barcode generating widgets included for onthe fly barcode generation
  • QR code widget included for on the fly QR code generation
  • UI Elements
    • All the integrated elements from Bootstrap
    • Excellent selectable dropdown with skin
    • Slim and fat-free rich text editor
    • Date picker control
    • Color picker control
    • Sliding data range control
    • Various types of alerts and notifications
    • Colorful buttons
    • Circular Buttons
    • Data knob control
    • Pricing badge and tags
    • Radio and Input control with different skins
    • Flip switch control
    • Star rating system
    • Advanced tag input control
    • Colorful progressbars
    • Masked inputs
    • Vertical and Horizontal Tabbed forms
    • Live Weather widget
    • Growl notification
    • Counter buttons for social networks
    • News feed ticker
  • Image and Video Gallery
    • Fluid grid based image gallery
    • Gallery with filters and category search
    • Beautiful image sliders with fantastic animations
    • Fluid gallery with icons and images
    • Gallery with beautiful hover effects
    • Fully working image uploading system
    • Audio player with playlist
    • Cross browser compatible video player
    • Embedded video player for youtube and vimeo videos
    • Video gallery
  • Calendar
    • Fully working monthly, weekly and daily event calendar
    • Todo list layout
    • Normal calendar with date pickers
  • 200+ icons with two flavours, bootstrap and google plus in both color and grey format
  • 404 Error pages
  • Three beautiful skins