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I tried contact to you via Support form, and in your website, but I had no luck. I have Magento 1.9.1 and Sass do not work. Do you have any idea?


thanks for the great theme. This might be a quick one: How do I put some content in the right column of a product page? There is only some odd poll popping up. Other static blocks won’t show up.

Any ideas?



adding a product directly to the shopping cart from the category page only works with simple products. For configurable products you will be redirected to the product page to choose your options.

Best regards

ok… at our site it’s with simple products too. at yours not (the hats for example). anyhow, we are rebuilding the site. maybe the problem is gone. thx

Ah, ok. Then you probably don’t use the newest version of the theme. In older versions this was really a bug, but it was fixed. Make sure you use the default.js (skin folder) of the newest version of the theme.

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Hi The template is fast but not that fast http://gtmetrix.com/reports/demo.ux-templates.com/zS1uNVrN

According to the file size this should be faster. I am interested in this template but I am concerned that it will not be that fast

Thank you Scott

Hi Scott,

it will be faster if you have an optimized server (PHP, MySQL) and use some caching system like Varnish. The demo shop runs on a “normal” hosting plan without a third-party cache.

Hi Tobi,

When will you upgrade the theme to the latest Magento release.



there is currently no time frame for an update.

Best regards


sorry to bother you again. Is there a simple way to show the ‘short description’ on the product overview pages? I switch this on in system > configuration etc. but this has no effect.

I really appreciate your support. It’s quite brilliant.



by default the short description is only shown in the list view, but not in the grid view. Open the file app\design\frontend\ux-templates\default\template\catalog\product\list.phtml and add this code

<?php echo $_helper->productAttribute($_product, $_product->getShortDescription(), ‘short_description’) ?>

to the grid mode part (maybe after the price).

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Hi, Does The theme work with ce 1.9.1? Is it ok to use with multistore setup?


Hi, the theme is only compatible with Magento A multistore setup is no problem.

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Hi Tobias,

great Theme! so far everything is good ….

But the following error occurs suddenly:

exception ‘SassFunctionDefinitionNodeException’ with message ‘Invalid Function: /usr/www/users/USERXX/FOLDERXX/skin/frontend/ux-templates/main/css/components/_mixins.scss::182 Source: @function get-S-of- HSB ’ in /usr/www/users/USERXX/FOLDERXX/lib/phpsass/tree/SassFunctionDefinitionNode.php:51

error occurs here:

/* Convert HSL saturation to HSB saturation */ @function get-S-of- HSB { $sHSL: 0 + (saturation($color) / 100%); $l: 0 + (lightness($color) / 100%); $b: (2$l + $sHSL * (1 – (2$l – 1))) / 2; $sHSB: (2($b – $l)) / $b; @return $sHSB*100; }

The only traceable change to the system: BaseUrl change

I need support!

EDIT The only way to continue coding was:

in /usr/www/users/USERXX/FOLDERXX/lib/phpsass/tree/SassFunctionDefinitionNode.php:51

comment out >>>>

/throw new SassFunctionDefinitionNodeException(‘Invalid Function’, $token);/

But that is not the solution!

Hi Tobi,

When is the theme going to be upgraded?

You are way behind now!

Hello, anybody there?

please update this theme to i have version