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Congratulations nice work. Welcome to Themeforest.

When I open your site, I can’t view your thumbs. Screenshot >> http://i.imgur.com/S1pFmbU.png

There are no product images in the live preview, just blank white images. Some products (like http://demo.ux-templates.com/pearlwhite/party-dress-01.html) have “1,2,3” placeholder images on the product page to show the lightbox effect.

Okay, that clear :)

Suggestion: I think that more better if you provide product images. Thanks

Yes, +1 for images. You can find some free stuff over the flickr, for example.

You are both totally right. I looked at affordable stock agencies for images. Especially for isolated clothing images. But I couldn’t really find much. Maybe I have to look for another kind of images…

Congrats! Good Luck with Sale ;)

Thank you very much!

Very nice and very clean however, I have tested it on an Android phone and the banner doesn’t seem to work smoothly. It displays the image in two steps. The theme lacks all the social icons which is a disappointment. Id love to know once these issues get sorted out.

Thanks for your feedback. Which Android version and browser are you using? The theme comes with the famous FlexSlider script, which is compatible with Android. Well, some older browsers (Safari for example) have problems with CSS3 transitions. JavaScript animations could be used instead, if needed.

For social icons are free extensions on the magento connect marketplace available.

Nice theme! Really nice navigation menu :)

Thanks aditivadesign!

Put HTML, want to buy HTML + CSS + ESS.

Hi there,

Does this work, or has it been tested in the latest Magento CE version 1.8?


Awesome – that was what I wanted to hear :)

You should list 1.8 in the “Software Version”?

1.8 is currently not available as “Software Version”, it has to be added from the themeforest staff. I added it to the description…

ok I understand! Thanks a lot – I’m buying this tonight.

Great treatment for the header and footer here – you are spot on when you say that people want to capitalise the screen space for smaller screens and your theme does this well.

Thanks. Nice to hear, that someone recognized this!

just a tip, look at www.sxc.hu for some free stock images.

Do you do custom work? considering buying this theme but want to hire you to modify it

Thank you for the link. I already found some nice images and will add them during the next days.

I can customize the theme for you, just write me an email over the contact form with your customize ideas.

Awesome theme – highly recommended!

I needed a clean, responsive template for a client site that I could use as the basis for a custom site design.

This theme is fantastic – the code is well thought out, well structured and written, and the provided helper docs that come with the theme are very detailed. I had the theme up and running in a clean MAgento install within 1/2 hour (I suggest you set up your products first to review the results instantly). Then a full customization about an hour after that. I’ve coded one other Magento site so I’m not a complete novice but I’m no expert either.

Props to the developer – very nice work :)

Not sure why people are complaining about the lack of images and social icons – who cares? You can get these everywhere on the web. This theme provides everything you need for a modern, professional Magento site, built using current web development techniques such as SASS. A++

Thanks for your great feedback! Nice to hear that you like the theme :)

Hello, Is it possible to extend the “Product description” below the product photos? I hope understand what I mean :) Thanks.

Sorry, I mean on the product page there is the Product description (Reviews and Product tags) below the green part and I would like it to be below the product images. Like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ggdeuc5f8fchwef/ux.png

Ah, ok. This is currently not supported, but it will require only a few changes. It’s a good idea, especially if someone wants to add additional tabs and thus needs more space. I will include this as an alternative product page into the next update.

Thank you. Than I’m going to buy this template and looking for the update :) I have to say that not only the template is very nice and well thought but your customer service is very exceptional as well.


I liked your theme very much. Its simple and elegant. I have few questions before I buy this theme.

1. I sell jewellery, so my product photos are square. If i buy this theme, would you help me with necessary changes to CSS to display square photos rather than the current rectangle ones? 2. Is is possible to add a text block below New Products on homepage. This is to add about store information on home page . 3. Can you increase one of the product names in demo, I want to see how your theme manages & displays large product names.

Cheers dt


1. The theme sets only the width of the images (unlike the Magento default settings). The height is calculated automatically (preserving the aspect ratio). No CSS changes should be needed.

2. Yes. It’s not a theme feature, it can be done with Magento “Static Blocks” and “Widgets”. The “New Products” on the home page is also a Magento Widget. It’s explained in the documentation how to add it. For adding a text block the approach would be similar. I can help you with that and I will complement the documentation with “how to add a custom block”.

3. I increased one product name, look at the “Women” category. With “normal images” it’s not a problem. The theme has also an option for “isolated images (on white background)”. If you enable the option, dotted divider lines are displayed between the products (you can’t see this in the live demo, but in the screenshots section). In that case a fixed height for the block below the image (product name, rating and price) needs to be specified, otherwise the horizontal lines wouldn’t be “on the same line”.

Best regards

I have to say this is the highest quality template I ever bought here or everywhere else.

Awesome theme – highly recommended!

I really appreciate your words.

BTW: the update with the “tabs over the whole width” feature and other improvements should be ready tomorrow.

It’s great! Thank you Tobi.

Perhaps the best investment I have ever made in a theme.

This theme is for no-nonsense serious e-commerce merchants who want to get job done without compromising on quality. It took me hardly 15 mins to migrate to new theme.

This theme is equally good for developers who want a clean base for sub-theme & development.

I am equally impressed with Sass technology and clean coding. With little bit of server optimisation I am getting sub 1 second page load time.

This is a high quality theme with consistent design throughout, focused purely on superior user experience on any device and ultimately leading to conversion.

Thank you Tobi for fantastic weekend support & best wishes!


just purchased… This is exactly what I was looking for! No more, no less… Great job!

I’m from Holland and only hope this theme will not be purchased by dutch too much. (sorry UX ;-))


I have a suggestion for the next update (if you’re taking them that is)... magento default’s shopping cart sidebar should become a droplist under the cart button in both the mobile and desktop version of your theme…

Also an FYI – the mobile version of the shopping cart seems to use vertical space in preference to horizontal space, makes the button placement hard to understand.

and continue the new badges into the upsell and related products lists.. thanks


good suggestion with the dropdown under the cart button. I will implement this, but it won’t make it into the next update. However, I update quite often, so it won’t take too long.

Regarding the shopping cart: do you mean to place the “remove” and “edit” buttons more on top, for example directly below the product image?

The new badges are on my to do list for the next update.

Thanks for your feedback.

with the shopping cart layout – i think there is a lot of space to play with.. you could move the product description and the delete icon to the same row as the product image.. and place the pricing, qty and edit/wishlist to under the image/title…


Do you have any suggestions on how to add a Featured Products carousel to the home page? – Similar to the New Products carousel.

I have created a new catalog called Home Featured Items, and added products to this catalog.

Now I want to show the products in this catalog in a similar carousel block used by your New Products widget. I realise this is beyond the scope of this theme – any pointers or links on how to create the widget in CE1.8? Google has lead me nowhere – only out of date CE1.7 widgets that don’t work.


I couldn’t find a way to contact you. Please send me a message via the contact form, then I can answer you.

For all others reading this: “featured products on the home page” will be added in the next update.

Any suggestions on the best way to make the CMS left sidebar menu links show as active dependant on the page that has been opened… eg. terms and conditions is the lighter highlight (hover) colour in the left panel when the terms and conditions page is open


please send me a message via the contact form, then I can email you a modified file.

thanks ux-templates for sending me the updated files, i really appreciate your dedication to answering feedback and providing support. Makes a big difference compared to other theme providers i have dealt with.

been viewing the live demo. how do select currency during the mobile display? a currency/language button on the top bar during mobile display and this theme would be perfect, or can i easily customize it on my own?

Well, if you only need the currency switcher …this is even in iPhone landscape mode not a problem. So just iPhone portrait mode left. I can send you the modified files, to show the currency switcher on iPhone portrait mode only if the cart button is not present.

You will get future updates for free, this is normal here on themeforest!

Best regards

purchased the theme. im on ver the Sass link in the documentation doesn’t say it support 1.8 yet but i installed it anyways. and transfer the files according to their folders.

the page was still not showing correctly, so i followed your instructions up till F and it still not showing correctly. the web is lieberti.com and i’m starting from a fresh install with some sample data.

any ideas?

Just sent you an email.

Hi Tobi,

The support that you have provided to me in sorting out the various requirements that I needed was absolutely first class.

I thought I should highlight this to any prospective buyer.

Well done.