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Wonderful theme, the currency does it support South African currency? Which payment gateway do you use?

Hi, the currency support is independent from the theme, South African rand is supported by Magento. I don’t use a specific payment gateway, only what’s integrated in Magento. Magento comes with Authorize.net, Moneybookers, PayPal etc. integration. There are also a lot of extensions for other payment gateways available.

Hi… very nice theme! I am really interested in buying it. But today I have discovered a bug on an Android 4.1.2 mobile device. Please see this screenshot http://goo.gl/Xjv1S6

There seems to be a bug in the navigation but only on the home page. The navigation on the other sites works fine. Is there any chance you can fix this in the near future so I can buy it?

Hi, thanks for reporting. Should be fixed now (only tested in Android 4.1.2 emulator). You will have to clear your browser cache …

It is fixed. Very nice! Thanks

a fast, simple, good looking and user friendly theme on all devices with PHENOMENAL after sales support. I would pay another $80 just for this kind of support alone.

if you are new to magento like I am and would like a fast responsive theme, your search is over.

i ask just to be sure: can i white-label this theme?

Hi, do you mean to remove the copyright notice in the footer? Yes, of course. If you install the theme, the copyright won’t display in your shop. It’s only in the demo shop.


Before i buy this theme i was wondering if the theme supports right sidebar on pages? in the demo i only see the sidebar on the left.


Please send me an eMail via the contact form on my profile page. You can send me the ftp and backend login data, so I can look after it.

Hello again,

Is it possible to have total cost of the cart to show next to cart button? and to have a cart in the side bar?

Customers want to know how much money there order is while shopping.

Thanks, Mark

Hi, yesterday I released a new version of the theme. It features a “dropdown cart”, which shows also the cart total.

There is a new section in the documentation: “K) Show the Sidebar Boxes”.

Hi, I need calculate the shipping on the cart page. it is possible to add it?. thank you

Hi, I added the box in “Live Demo 2”. Write me an eMail and I will give you further details how to add it.

Please advise how I can activate option for “isolated images (on white background)” Thank you. Your support is the best I know. I wish much success to you.

Hallo, eine Frage – kann ich den Bestellvorgang bei diesem Demo komplett durchspielen? Bzw. alle Funktionen wie Wishlist, Quick-Check-Out und mich als “Kunde” des Shops anlegen? MFG

Hallo, das ist kein Problem. Du musst lediglich beim Anlgen des Accounts eine gültige E-Mail Adresse angeben. Als Zahlart am besten “Check / Money order” auswählen, dabei müssen keine Daten eingegeben werden. Viele Grüße

Hi, I just bought your theme but I am having a hard time installing it. Any idea what could be wrong?


Hi, looks like the Sass extension is not installed correctly. You can send me the FTP and backend login data via the contact form, so I can check it.

Hi, I’m in the market for a Magento theme and this is a beautiful theme. I wonder if you can take a little time to answer my questions:

1- The demo homepage looks pretty minimal. Can I add my own banners, news items?

2- Can I put a sidebar on the product pages for recommended products and/or custom banners or static content?

3- Can I make the font size bigger for certain items?

4- Can I use a different slider for the homepage in your theme?

Thank you.


1 – You can add static blocks / HTML code. In the documentation is described how to add the slideshow, new products, featured products and a sample static block with image and text, but there is nothing like a “home page builder” included.

2 – A sidebar like on the category pages could be added, but the product page was not designed for a sidebar, since the sidebar is “docked” to the main column. This looks only good if you have a single (white) main content box and not multiple boxes like on the product page (main product box and related / upsell products box).

Related and upsell products (if you mean this with “recommended products”) are placed below the main product (http://demo.ux-templates.com/pearlwhite/party-dress-01.html). To place the products inside the sidebar you will need custom styling.

3 – There is a configuration file for typography. The font size / family etc. of headlines could be changed here.

4 – Yes, you can include your own script (there is no backend module to choose between different sliders). You will probably need additional styling for a different slider script.

Best regards

Thank you for your precise answers. One thing to make clear. In my Q3, can font options be changed only for headlines in the type config file? I thought I’d make the main regular font (looks like very small Arial) different and bigger.

You can also specify a default font size and family (12px Arial), but this will not affect everything. There are still elements like buttons, tabs etc., which have its own font size. This could be changed via the CSS files of course.

Are the codes obfuscated? Are CSS & JS files minified? Why you don’t give layered PSD of theme?


CSS & JS are minified in the demo shop for better performance. Of course you will get unminified versions to work with.

I don’t have a layered PSD file. This theme was designed directly in the browser. You don’t need a PSD file, there are no graphics to change. All buttons , shadows etc. are done with CSS and the icons are fonts…

Thank you for reply. But you didn’t tell about obfuscation?


the code is not obfuscated. As a customer you should be able to work with the theme, to modify it.

Just wanted to say that the support has been great, and this is a great functioning theme that was just the boost my magenta site needed! The speed has been great and we are highly impressed with the level of support that has been given. Highly recommend!

New to magento.. the only reason I thought bout it was becoz of your theme.. Very simple but elegent.. I have one issue, even after installing the theme I am not able to get the demo site as your.. {platinumwe.com} My Idea was to use you theme and build on it.. Kindly help


Do you know if there is any way of showing a “recently viewed products” panel in the same way it’s possible to show the upsells and related products panels at the bottom of the product page?

Trying to figure out if there is an easy way to do this… the rest works great :)

Many thanks, Natacha

Hi Natacha,

this is basically the same like adding the “New Products Widget” on the home page (see the documentation). But as widget type choose “Recently Viewed Products” (instead of Catalog New Products List) and under Layout Updates configure the widget like this:

Display On: All Product Types

Block Reference: Main Content Area

Template: Viewed Products Grid Template

Hi UX, I’m new to magento but have 7-8yrs experience using other ecommerce systems and more years as a front end designer. I have running on a server and am interested in your theme – mainly as it seems to be running nice and quickly and is clutter free. That said I am wondering how easy it would be to add a right column to the product page – and then within that column add some complimentary products to cross sell for example, or perhaps a custom block that contains delivery information or such like? I know that beneath the main product details there is a space for related products… but I suppose the one thing I keep coming back to as a downside (imho) is that there space on the right hand side of the main product area could be used for something else, to utilise it more efficiently? Just a thought and I would be interested in your feedback re this. Thanks for this theme – it really does look great and the one theme I’ve spent the most of time looking over so far :-) Cheers.

Thanks again. To be clear, to show the attributes within the actual product details though (within the tabs) they just need to be set to visible within the Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > Attribute’s settings correct? And another question… are you putting together any other themes for Magento any time?!

You are right. Showing attributes under the “Additional Information” tab could be managed from the admin area. But to show attributes somewhere else you have to modify the template files.

A new theme is in the works…

thanks ux :-]

we have just bought your theme – congratulations to that.

we are using extension “shop by brands” version on magento 1.8.1 – and have to adapt layout changes to do as “shop by brands” displays in top navigation menu.

i will send you a pm with url to our test shop if you agree. i know you don’t give support to extensions – but i guess it would be interesting for you to see how your theme is working with other extension l – as i guess there are many people out there using shop by brands extension.


yes, please send me the link to your test shop.

i have sent you an email


How can I decide the size of the banner on the homepage? It’s showing something smaller than what the demo is showing. have to change css or what? I remember doing sometimes ago when I wanted to use the theme.



the images you upload have to be big enough. By default they should have a width of 930px (by a page-max-width of 990px). If you increased the page-max-width, you have to upload bigger images.

Please send me a private message for those questions.

Best regards

Anyway to populate products? Like add what it’s on the demo using xml?

Plus, how do I edit the color? The css? And do I need to diable the Sass before uploading what I edited?

You can edit the color in the _config_styles.scss. It doesn’t matter if you disable the cache before or after uploading your files, just do both before you reload the frontend.

Unfortunately I can’t provide the products from the demo shop as sample data, because I don’t have the proper license for the product images.

i just bought and installed and

An error occurred while saving this configuration: package with this name does not exist and cannot be set.

what should i do?


have you entered “ux-templates” under System > Configuration > Design > Current Package Name and “pearlwhite” under System > Configuration > Design > Themes > Default?

You can also send me your admin and FTP login data, so I can check it…

great support!

Hi there,

On the demo, when you change the currency it does not seem to affect the new product slider on the front page. Is this right?



Also, when you hover over many of the elements on the page the cursor changes to the one you get when you can type somewhere even though you cannot type there (examples – breadcrumbs at the top, product heading, product description, custom option dropdown menu)

I am using Firefox on a Mac

Sorry, one more thing: would it be possible to stay on the product page after adding a product to the cart rather than going to the cart page?

Hi Hugh,

Magento caches the home page blocks (if caching is enabled) and thus the currency isn’t updated. You can specify a cache lifetime for the new products widget in the backend. Now it’s set to 1, so the currency is immediately updated.

This is the deafult cursor of many browsers. It indicates also that you can mark and copy the text. Look here on themeforest, it’s the same cursor…

Redirecting to the shopping cart or not is a Magento setting: System > Configuration > Checkout > After Adding a Product Redirect to Shopping Cart

Best regards

The UX Templates theme does not work the moment you add an extension, for example a very common extension called news http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/news-by-commercelab.html.

When I asked the developer to fix this he said “If you want to add extensions the theme need to be adapted. Too bad that is a problem for you”.

Do not buy this theme, it does not work!!!

This is just wrong, the extension was working. And the quote of my reply is also wrong. My answer was:

“If you want extensions to have the style of the theme they need to be adapted. Too bad that this is a problem for you.”

Which means you have to add some CSS styling to make the extension look like the theme.

Maybe you are not aware of, that Magento is an enterprise software and it needs much work and effort to get a shop running. A lot of customers work weeks / month for a great shop. If you think you are done with spending $80 fo theme and uploading some products, Magento is unfortunately the wrong software for you.

Best regards

That is why we buy a theme so we don’t have to do the CSS! You basically agreeing that the theme does not work with extensions. In any theme extensions work.

You are a great example of uploading a product, take the money and then claim we have to do the CSS (theming) ourselves, is this how you do business?

I’m very aware what Magento does, thank you for the education :) this post is to warn any potential buyers of your pretty but useless theme.

This will be the same issue for anyone that buys this half-baked and incomplete theme. See above on this page with question from supply-onelogin with the exact same issue.

“That is why we buy a theme so we don’t have to do the CSS!” > I totally agree. And you don’t have to do the CSS for the theme, but you can’t expect if you use several extensions that everything works out of the box without any additional effort.

“In any theme extensions work.” > That’s for sure not the case. There could be various reasons why a theme and some extension are not working together. A common problem is the inclusion of jQuery twice (through the theme and the extension), which will most likely lead to JavaScript errors. You will face this problem with the pearlwhite theme, but also with every other theme…