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Look great!

I would like buy this theme but I will use this slider creator http://magentoslider.com/ (drag and drop is easy for me, I’m not technical guy).

They say it is compatible with all template. But if any bug your company will do support for me or I must ask the module company?

Just wonder who will do support me?


like most theme authors I don’t provide support for third party extensions. However, in case of a problem you can write me and if it’s a “simple problem” I will help you.

Best regards

I would only like to say that UX-Templates has been really helpful with any problems I have had with the theme, and even went so far as helping me debug some of my own problems with Magento that were related to the theme.

Great product, awesome support. Would buy again without hesitation.

Edit: I am not tagged as “Purchased” because the theme wasn’t purchased through my private account.

Your demo does’t run on a Magento Installation :-) So is your your advertised performance realistic an typical Magento installation?

is there a way to remove the slideIn effect from the category sub navigation and make it fade in or simple appear with no effect? My client doesn’t like it.

Oh, I already found a solution. At first I thought that it is a JS effect and couldn’t find the the initialisation in your default.js and then I realized that you used a css transition. I don’t know why but for some reason I never use them myself.. :-)

Awesome code by the way. Really need Sass construct and great frontend performance. It renders really fast. With a few additional tweeks, some server configurations and Varnish cash I got it to a google performance score of 99/100. All the other themes I bought over the years I had to completely refactor.

I was trying to work with this theme. But it seems the CSS files aren’t loading. Do I need to have Sass enabled to make the CSS file work?

Then the Sass extension isn’t installed. See section “A) Enable Sass” of the documentation. The file of the Sass library provided with the theme just modifies the extension. Delete the file before you install the extension (otherwise you will get an error during installation) and after the installation replace the file with the one provided with the theme.

I am now wondering how did I miss the documentation!!! All the answers were right there. It works as expected now.

By the way, great documentation. Thanks a lot for all your help :)

No problem :)

Hello UX-Templates, we are a company currently using your template on our Magento store. A third party implemented this template ( happy to disclose details to you ) on our behalf and unfortunately we are having huge problems when our customers use IE8. This apparently is a supported browser for this template is it not? We would indeed appreciate a second opinion as to it’s implementation and quality thereof. Many thanks.

Hi, yes IE8 is supported. Just send me a link to your shop via the contact form.

Sorry, where do I find your contact form? We didn’t actually purchase your template, I’m afraid our third party developer did.

Hi Is there a backend demo?

Hi, there is no backend demo. The theme doesn’t have a backend modul.

will you be updating this theme for the new 1.9.1 release?

Yes, it will be updated.

thanks for the update – your continuing support to this product is appreciated

Thanks for your kind words!

Hello, *I need search with filter option *I need layout of the theme to be like (fancy.com)

what is the cost & time ?

Hi, thanks for your request. I’m sorry, but currently I have no time to modify the theme for you.

Hi, how can I use a third logo just for mobile phones. I’ve tried to use the custom.scss file to add a specific logo just for phones but it didn’t work. Do you have any idea how to make that work?

Thanks for your help…

Sorry, found a solution on my own. Just added a media query inside custom.scss

When will this theme be updated to the latest version of Magento? It is ver now.

Hi, the theme is now updated for Magento

I’ve just downloaded the updated theme files but I’m using Magento 1.7x – is there any need to implement the new files?

Hi, the update also included some small theme improvements. Just copy these two files



from the magento_1.9.0.1 folder to your installation.

Thanks UX :-)

Hi UX, why did you removed your other woo theme? :(

Hi, I’m sure you’re mistaking me for someone else. I didn’t sell any woo themes.

Simply the best!;

Do you offer installation of this theme?

Hi, the installation process is well documented, but if you have problems I can help you.


A customer has bought this template, and suddenly the sass compilation doesn’t work anymore. The stylesheets are empty.

What can we do? It is this website: www.horecagoedkoop.nl

Thanks in advance!


do you have a new hosting or updated your PHP version? What’s the result of the SASS test suite http://www.horecagoedkoop.nl/lib/phpsass/test.php (you will have to temporary rename the .htaccess file (to deactivate it) inside the lib folder to access the test suite).

Best regards

Hi, in my test environment this theme stopped showing all the styles of pearlwhite on magento after a cache flush. After failing to find a solution I decided to set up a new server and start over with, I installed sass, but sass doesn’t appear in my cache list and neither under the developer settings as in 1.8. On the download page http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/sass.html it doesn’t mention to be compatible with Are you aware of these issues? I really love your theme and need to launch this shop very soon. No sass no theme? Can you help me?

hi, after re-installing magento and sass, sass appears. But for some reason the style doesn’t show after following the documentation.

Setting up a new pearlwhite theme worked out. Until I hit the “Flush Cache Storage”, then the css disappears. A workaround for this issue would mean a lot to me ;-)

Hi, the SASS extension works with Magento This has to be another problem. Can you send me an FTP and backend access via my themeforest contact form?

There is not another problem. I have the exact same issue the previous 2 people have had. The sass fails to compile. Even on local server. After 3 hours of troubleshooting I’m having the same issues. Please see the error log http://pastebin.com/epTEqNE9 I had to take the theme off the URL I emailed you because it was a working site.

Thanks, Kevin


So it working with ?



yes, the theme is compatible with Magento


I want to purchase this theme ASAP, but have a few questions.

1) Is there an option to create the header nav “sticky” for mobile and desktop? 2) What does tier pricing look like? Every product I offer has multiple pricing options for bulk buys. 3) Is Schema.org Micro Data added to the site? 4) Is there a grid view for mobile?



1) No.

2) Here is a product with tier prices: http://demo.ux-templates.com/pearlwhite/coat-03.html

3) No.

4) On very small screens there is only a list view. On medium and large screens (tablets and desktops) you can choose between list or grid.

Best regards

Hi! In your demo I see a Color attribute in the layered navigation which is not showing in the product detail view. Can you share how you made that happen? With me it creates always a dropdown in the product view, I can’t get it hidden with the basic admin settings. Should I dig deeper in the code to make that happen?


if you create a configurable product and choose color under “Select Configurable Attributes” you will get the dropdown on the product detail view.

In the demo shop I created a second color attribute (color_nav) especially for the layered navigation, which has set “Use in Layered Navigation” to YES and “Use To Create Configurable Product” to NO.

For the default color attribute (color) set “Use in Layered Navigation” to NO and “Use To Create Configurable Product” to YES.

Now you have two color attributes. One for the creation of configurable products and the other one for the layered navigation.

Best regards