Discussion on UX Shop - Premium Responsive WooCommerce theme

Discussion on UX Shop - Premium Responsive WooCommerce theme

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My slider for products. A new product image is not matching up the same size as the others.

It was the best theme in themeforest for a long time, I bought 2 licenses for it, but now theme loosing it’s positions because it’s not updated for a long time. Anyone know someone similar theme to this?

Has this theme been abandoned? I don’t see any updates at all and it has been a few years now. Will this ever be updated again?

Only 4 images are showing in the product gallery. I see a comment to turn off Magnifier but where do I find it?

huge conflict with wp mail logging plugin, when i deactivate wp mail logging plugin the ux shop theme frontend changes completely and loses footer also ! plz advize

Is this theme any more actively developed? Seems that the latest update has been on year 2020.

Are you still updating this theme? It’s been over a year since the last update…

Hi, I want to download this theme…I actually purchased annual description please help

Hi Is the template compatible with WP 5.6.X and 5.7.X ? Thank you

I love the look of this theme but it seems outdated. Is it still supported?


Yes. A new version is in the works!


Hi, I’ve submitted tickets to support since a week ago and until now no feedback from the support team. I’ve worked with UX-shop previously and you didnt use to take that long to reply. I’ve purchased a one year support thinking that the quality of the service was the same…

Hey B.

Sorry for the delay, replied to your tickets.


I have so many tickets without response, please is urgent

Hi, we are not able to update REDUX FRAMEWORK since 3.6.18 upwards. Currently REDUX is at 4.1.24 and it’s becoming an issue.

We deactivated all plugins, updated everything. Site works with Redux 3.6.18 – as soon as we update Redux we get a white website / website is not loading.

We reached out to the Redux guys and made sure the Theme is up to date. The Redux team says it’s an issue with the theme as we don’t have any issues when switching to a standard theme. Is there anything else we can do, does anyone have an idea or ran into a similar issue?

where is the setting in UX Dashboard to update the color of the social icons on the top bar or shop notification area where social media icons are located. On the homepage, they appear one color, and when I click onto my shop page, they change to the same color of the background of the shop notification bar and are not able to be noticed because they match the background. Im struggling to find that setting.

Front Page example – https://i.imgur.com/pVcX3v3.png Shop Page example (icons go green) – https://i.imgur.com/SOONF3E.png


According to ThemeForest, you have not purchased this theme. If you require support, please purchase a license and open a ticket here: https://helpdesk.iodsgn.com/

Kind regards

how can i use products category top bottom content?


You should be able to. Did you try it?

I couldn’t do it. Can you tell me where and what code to put?

This feature (Top / Bottom content on product categories) is not part of the theme. It probably comes from a 3rd party plugin.

I migrated from WooCommerce to WooCommerce, but reviews are not displayed in the product style. It exists in the actual tab, but it is not displayed only in the style. https://soo-ae.com/product/purifying-black-charcoal-mask/


I suggest you take a look here https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/editing-product-data-tabs/#section-6 where you ll find some info about how the “Additional Information” tab works.

As you can see this is WooCommerce documentation. Not theme specific.

Also, if you are having an issue that you are not sure what is the cause, you can try debugging by deactivating plugins or switching to another theme so you can see where the issue goes away.

So if for example you see something wrong with the reviews, switch to one of the default themes, and check if the issue goes away.

If the issue gets resolved when you switch themes, and the issue you see cannot be observed in the theme demos ( https://themes.iodsgn.com/uxshop/shoes/product/brooklyn/ ), which means that its something specific to your site, then yes, you ‘ll need to have an active support subscription to get help from us.

Also check here https://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy on what support includes.

Thanks for the explanation. I changed to a different basic theme, but the review rating still didn’t appear. It seems to be a problem between migration and Woocommerce If you can solve this, I will extend the support.


Unfortunately, as you understand, your issue is not relevant to the theme. And because of that, we won’t be able to help you in the context of theme support.

Kind regards.

Hi Kostas,

With the September update we have just processed, there are some serious site breaking bugs you should address asap!

WP Bakery – They pushed a security update due to a Malware attack, as this wasn’t done, we had to purchase the separate license ourselves and have our host provider clear up the malware infection. This is causing SEO issues and redirects to 18+ websites which can really affect people using your theme.

Revolution Slider – This is currently breaking the homepage and we have had to temporarily disable it (We have opened a ticket with your support)

Updating theme settings or changing theme wording i.e. Notice bar at the top results in resetting all of our theme presets and styling, causing backup headaches considering we’re an ecommerce store. (Have opened a ticket for this as well)

Theme otherwise is solid, a great purchase, just needs a little bit of attention at this time. Please help!


Hi Jon,

Replied to your tickets.

How can force the site to load mobile version on all screens?

This would require significant and CSS modifications. In other words, its a customization that requires a developer.


Where can I find the documentation of the theme? “All files and Documentation” and “Installable Wordpress files only” has the same content

Is there a reason why the product gallery displays only 4 images in my gallery when there are more than 4 images. I have items with 6 gallery images and sometimes more, but the theme only displays 4 maximum right now? No lightbox, so can’t scroll through them either. How can I make all images show in a gallery, preferably with navigation arrows to advance forward or backward in the gallery?

If you are using YITH Magnifier, try disabling it to see if something changes.

If you still require assistance, please open a ticket here: https://helpdesk.iodsgn.com/


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